Repairing Roof Damage from Hail

Posted by roofcoadmin February 10, 2018

Repairing a roof is one of the most common home improvement projects that aim to keep your home warm and dry as well as protecting it from the elements.

The frequency of doing this varies depending on various factors. However, there are things that lead to unforeseen problems.

Hailstorms tend to degrade roofs leaving them in a poor condition. Such a roof will need immediate action, even if the problem is small.

If you ignore it, it might become bigger and make repairs more costly or necessitate replacement. Different roof repairs might be required; each with a different cost.

Get a roof specialist


Common Roof Problems


Leaking is a common problem with roofs, and this can be caused by a number of factors. Shingles on your house might be blown off or missing irrespective of their material.

Shingles, due to their light weight are more prone to being blown off, exposing your house to the elements.

When the pipe flashing is bad and has started leaking, you will have a problem with the whole roof. While the vent pipes on your roof are well sealed, the pipe flashing might be corroded, and the sealant might allow water to seep through.

Valleys, the little gutters that run down your roof, and the ice dams are other causes of leaks on your roof. When your roof has an inadequate slope, it tends to be affected more by hails and other environmental elements. Get a roof specialist as soon as you see these signs.

The Leak In Relation to Cost

The roof specialist will first find the leak and its cause before giving you an estimate. Some leaks are not visible, and all you see is the damage on the wood or bad odor. On a flat roof, leaks are easy to find, but this is not the case on sloping roofs.

A leak doesn’t necessarily originate from the roof itself after a hailstorm. The vent pipes and the metal flashing on your chimney might be causing the problem.

The gutters are also possible causes of leaks. The position of the leak and the extent of the damage will determine the repair costs. These costs will vary based on the season, the Winnipeg roofing contractors chosen, and the location of the damage.

You should work closely with the technician to ensure that you get the best repair services.

Common Costs

Different roofing materials will incur different repair costs. With DIY repairs, simple and straightforward leaks can cost as low as $20. However, a professional is recommended at all times.

Professional roof repairs will cost between $300 and $550 with shingles being the cheapest to repair and slate roofs being the most expensive.

The costs will vary from one contractor to the next, and as such, you need to ask around to ensure you get the best prices.

a professional should handle all the roof repairs

Cut Costs the Right Way

Repairing roof damage resulting from hailstorms might be cheap when you do it yourself, but this might lead to greater damage and its associated problems if you do not do it right.

It goes without saying that a professional should handle all the roof repairs as they know their way around the roofs.

Repair roof damages today before they become a bigger problem.