6 Common Causes of Roof Damage

Posted by Roofco August 11, 2018

As it’ll come to sustaining a healthy building infrastructure, it’s safe to bet that the roof is one of the most critical components. Defective roofs may generate substantial and often unexpected costs to building owners, in conjunction with a good amount of other issues if gone unchecked.

There are numerous elements which may weaken a roof. It’s a great idea to inspect the roof on a routine basis and take care of small problems before they become massive repairs. Here, we list six common causes of roof damage which all building owners ought to take note of.

Poor maintenance

Regularly inspecting the roof is extremely important. As a matter of fact, for the majority of building owners, it may be lifesaving, as a routine roof inspection for minor leaks and minor damages has been well-known to prevent massive repairs in the long-term. If the roof has no or little slope, routine inspection assists in preventing major leaks from happening.

Ice damage

Did you have any idea that ice and snow may spawn lots of trouble for the lifespan of a roof? As snow and ice thaw on the surface of a rooftop, tiny water particles may settle underneath the shingles. As water refreezes, it may lift the shingles and flashing, which makes way for even more water damage to happen. This process is notorious for creating roof deterioration and corrosion. If you reside in a space that experiences freezing within the winter season, it’s a good idea to check the roof each spring.

Wind damage

Notorious for weakening the nails, shingles, and additional roofing materials presently holding the roof together, moderate gusts of day-to-day wind oftentimes have the power to threaten the stability of a roof. Ninety percent of hail and high wind damage claims result in some type of cost for building owners. Routine inspections on this kind of roof damage are critical to prevent more damage from happening.

Additional weather conditions

Notorious for being both destructive and nurturing, Mother Nature may cause a host of problems as it’ll come to roofing. Ultra-violet radiation from sunlight gradually can contribute to the deterioration of a roof, particularly as it’ll come to asphalt shingles. As this happens little may be done to protect the inside sheathing and therefore, the roof is exposed further to the elements.

Incorrect installation

Roof installations, repairs, and replacements should be done by a skilled roofing contractor. Not only may correct installation bring security and leverage, it also can help with property value.

Birds and outdoor wildlife

You might not think of it, yet birds and additional wildlife may cause damage to the roof. When this wildlife makes its way onto the roof, they may tear away vent covers and shingles, and make their way inside your house. To keep animals out and your roof protected, frequently inspect the roof.

To make sure the roof has the upmost vitality all year ‘round, call an expert roofing contractor as soon as you can.

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