What Exactly are Lifetime Dimensional Shingles?

Posted by roofcoadmin February 17, 2018

Low cost, installability, and durability are what makes roof shingles very common roofing materials in the United States. The normal lifespan of the roof shingles is 20 years with expected repairs in between those years. Roofing market, however, has introduced a lifetime shingle which has extended the warranty to a whopping 50 years.

lifetime roof shingles

Lifetime Roof Shingles


With lifetime roof shingles having a 50-year warranty means that the first 10 years is a full coverage and the remaining warranty will be prorated in the remaining 40 years. The manufacturers are pretty confident that the shingles will be able to withstand as long as the house stands.

This confidence comes from guaranteeing that only the durable and high-quality shingles are manufactured. The shingles are also impact-resistant and fire-resistant!

The most important part is the installation of the shingles. To guarantee the longevity of the high-quality shingles, they must be installed properly. Layering is important during the installation so as not cutting the corners of the shingles, in an attempt to save costs. In not doing so, the shingles’ resistance to the storm and the wind becomes stronger derailing them from nature damages.


Types of Shingles


There are three basic types of shingles. Depending on the manufacturers, the shingles may have numerous varieties depending on the target market.

Strip Shingles. These are shingles consisted of a single layer with an appearance similar to a slate. These flat shingles are the most basic type of shingle among the choices.

Dimensional Shingles. This type of shingle is the most typical choice for roofing. These shingles are typically composed of two layers and they have this thicker look compared to the strip shingles.

Premium Shingles. These shingles are laminated in such a way that they would look like slake or shake shingles.


Dimensional Shingles


Dimensional Shingles are created of two layers of shingles which are bonded together. They come in so many designs and decorative materials giving this unique and aesthetic look and feel to the house.

Dimensional shingles are more durable that they can last on average of 30 years. They can also withstand strong wind and they have a stronger warping resistance. In places where hail is a possibility, dimensional shingles are very much needed for roofing protections.

Due to the double of the materials being used, the cost of dimensional shingles also increase but not by that much. Nevertheless, the installation of dimensional shingles adds value to the home. While the roof lasts longer, its warranty also extends and cost of home insurance, therefore, decreases.    

cost of dimensional shingles

Lifetime Dimensional Shingles


Lifetime dimensional shingles are dimensional shingles with the minimum warranty of 50 years. Despite the durability of the dimensional shingles, they are paired with the warranty encompassing the length of the lifespan of the house itself.

This does not only give you high-quality shingles which perfect the look of your roof but it also brings in the table the guarantee that your roof remains perfect forever. With the lifetime dimensional shingle, you need not worry about the shingle replacement in a very long run!