Interesting Roof Design for Your Home

Posted by roofcoadmin September 27, 2017

As a matter of fact, designing your home is a very interesting job. More so, when it comes to picking a great architectural roof design for your house, you can be left in awe because of a plethora of interesting and amazing roof designs that you can’t get your mind off. A roof design is very important because it gives the whole look and feel of the house form the exterior and that is what is visible to people who don’t come inside. It tells people what kind of designs and styles to expect when they come inside the house. Considering its importance, it has to look perfect and should give out a good vibe to passersby as well as to you.

Below we have listed down the most popular roof design ideas among people as per the contemporary designs.

Interesting Roof Design for Your Home

Pyramid Roof Design

This is quite self-explanatory as it exactly is how the name suggests. It has a pyramid cone on the top. These roof designs are usually used in smaller houses or any other small structure like a pool house or a garage.

Mansard Roof Design

This is a French style roof design and is comprised of two slopes. A vertical upper slope is not really visible from the outside of the house while the other steeper lower slope is. The good news is that it gives you an extra storage space on the top of your house.

Hip Roof Design

This style is a little similar to the first pyramid roof design. The only difference is that it is symmetrically like a pyramid from all four sides but has a ridge at the top where the four sides meet. This roof design is more viable and for bigger structures than on the ones pyramid can be used.

Bonnet Roof Design

It also is quite similar to the hip roof and the pyramid design. This one is usually used for veranda because of a differential characteristic that its two slides angle out in a slope.

Gambrel Roof Design

This is very much same to the Mansard design. However, this one is a Dutch style in which vertical gable ends are present and has visible roof hanging on the façade of your house.

Flat Roof Design

As the name suggests, this one is a flat design and is the most easiest to construct perhaps. It is accessible and allows people to stand on the roof easily.

Different House Roof Designs

Saltbox Roof Design

It has somewhat an architectural uniqueness to it. It is a long pitch design that has two different side sizes, one is short and the other is long. So, this one is an asymmetrical roof design. Usually, houses that are one story one side but double story on the other side get this one designed.

Cross Gabled Roof Design

This is a variant of gabled design and  any roof design that apparently look like a triangle from the front can be called a cross gabled roof design.