Commercial Roof Maintenance – When Is Time to Call A Pro

Posted by Roofco September 5, 2018

The roof of your building protects your company from harsh weather conditions, so it is vital to know your options as it’ll come to keeping it in good working order. Learn about the differences between roof restoration, roof replacement, and roof maintenance in this article. Also, we’ll discuss how to determine the proper option.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance refers to consistently scheduled roof repair and roof inspections in Winnipeg. The main advantage of maintenance is repairing minor issues before these lead to extensive damage. As you follow our maintenance plan, your commercial roofing will maximize its life. You will avoid an expensive premature replacement. It’s the perfect option if your roof still is in good shape.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs suit problems which require instant attention, like flashing, missing tears in the membrane of the roof, and leaks. It is vital to work with a certified pro like Roofco during roof repairs. Oftentimes, poor-quality repairs make existing issues worse, which may trigger premature roof replacement. Call Roofco as soon as you can when the roof suffers substantial damage.

Roof Restoration

It’s a viable solution to a complete roof tear-off and roof replacement. However, not all roofs are viable for restoration. You will need a professional in restoration and repair in Winnipeg, such as Roofco. We will perform a full inspection to figure out the state of your deck, insulation, and additional factors. The primary reason to get restoration is savings, like energy rebates, insurance savings, and tax credits. In addition, you’ll save time since roof restoration is faster than roof replacement.

Roof Replacement

A complete replacement is your best long-term solution for a building. Oftentimes, new roofs last for as many as two decades and manufacturers provide warranties that cover that period. Get a replacement if the roof system suffers extensive damage, or if it’s at reaching the end of its lifespan.

When Is it Time to Call A Pro?

Roofco is your one-stop-shop for all commercial roofing problems. Our company knows how to maintain and repair pretty much any type of commercial roofing. Furthermore, we easily can figure out the best choice for your needs. We’re a fully insured, licensed, and certified business and we have more than 10 years of expertise in the industry. Call us at (204) 487-7663 to hear more on commercial roof repair, maintenance, restoration, and replacement. We also provide a free estimate.

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