Preparations Before Installing a New Roof

Posted by Roofco June 4, 2019

You’ve gotten all the signs that it’s time to replace your roof and your house is now scheduled for a new roof. Roofing is a huge undertaking, one that requires preparation. Keep in mind, your house becomes a work zone the moment the roofing company shows up. You therefore need to take the necessary precautions to not only protect your family members and pets, but to also provide a smooth working atmosphere for the roofers.

The first thing should be to secure your kids and pets if you have any. Young kids may find it quite exciting to watch our qualified roofing contractors do all the ripping, nailing, tearing and hauling that comes with this intensive project. Their raw curiosity may send them sneaking out and about the work site, and this of course, is extremely dangerous.  For the older children, you can talk to them about the upcoming project and the need to steer clear from the construction site until the project is complete. For the younger children, however, since it’s unlikely they’ll heed to this set of instructions. Taking them to visit grandparents or family members until the project is complete will be a great idea. Just make sure they are not in the vicinity when construction is taking place.  Relocating your kids temporarily will also allow the roofers to work efficiently without the fear of injuring anyone.

Next, for smooth construction to take place, create enough space in your compound. Although our roofers will work as neatly as possible, removing an old roof and installing a new one is a huge undertaking. Our contractors will need ample space to place their work tools, trucks and debris. To provide the necessary space, you could clear one side of your driveway. Additionally, it’s important that the crew has access to all areas of your yard as this will ease the cleaning up process after installation.

The other thing you need to do is clear your attic. Although the roofers will try to keep the items in the attic space pristine, there’s no surefire way to keep the items dust free. Clear your attic before the old roof is extracted. And even after installation, there might be some dust and debris in the attic so you will need to open its entrance carefully. You should also prepare the inside of your house by removing any hanging décor, glass sconces and light fixtures attached to the walls of your upper floor. Installing a roof is a heavy construction that may cause the walls to vibrate so any loosely handing item may succumb to the law of gravity.

Another important thing you need to do is to inform your neighbors about your upcoming project. If your neighbor’s property is at close proximity, they might also need to take some precautionary measures such as covering their plants and also talking to their children so they stay clear from your compound. Informing your neighbors in advance also gives them ample time to move their cars, especially if you share the driveway. If a shingle or nail accidentally flies off into their yard, your neighbors will be more forgiving if you had informed them ahead of time. Again, it’s only fair that you warn them about the noise they might have to endure temporarily

Installing a new roof may cost you more than just finances, you may have to endure some little inconveniences but once it’s all done, a new roof is one of the best investments you can make in your property.