What’s the Risk of Hiring Unlicensed Roofers?

Posted by Roofco July 17, 2018

Risk of Hiring Unlicensed Roofers

Sometimes homeowners say, “if a roofer performs high-quality work and was vetted by a family member/friend, who cares if he or she isn’t licensed? Plus, they are less expensive!”

However, do not allow the temptation of inexpensive labor to fool you, you will pay a lot more later on.

Here is why:

You’ll have restricted legal actions against unlicensed contractors

If you have a problem with your licensed contractor, simply contact their licensing agency, plus they may assist in mediating between you and the contractor. They also can assist in recovering any losses you have had.

However, if you experience a problem with an unlicensed contractor that cannot be resolved, you will need to file a lawsuit.

Good luck with that.

Costs for litigation are expensive, and you might never have the ability to collect funds because an unlicensed contractor oftentimes goes out of business.

As it’ll come right down to it, unlicensed contractors have less incentive to do good work because it is simpler for the contractor to get away with it. Plus, if you need to take legal course against them, your options are limited.

Did your unlicensed contractor not complete your roofing job and instead, ran off with your hard-earned money? Good luck locating her or him!

No license means no insurance

Because it isn’t cheap, an unlicensed contractor seldom has liability insurance or worker’s compensation insurance.

No worker’s comp means if the roofing contractor’s employee becomes hurts while working on the roof, you will be responsible for paying all their medical expenses.

No liability insurance will mean you will be responsible for paying all damages that are caused to your house by an uninsured roofer.

No license might mean they aren’t bonded

“Bonded contractors” are contractors that have bought a kind of insurance which offers you compensation if your contractor doesn’t finish a project as you have contracted or requested.

However, unlicensed contractors usually will not even provide an agreement, much less be bonded. Therefore, if the end result of the roof is not what you agreed on, that is tough luck!

Work might not meet building codes in your area

A licensed contractor is tested on his/her building code knowledge and is tested on that knowledge to receive licensure.

If the inspector sees that the roof is not up to code, you will be held responsible for all repairs that are needed to get your roof code compliant.

Disclosing to the inspector that unlicensed contractors worked on the roof may reduce the value of your home.

Might receive low-quality work

Licenses inform you that the roofer has met minimal work experience and industry training standards.

So, if the contractor isn’t licensed, you won’t know their competency level. All poor-quality roof work may backfire later on—and during the worst time! Imagine thinking the roofing was up to par then it gets destroyed in the middle of harsh weather conditions!

Do not settle for a mere handshake…

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