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Posted by roofcoadmin July 21, 2017

Your roof is your house’s first and best defense against the outside world. Without your roof, your house would flood, overheat, be too cold, and be exposed to all of the elements and temperatures that the outside world has to offer.

Your roof needs to be strong, durable, and protect you against, not only the weather, but falling debris and perhaps even a falling tree. While roofs aren’t indestructible, with the proper care and maintenance, they can serve and protect you.

That is why choosing the right material for your roof is crucial to making sure that your roof is safe, protected, and keeps you safe and protected too.

Repairing an extensively damaged roof can be expensive, and that’s why it’s good to invest up front, making sure that your roof is covered with the best tiles or shingles that you can afford, and with new roofing materials, comes the ease of not having to worry about decay or repair every moment.

Most new tiles last a long time, so investing in a new set of tiles for your house, when you can afford it, will help save you tons in energy and repair costs down the line.

What Are The Different Types Of Roof Tiles

What Are The Different Types Of Roof Tiles?

There are a lot of different types of roofing tiles, and they all vary in benefits, cost, and availability. Picking the right one is crucial for maintaining your home. When you choose a roof tile, you need to make sure that the type, availability in your area, and cost are in line with your needs and budget, so we have collected a small list of roof tiles that you can use for your home.

Terracotta: These clay-based natural tiles are rather easy to make. They are durable, cheap, and result in a traditional re+d clay look for your roof.

Metal: Metal shingles for your roof are very beneficial, in that they are easy to make and distribute, and can easily regulate the temperature inside your home by adapting to the weather outside. However, they can be noisy, as rain and hail can produce loud sounds on metal shingles.

Concrete: Concrete tiles are easy to make, and come in a variety of colors. They are also very durable, and strong, and can protect your house easily and with efficiency. However, they are extremely heavy, are usually too heavy for the average domestic roof, requiring some advanced supports to keep them in place and from falling through.

Copper: Copper tiles are known for being durable, easy to design with, and attractive. Over time, they oxidize from their copper glow into a new beautiful, green appearance that is sure to stun everyone. However, the major drawback with copper tiles is that they can be really expensive and brittle. Pure copper is costly, and it can also be hard to find, which makes it a less attractive option.

Hire the Best Roofers to Install Your Ideal Roof Today

Hire the Best Roofers to Install Your Ideal Roof Today!

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