How to Get Ready for Your Roof Replacement

Posted by Roofco August 6, 2018

Getting a new roof may be a thrilling experience. Pets and kids can watch in awe as they view roofers tearing, ripping, nailing, and hauling – they might even wish to sneak as close as they can to the action. Of course, that’s very dangerous. As the roofing company gets there, your home is a work zone. As you may imagine, work zones pose unsuspecting hazards.

Here are 5 tips to assist in making the roof replacement run as smoothly as it can. At the end of the day, all of us want you and your loved ones to remain safe as the shingles start flying.

Consider the pets and kids

Loud sounds coming from the house might disturb sleep habits and increase anxiety. While it might be thrilling to watch from a far away, work zones are very unsafe for pets and children.

Speak to your children to explain that specific areas of the yard or home are going to be off-limits until the job is done. Since pets and young kids might not understand such dangers, you might be more at ease visiting friends or family while the roof is replaced.

Relocate vehicles

Sorry, daddy – giving the roofing contractor your main parking space is a must.

Contractors require fast accessibility to their trucks and tools throughout the day. They have to have some place to load debris and shingles. You will want to keep your cars a safe distance from this space until the project is done.

You also should keep the doors to your garage shut while construction is going on to keep out debris and dust.

Remove all wall decor

Vibrations from machinery and hammers on the roof might travel through some walls of the house, particularly if repairs to the current deck are necessary.

  • Stroll through the rooms on the level under the roof.
  • Consider all pictures, knick-knacks, or other objects hanging from the walls or ceiling.
  • As a precaution, take off any decorations which are not permanently secured with screws.

Cover possessions in your attic

During the roof replacement, a number of installers are going to be walking on the roof, pounding it with hammers. Small debris or dust will fall inside attic spaces while a new roof installation is being performed.

It’s possible to keep personal belongings cleaner by covering them with drop cloths or old sheets until the roofing business is done.

Move patio furniture and grills away from work zone

A garage or shed is the best space to store outside objects such as patio furniture, grills, potted plants, and lawn ornaments while the roof is installed.

If you do not have an on-site storage space, you might want to place these objects together in a space of the yard that’s a safe distance from the worker’s zone.

Remember that the majority of contractors won’t help you move any belongings outside or inside the house.

For more information on getting ready for your roof replacement contact the reliable roofing company of Roofco today!