Are Your Eaves-Troughs Effective?

Posted by roofcoadmin October 18, 2018

Eavestroughs! They may not be the most thrilling topic in the world, yet we are going to let you know why they are important and how you can tell if they’re in good working condition.

Why Are Eavestroughs Important?

It may not seem like a huge deal, yet those metal troughs which line the corner of your roof may have a big impact upon the life of the roof. We do not want to overstate it; therefore, we will allow someone else to do it for us. Poor rain gutters are the main mechanical contributor to a home’s deterioration. As roofers, we cannot completely agree, yet they may be a big factor to the health of your home.

Unfortunately, the majority of us do not actually care about them. They may be installed poorly, and we will not notice. They might be designed poorly, and we likely would not notice. We likely even go years without cleaning the gutters and we think it does not make a difference… yet it will!

Eavestroughs are only one aspect of the drainage system of the roof. Read about how they’ll work with additional parts to keep your business or home dry.

How Can Eavestroughs Affect the Drainage of your Roof?

One of the primary functions of the roof is to permit snow, debris, and rain to follow the rules of gravity and nicely flow off it. However, you do not want water to merely freestyle careen off the roof like a waterfall! Uncontrolled run-off may damage the windows, siding, your landscaping, doors, and even the foundation.

Eavestroughs assist in directing the flow inside a sewer or piece of downward sloping land in order for it not to flood your home.

If the downspout is not at least a good distance away from the foundation, the basement actually could flood. All of the water that hits the roof could wind up back inside your house. Our area has been hit with a ton of extreme weather these last couple of years, so we have seen a load of flooding. Flooding is a nightmare. Paint peeling, damp walls, mold growth. Nasty!

If your community turned into a lake, the downspout placement is irrelevant. However, within a rainstorm, the downspout’s placement is very important. If the downspout is near your house, buy an extension for it and be certain it is pointing away from the house.

Here are Some Tips for Downspout Placement

As you finish reading this post, check the downspout(s) to ensure they are in the proper spot. Here is what you should look for:

  • Upper roofing downspouts shouldn’t drain onto lower roofing. It actually can void the warranty of the roof. Gutters ought to drain into additional gutters or right to the ground.
  • Be certain that water flows out at least six feet away from your home.
  • Do not permit them to drain onto the sidewalk, steps, or driveway.
  • Water ought to flow away and downward from a building. Water that flows back toward your home is a huge issue!


For more information about effective eavestroughs contact the qualified roofing repair contractors of Roofco today!