Roof Stain Prevention

Posted by roofcoadmin March 28, 2019

Your roof forms 30% of your home’s façade. It is therefore an eyesore when black spots stain your once decorous roofing. Not only are stains on the roof repulsive to the eye, but they could also damage the asphalt coating of your shingles which speeds up the aging process. Folks living in humid climate areas may experience stained roofs more often than those living areas with hot dry climates. Qualified roofing contractors thus recommend that homeowners living humid climates take preventative measures to prevent their roofs from staining. Here is how you maintain that ornamental roofing.

Keep your roof free from debris

If you live in an area with little vegetation cover, the dust blown by wind may land onto the shingles of your roof. Dust creates a conducive environment for moss and algae to thrive. Excessive growth of algae and moss leads to rot; evidenced by black stains. If left unsolved, the rot will spread and cause major damage to your roof. As a preventative measure, ensure you occasionally clear your roof off any debris including blown leaves which find their way to your rain gutters. Algae and moss tend to die off when there is little or no decomposing matter to feed on.

Consider installing roof shingles embedded with zinc or copper

When purchasing a new roof, always opt for algae-proof roofing shingles, such as those that are embedded with zinc or copper. Algae and moss have almost zero chance of survival on such surfaces. When presented with various options of algae proof roofing shingles, ask your roofing contractor to help you select the best material that matches your climate and budget.

Use the right products

Regular use of harsh chemicals to get rid of roof stains could do more damage than good. It’s always better to prevent stains from forming in the first place. Mold prevention products do a great job in stain-proofing your roof. There are many stain-proofing products but, generally, they all work the same way. The product forms a layer over the shingles, which suffocates any present algae or mold preventing future growth. Remember to apply moss growth treatments every time you clean your roof.

Use zinc strips

If your roof is already streaked with stains, consider cleaning off the algae and moss with diluted bleach. Pure bleach is corrosive to most materials, and roofing shingles are not an exception. To reduce the effects of bleach, mix it with water in the ratio of 1:2. When applying the bleach, use a spraying mechanism and gently scrub the algae off using a brush, then rinse it off with fresh water. Some of the bleach will drip to your foundation plantings. Ensure you rinse the plantings with fresh water before and after cleaning the roof. Finally, install zinc or copper strips along the sides of the roof. For a cheaper alternative, use galvanized sheet metal.

Some of the roof stain prevention measures require expertise. If your roof is densely stained with algae or moss, chances are, the roof might have weak spots. It’s safer to contact a qualified roofing contractor to  inspect and clear the stains.