The Different Types Of Exterior Siding: The Pros And Cons

Posted by roofcoadmin August 11, 2017

One of the first things people generally notice when driving by your house is the siding. Do you have brick siding? Painted siding? Another type? The style and color can really either add or subtract to your curb appeal, making you either stand out as a beautiful house in your neighborhood or stand out as tacky.

Having a good siding is important to not only keeping your house secure and impervious to the weather and other events, but keeping your house a beautiful and stylish addition to your town or neighborhood.

With your siding, not only is the color important, but the style. Different types of exterior siding can mean different things for your house as some provide more protection than others, and many have different looks than their counterparts.

This isn’t to mention the paint you put on your siding to make it stand out, but that will be a topic for another day. Having good siding for your home is important not only with style, but making sure it functions in a way that helps prolong the life of your house, keeping it from rotting out or the structure from becoming weak over time and weather.

the different types of exterior siding

The Different Types Of Exterior Siding

One of the first types of exterior siding we will be mentioning today is wooden siding. Popular with a bunch of classical homes, wood paneling, shingles or other styles of wooden siding can be a great rustic look for your home. However, they are particularly hard to maintain, as they are the most common to be in need of new paint, caulking, or replacement over time.

Another type of exterior siding we will tell you about is aluminum or steel siding. Generally known as being impervious, this type of siding is low maintenance, cheap, and easy to install. However, be warned that it can dent easily, and might make unattractive noises in the rain or hail.

One type of exterior siding that is taking the world by storm is vinyl siding, which holds color the easiest as it never needs repainted, is low cost and easy to install. It may seem perfect, but it does occasionally crack, causing the entire panel to need replacing.

Cement fiber siding is the most recent and green out of these types of exterior siding, as it is made out of the most recycled materials. It is almost indistinguishable from wood siding, and can be a great (albeit more expensive) alternative to relying on wood sidings for your home.

It is also virtually free from the problems that come with wood siding, and although it can be rather costly, it usually carries an amazing warranty with it to ensure it is taken care of.

Get Help from the Experts

Get Help from the Experts

No matter what you pick, there are pros and cons to each. Some might seem perfect but it is good to keep aware of the flaws these things may have, to ensure that you are getting a fair product for your price. As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.