The Different Materials for Roofing Projects in Winnipeg

Posted by roofcoadmin July 26, 2017

Roofing your own house is a very arduous task, and can be exceedingly dangerous as well. Without proper tools and materials, it is nearly impossible.

Gathering all the materials and specific tools you need can be exceedingly expensive and hard to do, as some are specialty tools that you may not have any use for after your roofing project, which can end up with tools gathering dust in your garage or attic after you complete the project.

Another big thing to take into consideration is the amount of safety precautions you need to make. Roof work requires a lot of dedication and strength, as you can’t easily drop the project half way if it rains or storms, so you need to be able to either handle the weather, or plan it when it is sunny.

In Winnipeg, which is one of Canada’s sunniest cities, it can be easy to find a stretch of days that are sunny, but that still doesn’t reduce the risk of walking around on your roof or using ladders to be up high. If your house is more than one storey, this can be especially dangerous, and generally we recommend leaving roofing projects to the professionals.

The Materials You Need for a Roofing Project

The Materials You Need for a Roofing Project

If you do decide to go about it yourself, and have enough money to spend on the tools and materials, here is a list of tools you need for the project:

Air compressor
Caulk gun
Air hose
Extension ladder
Chalk line
Circular saw
Roof harness
Tin snips
Utility knife

If you have all of these tools set up and ready, you can go ahead and start looking at materials. One big obstacle is picking and figuring out what kind of shingles or roof tiles you would like to have on your roof, as they all hold different disadvantages and advantages that you need to take into consideration, as well as factor and figure out the pricing of what you can afford, and how many you need to cover your entire house.

The materials you will ultimately need are as follows:

#15 or #30 Felt underlayment
Drip edge
Hook blades
Roofing nails
Self-adhesive waterproof underlayment (“ice and water shield”)
Valley flashing
Step and dormer flashing
Vent flashing

Once you have gathered all the materials, you can begin to work on your roof. The work will be long and hard, but in the end it will be a rewarding experience as you have finished a project by yourself.

We Can Always Help with Your Materials for Roofing Projects

We Can Always Help with Your Materials for a Roofing Project

However, we remind you again that undertaking the task of repairing or building your own roof can be dangerous and hard to do, and if you can afford it, always leave it to the professionals. We at RoofCo are always available to answer any questions you may have about our pricing and availability, and our website is full of information that can help you with your roofing projects and how to undertake them.

So don’t hesitate to call or click if you have any questions or want an estimate on a job!