The Advantages Of Roof Cap Shingles

Posted by roofcoadmin January 13, 2018

Are you looking for ways to make your roofing system more effective in protecting the interior of your home and at the same time be sure it’s durable enough? Then you might want to consider installing architectural roof cap shingles for your roof panel.

It is always important that we choose the right material for our residential roofs. The quality and how it is installed can affect how efficient the roof can be in terms of protecting the interior, durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and many other factors.

While roof panels and important, the capping on the ridges should also be given a high regard, too.

The Advantages Of Roof Cap Shingles

A Great Quality Residential Roofing System

When trying to build a sturdy roofing system, we don’t only look at the panels. Some of the crucial parts of a roof are the ridges. It is usually where the panels or both sides meet and it has to be covered well. Else, leaking may occur at an earlier time, which may damage the roof.

That is why a quality ridge and hip cap shingle installation is needed. Here are the advantages of the ridge cap shingles and why choose them for a better roofing system:

The Advantages Of Installing Architectural Roof Cap Shingles

1. Has Better Adhesion

The roof cap shingles have better adhesive properties. They are designed to have extra adhesion at the end of every shingle. Thus, every roof cap holds onto the shingle below it more effectively. The nailing area of the cap shingle is also thicker preventing the tendency of tearing near the nail holes. This, then, makes the entire roofing system sturdier and more resistant from blowing off due to strong winds. A great quality residential roofing system may then possibly be achieved.

2. Sheds Water More Efficiently

The concave shape of the caps that have been designed specifically for the ridge and hip is smooth, which makes it efficient in shedding water and other debris. This may also include hail and snow, and dry leaves. Thus. being able to shed water and debris efficiently, installing architectural roof cap shingles for your roofing system helps you have a lower maintenance needs for your roof.

3. Ready To Install

Unlike the modified shingles that are shaped to be fit on the ridges and hips, with the roof cap shingles, you don’t need to reshape or modify them for a proper fit. They are already designed for the roof ridges. This makes the ridge and hip cap shingle installation become a lot easier. This also saves you money from the labor cost because of the easy installation process.

4. Adds Curb Appeal

Having a smoother cut and finish when compared to the modified 3-tab shingles, your entire roof panel will also look much smoother. This, in turn, increases the curb appeal of your house, adding better aesthetics to the entire building. Moreover, a better curb appeal also helps increase the market value of any residential properties.

Why Install Roof Cap Shingles On Your Roofing System

Ridge And Hip Cap Shingle Installation

Ensure a great quality residential roofing system for your residential house structure. Check out today, and call a roofing professional and have ridge cap shingles installed on your roofs.