How LeafGuard Gutters Work

Posted by roofcoadmin September 6, 2017

Fall is right around the corner and as the leaves begin to change colors and fall from the trees, beauty will eventually turn into household chores. I love fall just like most people especially in Winnipeg. The only thing I hate doing is cleaning out leaves from my gutters. I love the leaves in my yard that are auburn and orange, yet when they fill up the gutters, it’s just one more thing I have to do.

Raking my yard can already be pretty aggravating and if it was up to me I would leave them there. My wife however hates to have leaves covering the yard and doesn’t want them buried when the snow begins to fall. Needless to say I expect to rake several times during the fall.

Therefore, cleaning the gutters is something I would love to avoid if at all possible. Cleaning gutters are time consuming and involve climbing up and down the ladder to remove leaves while trying not to fall down myself.

What if you didn’t have to clean the rain gutters multiple times during the fall?

If you also are looking for a better option to gutter cleaning, LeafGuard is the ultimate solution to keeping out leaves, branches, twigs and debris. The way the LeafGuard system works is different than any other type of gutter. Below we will discuss why you should get a LeafGuard gutter system before the fall hits.

Why LeafGuard Oppose to Other Gutters

Why LeafGuard Oppose to Other Gutters?

LeafGuards design not only keeps debris out from your gutters, it also never clogs. It has a large bottom and is seamless to prevent from leakage and water damage. One of the greatest aspects of the LeafGuard gutter is that it is one entire piece. There is no need to purchase helmets or hoods, this system is completely intact and entirely seamless.

When you choose LeafGuard, you can avoid climbing ladders to clean out the gutters ever again. Water will flow freely and even with a record rainfall, the LeafGuard downspouts will carry the drench away from your home.

Superior Gutter Exterior

All LeafGuard gutters come with ScratchGuard paint to avoid chipping and any damage. The paint also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that LeafGuard is proud to uphold.

LeafGuard Gutter Pricing

Typically, LeafGuard pricing will run between $7-$10 per foot and installation can be between $2,00-$3,000. The most important thing to consider is the return on your investment. When you invest in LeafGuard gutters, you can eliminate concerns of water damage to your home, seeping in your roof caused by heavy storms or improper runoff, and gather of debris.

Superior Gutter Exterior


If you hate having to constantly clean twigs and leaves out of your gutters during the fall, you need a better option. Typical gutters can be costly to get hood attachments, helmets and additional downspouts. LeafGuard takes the worry out of damaged gutters, constant cleaning, water damage or additional add on purchases. If you want the best quality gutters for your home, contact us today to speak more about your LeafGuard solution.