3 Key Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor When Getting a New Roof

Posted by roofcoadmin April 3, 2017

When your roof shingles are cracked and the shingle edges are curled, you know it’s time to get a new roof. The roof is the primary protection of your home from natures elements. So roofing should be approached with caution and careful planning.

When getting a new roof, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of things you need to consider. Things such as the type of roofs, how to lower costs, how to prepare your home, and other important factors.

All of these aspects become overwhelming. In the process, we tend to lose sight of other less common aspects of getting new roofs, which often results to problems later on.

Roofco, one of the most trusted roof companies, helps you with this dilemma. Roofco wants to give you four questions that are rarely asked by homeowners but are equally as important when planning to get a new roof. Ask the roof contractor the following questions:

Which Roofing Shingles Are Algae Resistant

Which Roofing Shingles Are Algae Resistant?

Knowing which roofing shingles are algae resistant will save you money and effort a few years down the road. Algae can make roofs look despicable and reduce their quality at a faster rate as well because of the moisture it retains.

Algae-resistant roofs have copper granules incorporated into the asphalt which keep algae from growing. Titanium dioxide is also found in many algae-resistant roofs.

Removing algae can cost your hundreds of hard earned dollars, the exact amount depending on how bad the problem is. So make sure to ask your roof contractors which roofing shingles are algae resistant during the planning stages.

Which Roofing Design Is the Most Hurricane-Resistant?

Asking which roofing design is the most hurricane-resistant is particularly important if you live in a hurricane-prone climate. According to Civil engineer Rima Taher, certain designs and construction materials are better able to withstand hurricanes than other materials and designs.

For example, a moderately pitched hip roof will do better during a hurricane than a steep roof. It’s best to keep the roof pitch a minimum of 4/12 but not greater than 6/12. Further, a house with an octagonal, square, or hexagonal floor plan with a roof with multiple panels have less wind issues.

This is simply one that has 4 or more panels. Make sure that your roof contractor knows how to install hurricane-resistant roofing designs if your area is prone to hurricanes.

Ask Your Roofing Contractor About Metal Roofs
What Roofing Material Is Most Energy Efficient?

It will also save you an enormous amount of money and frustration knowing what roofing material is most energy efficient. According to the Australian Greenhouse Office, concrete roof tiles are one of the most energy efficient roofing materials.

This is also backed by a US research that has found that roof tiles reflect about 75.4% of solar energy. This is 7.8% higher than a metal roof. You can also use special cool roof coatings that reflect sunlight.

Asking the right questions regarding your specific needs will ensure that your roof will serve its purpose to the fullest. Another benefit of asking these questions is it will enable you to see the level of knowledge and experience of your roofing contractor.

This is crucial when it comes to the different aspects of roofing. Actively research and inspect your roof to cover all bases. This will save you time, energy, and money in the long run.