Top 5 Ways of Ice Dam Removal in Winnipeg

Posted by roofcoadmin November 28, 2017

 Ice Dam removal WinnipegContrary to Jim Brickman, winter snow is not always a fairy tale come true. During winter, ice dams may form that could bring damage to your roof. Ice dams prevent water from draining that leads to leaks into your house.

Ice dam problems are prevalent not only in other areas but also in Winnipeg. Ice Dam Removal in Winnipeg is such a critical job to accomplish. Clearing and removal is a tedious work to do.

In some ways or another, you can prevent ice dams from forming. There are some causes of dam formations. Poor insulation and ventilation and flat-pitched roofs are two of the culprits.

If ice dams are already formed, there are ways that you can remove them.

Chip and Hammer Your Ice Dam Away

Chipping your ice dams away is very useful but with precaution. Doing this can damage your roofing unintentionally. Thus, choose the right chipping and hammering tool.
Ice picks are used commonly than machetes. Rubber mallets would be a better choice than a claw hammer. These tools can lessen the possible damage to your roof.

Though this might use some of your energy, it would help.

Use Ice Melting Heat Cables Ice Dam Removal Winnipeg

Ice melting heat cables can also be used to get rid of ice dams. Cables are laid on top of ice dams until they soften. Heat cables are not supposedly put directly on ice; however, some folks are doing it efficiently.

Use this always with precaution for you and your family’s safety.

Spray the Ice Dams with Warm Water

Spraying ice dams with hot water produce quick results.

You may get hot water and spill it in your spraying device. Spay the water directly along the ice. The water will not stay warm on ice forever so be sure to drain it after.

Give an Ice Dam the Time to Melt

Even ice dams would need some time too. Waiting would not hurt you especially if the ice dams are not causing damages. Wait for it to melt down and don’t panic.

One terrific advantage of this is it won’t cost you effort and money.

Get for Help Form Professional

If none of the above solutions won’t address the problem, get help from a professional. Dambreakers offering ice dam removal in Winnipeg usually use a steamer.

The steam from the equipment is directly spayed in your rooftop. The apparatus produces a lot of steam and less water to prevent shingles from damage. Roof repairs are avoided.

Before hiring a professional ice dambreaker, make sure to review their company. Make them handle your roof with care. It’s always better to secure your roof now than to be sorry later.

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You’re Not Alone

Companies specializing in ice dam removal in Winnipeg is just within your reach. Roofco and its people can help with your ice dam problems. It is a company expert in residential and commercial roofing in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.
Roofco offers quick and great services that are environmentally friendly. They have rooftop steam service for your ice dams.

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