How To Find The Right Contractors Roofing Supply

How To Find The Right Contractors Roofing Supply

Do you provide roofing system services to residential or commercial buildings? Get higher returns by finding the best contractors roofing supply in your area today.

Good quality roofs and roofing systems provide better protection in the interior of any types of buildings. Thus, home or building owners try to make sure they hire roofing contractors who provide the best quality roof installation services, assuring them their roof installations are durable and can withstand different weather conditions for many years.

How To Find The Right Contractors Roofing Supply

Roofs And Roofing System Materials

One way to ensure a proper roof installation is also to make sure the roof materials have standard quality. Thus, when getting supplies from the roofing supply companies, you have to see to it the variety of the materials they give you are not substandard.

To help you find the best roof material suppliers near you, check out the tips below:

Factors To Consider When Looking For Contractors Roofing Supply In Your Area

Available Materials: As much as possible, you want to get all the materials you need in just one supplier to make the buying and selecting become easier. Thus, when you look for a contractor roofing supply in your local area, check out what materials are currently available from them, and if they can be able to provide the other roofing supplies you need.

In this way, you can see if the number of products they offer is enough for you to consider them as your supplier.

Supply Quality: Assuring the roofs and roofing system materials you get from your suppliers is also relevant and should be checked thoroughly, as it can also affect the customer trust and satisfaction of your clients to you as their contractor. That is why try to check it yourself if the company that supplies you with roof materials provide standard quality supplies are sturdy and durable.

Delivery Services: How efficient the delivery of the products and supplies can also affect your business with your clients. Know how the delivery process works in the contractors roofing supply in your area and see if they are efficient enough in complying with the delivery needs for your business.

Pricing: Lastly, the pricing should also be considered. In business, we know the lower the cost of the supplies we get, the higher profit we gain. Aside from the price rates of the contractors roofing supply, also inquire how much you can save when you buy more quantity, as well as the pricing rates which includes the delivery.

Don’t forget, too, when comparing the prices, the quality of the supplies and services have to be considered. In this way, you can see which roof material suppliers near you can give you the higher returns.

Tips To Find The Right Contractors Roofing Supply Companies

Buy Materials From Trusted Roof Material Suppliers Near You

Be sure your roofing system supplies are in good condition, and of good quality. Check out these tips when looking for contractors roof supply companies near you and get the best quality roof materials for your clients.

Four Tips on How to Shingle A Roof

Planning for shingling a roof is not easy. Some matters need to be considered, especially if you want to have a quality result. However, it is hard to plan if you know little or do not know anything about it.

Though there are ideas you can find in magazines and on websites such as this, you still have to ask people who have more experience about shingling roofs to help you with some crucial decisions. What follows are some tips you may include in your plan for shingling a roof.

Winnipeg Roofing

Plan in Advance

Planning is essential to every decision we make, especially if it is a major one. And, shingling a roof is considered a major decision.

We should admit that having a shingled roof is an expensive decision. The overall process could be tiring and requires hard work. And, if it is not planned carefully, your money, effort and time will be wasted.

Therefore, you must plan, so you still have enough time to troubleshoot wrong decisions.

Use Shingles Suitable for the Climate

If you are in a tropical climate, it means the place is humid. Because of this, algae grows faster on your roof. Therefore, you need to consider using shingles which are anti-algae.

Also, it is not advisable to use asphalt shingles in desert-like-places though there are shingles which have lighter shades. Similar to areas that have a different climate choose shingles which correspond to the environment.

Choose Colors Wisely

Choosing the color of your shingles is also essential. It will affect the total appearance of your house. The right color depends upon factors such as the architectural design of your home, the color of your exterior walls or bricks and your neighborhood.

Additionally, the color of your roof will also affect the temperature of your house, especially the attic part. So, you have to consider the climate in your area in deciding which color to choose.

Ensure Shingles Durability

As mentioned earlier, shingling a roof will cost you money, time and effort. Thus, ensuring shingles’ durability is necessary. The consequence of not doing this would be re-roofing sooner than anticipated.

Moreover, most people would choose to buy cheaper shingles which are not durable enough to last. So, buying cheaper shingles is not cost efficient since you would need to redo it sooner. Then, you would spend not just money for the shingles but as well as the labor for the workers who will install it.

Therefore, better look for the quality roof even though it is expensive. Imagine that it is financially practical than buying cheaper ones that do not last long.

ideas on how to shingle a roof

Who Can Help You?

You can find a lot of tips and ideas on how to shingle a roof. However, the best advice you can get is from the experts. ROOFCO offers different kinds of roofing services. We are also known for quality works.

So, if you have roofing needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Always be reminded that nothing beats the advice of an expert.

What Size of Roofing Nails Should I Use?

If you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of person, then this article might be of use to you. You were maybe trying to get advice on what size of roofing nails you need to use for your shingles, or perhaps you wanted some information on the type of nails which would be perfect for your needs. Then read on.

Let’s begin by asking what type of roofing do you have? Or are you merely trying to get suggestions to repair some shingles which are protruding? This is a possible sign of a wrong installation, especially on the size of nails that were used, too short most obviously.

information on the type of nails

Types of Nails

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. You need to know what nails are the right ones for specific roofing. For example, You wouldn’t use galvanized roofing nails (clout nails to some) for your shingles, right? You could, if that’s your thing, but you will only be wasting money and effort because it would be a disaster before long.

Now if you have metal sheets roofing installed then those clout nails would fit perfectly. They are even sufficient for connecting slate and tiles, or you can also use copper nails for those looking for durability above all else. Stainless nails are obviously rust-proof, which is another plus.

Nails Sizes

For roofing SOP, for fiberglass or even for asphalt shingles, you’re supposed to use one-inch nails; however, for wood shingles, roofing nails which are longer and thicker would be required. Word of advice: if you are securing asphalt shingles to one-half inch of sheathing, don’t use one-inch nails even though they look long enough. In the long term, extreme heat and cold contract and expand the roofing materials, so it doesn’t matter if they’re shingles or metal.

If you do this, eventually, the nails will find themselves extruding out in the open again. This is a massive problem because unless you have those substantial three-tab shingles that can be seen from the ground, this issue will remain hidden until the next time you check the roof, which then would almost be too late and you would need major repairs for that.

Other Factors

Make sure you provide allowances for the contractions and expansions but also not too much that the nails are over-exposed and super-extended. This is actually up to your expert calculation, and gut decision on what nail size to use for the house would be. Many factors should be considered; rain amount every year, snow, hail, extreme heat, and more.

One more thing, if you look under the roof, most notably in the attic, you will know if you used the proper size because it shows a very short tip. Of course, not too long or you might hurt yourself, but just enough.

galvanized roofing nails

Ask An Expert

The best way to be sure is to ask an expert what size roofing nails to use for your house. Find a local Winnipeg roofing company, and they usually offer a free assessment and consultation visit even before you agree to any work they will perform.

Research the best roofing company in your area who has the experience and the client base for you to know they are good at what they do. So call now because in this case, size definitely matters.

Hip and Ridge Shingles For Your Roofing Needs

The functionalities and aesthetics that the hip and ridge shingles bring to roofing are valuable. Its primary function is protecting the roofing materials from elements which slowly destroy it. By installing hip and ridge shingles on your roof, you are ensuring the people living under the roof are protected from the elements.

Ridge caps provide accentuation to the rooftop while protecting it by adding more layers. During severe weather, the hips and ridges suffer the most, but the caps provide added protection to make them last longer.

hip and ridge shingles

Hip and Ridges Features

The caps are designed to provide thickness with protective layers which offer more security than strip shingles. Furthermore, the caps are designed in such a way their colors blend to that of your laminated shingles or whatever type of shingle you have currently installed on your roof.

Every hip and ridge is fastened with an adhesive ensuring its tightness and security from being blown off by strong wind or is permeated by water. There are also designs which are incorporated with stain guard warranty so no algae can grow anywhere you have hip and ridge shingles. Most importantly, it is necessary to select high-quality caps to avoid water leaks during heavy rain and to maintain the temperature of the house.

Hip and Ridge Installation

Like installation of any type of shingles, it is highly significant to look for professionals to entrust your hip and ridge shingles installation. While there is a lifetime warranty for some shingles, there are also existing warranties for your hip and ridge depending on the roofing company of your choosing.

Hip and ridge installation companies often partner with shingles installation companies. This allows for a more reliable materials and services installation. There are always roofing companies which provide excellent roofing installation services in your area; you just have to align their services with what you need.

Protective Ridge Cap Shingles

Protective ridge cap shingles provide the maximum protection to the areas of your roofing which suffers the greatest stress. Instead of using the waste shingles, these are not only better but also aesthetically pleasing alternatives. Additionally, it blends with the color of your roof.

It is also machine cut which provides uniformity and neatness. While protecting your roof from algae, they also offer strength to protect the inside of your house. And with the correct warranty, you are taking advantage; you can get the best deal for your perfect roofing needs.

shingles installation companies


Premium Ridge Cap Shingles

While accentuating the beauty of your roof, it also provides an illusion of depth to your strip shingles. Their multi-layered property adds more protection to the roof as well as the hip and ridge shingles. They are also the best alternative for your do-it-yourself cutout of the waste shingles.

Working best with the laminated shingles, they work well by providing a concrete seal while also complement the colors of the shingles. They also come with various warranties including the lifetime warranty only selected roofing companies offer.

Services to Help Your Roofing Problems

Experiencing problems with your housing needs can be frustrating. If your house is not well-maintained, it may lead to more expenses than your wallets can bear. Constructing a house is one thing, but maintaining it is another responsibility. Homeowners must know how to find ways or do the necessary steps to properly maintain the different areas of their house.

Whether it is the windows, the furniture, the roofs, and others, homeowners should know what to do and what not. Specifically for roofing ventilation problems, there are roofing companies that offer services that can help you deal with it. You don’t need to do the work by yourselves. You may contact Roofco, a Winnipeg roofing company that can solve your roof ventilation problems through its services. Why trust Roofco?

roofing ventilation problems

Family Run

Roofco is a family run company that takes pride in their quality of work, commitment to reliable service and valued and satisfied customer. They are residential and commercial roofing contractors that provide services that include but are not limited to roofing repairs and replacements.

They offer standard re-roofs, cedar conversions and also new construction. For your roofing ventilation problems, Roofco also has other services that can help you with that. They have served local contractors, restoration companies, homebuilders and homeowners around the city. There is indeed no question with the quality of service that they can give you.

Variety of Services

Aside from Roofco being a family-run company, it also has a list of services that you can choose from. Whatever your roofing problem is, they will find a way to solve that. Some of their roofing services include: residential, commercial, metal / tin, and insurance claims.

For their exterior services, they provide eavestroughs, soffit, fascia, window and door capping, siding and shutters. Lastly, for seasonal services such as: rooftop snow removal, ice dam removal, rooftop steam service they also have them. Whatever it is, name it they have it. Roofco is available to help you achieve your project goals and solve your problems. Whether it is trimming energy costs or weather proofing, Roofco will make those happen for you.

Forward and Innovative

To wrap up this list on why you should trust Roofco, they now have a new solar division called Solarise. Roofco is the only licensed Roofer doing rooftop solar installations locally. Going for solar energy has plenty of benefits that you want to avail of.

A few of its benefits cover reduction of electricity bill, sure return of investment, and increase of property value. All you need is to call Roofco, ask for a quote and they will install the solar panels on residential or commercial places. You do not want to miss out on the benefits that solar energy has for you.

company that takes pride in their quality of work

What To Do

For any of your roofing needs, Roofco is the company that you need. They have all the services that you need and all you need to do are the following:
1. Website – Since we are living in the digital age, information is more accessible nowadays and you can check out Roofco in their website. Whatever your roofing problem is, whether it is roofing ventilation problem or replacements, check their website and see why you should trust them.
2. Call – No sweat in calling. Once you give them a call you can request for a free estimate on your expenses. They are more than willing to accommodate and answer your requests.

What Exactly are Lifetime Dimensional Shingles?

Low cost, installability, and durability are what makes roof shingles very common roofing materials in the United States. The normal lifespan of the roof shingles is 20 years with expected repairs in between those years. Roofing market, however, has introduced a lifetime shingle which has extended the warranty to a whopping 50 years.

lifetime roof shingles

Lifetime Roof Shingles


With lifetime roof shingles having a 50-year warranty means that the first 10 years is a full coverage and the remaining warranty will be prorated in the remaining 40 years. The manufacturers are pretty confident that the shingles will be able to withstand as long as the house stands.

This confidence comes from guaranteeing that only the durable and high-quality shingles are manufactured. The shingles are also impact-resistant and fire-resistant!

The most important part is the installation of the shingles. To guarantee the longevity of the high-quality shingles, they must be installed properly. Layering is important during the installation so as not cutting the corners of the shingles, in an attempt to save costs. In not doing so, the shingles’ resistance to the storm and the wind becomes stronger derailing them from nature damages.


Types of Shingles


There are three basic types of shingles. Depending on the manufacturers, the shingles may have numerous varieties depending on the target market.

Strip Shingles. These are shingles consisted of a single layer with an appearance similar to a slate. These flat shingles are the most basic type of shingle among the choices.

Dimensional Shingles. This type of shingle is the most typical choice for roofing. These shingles are typically composed of two layers and they have this thicker look compared to the strip shingles.

Premium Shingles. These shingles are laminated in such a way that they would look like slake or shake shingles.


Dimensional Shingles


Dimensional Shingles are created of two layers of shingles which are bonded together. They come in so many designs and decorative materials giving this unique and aesthetic look and feel to the house.

Dimensional shingles are more durable that they can last on average of 30 years. They can also withstand strong wind and they have a stronger warping resistance. In places where hail is a possibility, dimensional shingles are very much needed for roofing protections.

Due to the double of the materials being used, the cost of dimensional shingles also increase but not by that much. Nevertheless, the installation of dimensional shingles adds value to the home. While the roof lasts longer, its warranty also extends and cost of home insurance, therefore, decreases.    

cost of dimensional shingles

Lifetime Dimensional Shingles


Lifetime dimensional shingles are dimensional shingles with the minimum warranty of 50 years. Despite the durability of the dimensional shingles, they are paired with the warranty encompassing the length of the lifespan of the house itself.

This does not only give you high-quality shingles which perfect the look of your roof but it also brings in the table the guarantee that your roof remains perfect forever. With the lifetime dimensional shingle, you need not worry about the shingle replacement in a very long run!

Why I Should Use Fiberglass Laminated Shingles

If you are somewhat familiar with houses, and to be more precise, roofing, then you must know about asphalt shingles and those kinds of stuff. So I will not waste your time explaining what a shingle is or what an asphalt is, but I will go straight to the bottom line and point you in a direction that you may not have thought of before–using fiberglass laminated shingles rather than regular shingles.

Fiberglass shingles are somewhat on an upward trend as one of the more popular roofing alternatives today. And as we’ll see in a bit, they have a lot of points going for them as opposed to using the traditional asphalt shingles. But first, some technical specs you might be interested to know.

using fiberglass laminated shingles

Getting Technical

If you must know, fiberglass simply is literally made from remarkably fine threads of glass. Too obvious? Try this–this synthetic pattern (glass fiber) may be a thermoset polymer form – usually based on the likes of polyester resin, epoxy, or a thermoplastic.

Fiberglass shingles are created from an interwoven foundational mesh of fiberglass, and then encased with a water-resistant layer of asphalt, and then covered with other compounds that protect the shingles from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Fiberglass shingles are generally produced in two different kinds: three-tab shingles and the architectural fiberglass shingles. More people prefer the architectural ones because it can be molded into anything that you want but still maintain that stability and all the other aspects of the fiberglass. To finish it off, asphalt sealant connects the separate panels, bolstering the shingles’ watertight characteristic.


Inexpensive–it usually costs less than $4 per square foot. This is the first thing we always look at when we’re trying to build something. Well, not only is fiberglass shingles cheap but it’s also high quality. See next point.

Durable–I don’t think we need to say anything more about this fiberglass characteristic. In addition to the toughness, it also does not hold liquid or moisture thereby reducing the risk of damage. Oh one last thing, fiberglass shingles have a greater fire grade than the regular asphalt shingles. That’s a big plus.

DIY–because fiberglass is so thin and therefore lightweight, you can actually learn to install these by yourself. Still, if you want it done expertly and without having to go back and redo some mistakes, you can let the professionals do it for a lesser fee than when they’re installing regular asphalt shingles.


There’s not a lot of disadvantage here really. I can only point out a couple of them. One would be that having fiberglass shingles would not perform as well in cold weather than when they are in warmer conditions. That being said, it is a negligible discrepancy and the difference in all the other points we just mentioned will more likely cancel out this issue.

The second “disadvantage” would presumably be environmental in nature. Due to the fiberglass endurance, these materials don’t necessarily just degrade and dissolve in a few years, they could go on for a thousand year easy. A solution to this is that they can easily be recycled and used for other purposes.

lightweight and practical roofing solution

Ask For Help

So, if you want a durable, lightweight and practical roofing solution, take a close look at fiberglass laminate shingles. But don’t take my word for it, research yourself and look at the several pros and cons of the different options and then determine the best one for you.

There should be a roofing company in your area that you can easily contact and ask for their help. Most companies offer a free assessment and even free quotation for the service you want them to do. Don’t delay, locate one now.

Top Advantages of Laminate Roofing for Homeowners

Are you considering a new roof for your house? There are different types of roofing materials such as laminate roofs on the market today.

Laminate roofing, at times referred to as asphalt shingles, are preferred by most homeowners thanks to their many advantages. The materials are designed to meet the needs of most homeowners ensuring they stay safe, warm, and they look good.

You can get the roof you fancy within your budget, but these aren’t the only important considerations. Before you invest in a new laminate roof or any other kind for your house, you need to be informed.

laminate roofs on the market


Installation Cost


Cost plays an important role in the choice of roofing material as most people do their home improvement on a budget. When you need to replace your roof, you will consider the cost of removing the old roof, buying the materials and the cost of installation.

With laminate roofing, the cost has been slashed down and this partly due to their popularity and partly due to their manufacturing.

This style of roofing is the most affordable compared to so many others. It comes with a 20-year lifespan making it a good deal and again, it is easy to install.

Though the installation cost will vary from one service technician, there is always a technician offering a good price deal.


Fast and Affordable Maintenance Costs


Laminated roof will require more maintenance compared to other types of roofs. However, they are easy to maintain, and their maintenance costs are low.

Unlike other roofs where a professional might be required to do the cleaning and other maintenance routines, you can easily do the maintenance yourself. This ensures that you keep up the roof, ensuring that it lasts for long.

Ease of maintenance and installation will not only save you time but also money and ensure that your roof lasts long.

There are hundreds of tutorials online showing you how to take care of your laminate roofing with ease. If you cannot take care of the roof yourself, you can hire a professional technician to do it for you at a small fee.

Great Aesthetics


If you need a visually appealing roof, laminated roofing will give you what you need. When the roof is installed with the overlapping method, the roof will wear layered looks which appears awesome.

There are also different colors to choose from, which ensures you get your preference.


Lighter colors are ideal when you need to reduce possible heat gains during the day to lower the cost of cooling.

Dull colors gain heat during the day and remain warm during the cold seasons. With good insulation, any color is great for your roof.

take care of your laminate roofing with ease

Get Laminate Roofing Today


If you need a roof that lasts for thirty years or more, laminate roofing is not for you. For these kinds of roofs, you might have to chip in more money.

You need to gather information on different types of roofing materials before making an investment.

Compare laminate roofing with other types of roofing materials today and get a good deal. 

Repairing Roof Damage from Hail

Repairing a roof is one of the most common home improvement projects that aim to keep your home warm and dry as well as protecting it from the elements.

The frequency of doing this varies depending on various factors. However, there are things that lead to unforeseen problems.

Hailstorms tend to degrade roofs leaving them in a poor condition. Such a roof will need immediate action, even if the problem is small.

If you ignore it, it might become bigger and make repairs more costly or necessitate replacement. Different roof repairs might be required; each with a different cost.

Get a roof specialist


Common Roof Problems


Leaking is a common problem with roofs, and this can be caused by a number of factors. Shingles on your house might be blown off or missing irrespective of their material.

Shingles, due to their light weight are more prone to being blown off, exposing your house to the elements.

When the pipe flashing is bad and has started leaking, you will have a problem with the whole roof. While the vent pipes on your roof are well sealed, the pipe flashing might be corroded, and the sealant might allow water to seep through.

Valleys, the little gutters that run down your roof, and the ice dams are other causes of leaks on your roof. When your roof has an inadequate slope, it tends to be affected more by hails and other environmental elements. Get a roof specialist as soon as you see these signs.

The Leak In Relation to Cost

The roof specialist will first find the leak and its cause before giving you an estimate. Some leaks are not visible, and all you see is the damage on the wood or bad odor. On a flat roof, leaks are easy to find, but this is not the case on sloping roofs.

A leak doesn’t necessarily originate from the roof itself after a hailstorm. The vent pipes and the metal flashing on your chimney might be causing the problem.

The gutters are also possible causes of leaks. The position of the leak and the extent of the damage will determine the repair costs. These costs will vary based on the season, the Winnipeg roofing contractors chosen, and the location of the damage.

You should work closely with the technician to ensure that you get the best repair services.

Common Costs

Different roofing materials will incur different repair costs. With DIY repairs, simple and straightforward leaks can cost as low as $20. However, a professional is recommended at all times.

Professional roof repairs will cost between $300 and $550 with shingles being the cheapest to repair and slate roofs being the most expensive.

The costs will vary from one contractor to the next, and as such, you need to ask around to ensure you get the best prices.

a professional should handle all the roof repairs

Cut Costs the Right Way

Repairing roof damage resulting from hailstorms might be cheap when you do it yourself, but this might lead to greater damage and its associated problems if you do not do it right.

It goes without saying that a professional should handle all the roof repairs as they know their way around the roofs.

Repair roof damages today before they become a bigger problem.

When Should You Get a New Roof?

When Should You Get a New Roof?

A solid roof above your head not only ups the value of your home, but also keeps the weather elements out and ensures that you feel safe in your home.

Repairing a roof is cheaper than replacing, but when repairs cannot be done anymore, your roof will need replacement.

If you note any of the signs below, you will need to get Advance Roofing Supplies and get your roof replaced by a professional. With a new roof, your home will be warm, it will feel cozy, and it will be leak free. The following signs will tell you when.

When Should You Get a New Roof?

A Roof is Older than 25 Years and Always need Repair

At times, the cost of repairs will outweigh the cost of replacing a roof in the long run and as such, if your roof is always in need of repair consider replacement. This likely the case with an old roof depending on the type.

A roof that has lasted more than 25 years might still look good from the ground. However, it might be having lots of problems such as leaking areas.

Depending on the condition of your roof, you might have up to 8 years to plan the replacement. However, if your old roof is always having problems, you might want to bring it down and replace it with a new roof.

Curling, Missing or Cracked Shingles

When the shingles begin to curl, either curling upwards or staying flat on the edges, then you need a new roof. Curls will lead to leaks and other problems with your roof.
If you start noticing this, you will need to replace your roof in a few years.

When entire shingles start missing, the first thought is to have the missing shingle replaced, but in most cases, it is not possible to have an exact color match. As such, you will always have a problem. Color shades change over time with weathering and other environmental conditions.

You can continue replacing your shingles each time there’s a problem. Eventually, you will likely have replaced a major part of your roof.

However, if the roof starts looking confused with so many colors that you are no longer comfortable with, you might consider replacing.

Granules in Gutter and Moss and Algae on Shingles

If, after your roof has stayed for more than ten years, you start noticing granules in the gutter, there is something to worry about. When the granules start falling off, your roof is not protected from the sun, and the shingles will start to bake.

This means that its quality will deteriorate increasing the chances of leaks.

Algae and moss on the shingles result in chipping off of granules which will lead to more problems. You need to first clean the shingles to remove the algae and the moss. If the damage has already been done, seek a replacement.

How Do You Know Its Time to Replace Your Roof

Replace your Roof

If your entire roof is sagging or you can see the sun from your attic, then you need Advance Roof Supplies to replace your roof.

It is easy when you have a good roof repair and replacement service, technician. Get a replacement today if necessary to avoid problems such as a leaking roof. Doing so will also help up the value of your home.