Yes Sir, I’m On Top Of It

Posted by roofcoadmin December 30, 2017

You hear some rumbling just outside the grocery store you are currently shopping. People are running like crazy. A huge white cloud is moving fast, and it’s coming from, well, it’s coming from everywhere.  Let me ask you, what place are you wishing for right now that you would feel the safest? A military base? A bunker? Iron Man’s workshop? Well, I would bet that the first place that came to your mind would be — your house.

various shingle brands to choose

This is My House

How did I know? Because I would be thinking the same thing. It doesn’t matter how big (or how small) our house is. It doesn’t matter if we have the strongest materials or something we got from the country fair. It doesn’t even matter what roof shingle brands you use. My house is impenetrable, right?

Yes, I agree. You should love your house. It’s not about the price you paid for it (or you’re still paying for it, like most of us). It’s not about the location, if we’re in the elite neighborhood or in the low-income rowhouses. We all feel a sense of ownership when it comes to MY house. But impenetrable?  Hmm. Maybe not.


I Have To Defend It

We all pride ourselves of doing the best we can for our houses, but do we really do our best? I mean, yes, we repair the stuck-up toilets, the broken drains, the chipped tiles, even the occasional bulb-replacing. All these are well and good, don’t get me wrong. What I mean is you’re pretty well set on the inside, but about the outside? Or more specifically, your roof?

“Well, what can I do? A roof is a roof is a roof. It’s purpose is to protect us from the outside — rain, snow, and the occasional baseball.”

This is the common assumption that permeates every guy’s brain. Why? Because guys don’t care what the roof looks like. As long as it’s durable and does its job, what else is there? And this is where roof shingles comes in.


A What?

Roof shingles used to be just for appearances and aesthetics because of their varying patterns, colors, and even materials. But recently, it’s not enough to look nice. It should be pretty as well as secure. Strong enough to withstand even an alien spaceship crashing down (and by alien spaceship I mean two cats fighting on the roof and falling).

The roof must be pleasant to look at, at the very least. But it must also be able resist a beating — people climbing on top of it, endure hailstones, and invulnerable to rust and dust. There are numerous shingle brands to choose from but the most critical component is that it not only protects your roof, but also beautifies it.

There are numerous shingle brands to choose

Beauty and Beastly

There’s no such thing, you say. Yes, there is. There’s a company in Winnipeg, Canada called Roofco that actually offers this service. They provide for anything you would ever need for your roof (i.e. various shingle brands to choose from), and even some of the areas under the roof. You can even request for a free estimate. Yup, FREE!

So, stay on top of it. Now!