Types Of Siding And Installation Options

Posted by roofcoadmin May 6, 2017

Home improvement and maintenance is necessary to ensure the structural functionality and safety in your house. Most of the time, the exteriors of the house are the first ones to experience degradation, due to harsh environmental conditions, like the weather.

With this in mind, the walls and the roof are usually the first ones to say bye bye to their functionality, indicating that some form of protection, such as a wall cladding and roof shingles should be used to enhance the wall’s durability. With this in mind, knowing the different types of siding, including home siding options and cost, is necessary to ensure that you are maximizing your home’s durability.

Different Types Of Siding

vinyl sidingKnowing what you want to use to protect your walls from the environment is important. There are many different types of siding which are specifically used on certain materials. As a guide, these exterior wall claddings are:

Vinyl – the most versatile type of siding; has many styles to choose from, which vary in surface texture and color and can even mimic brick.

Wood  – usually obtained from a log; with four different profiles, such as clapboard, shakes or shingles, or engineered wood.

Cement – also known as masonry siding; one of the most durable siding material for rustic homes.

Stone – slate shingles have a decorative look when attached to a wall’s exterior.

Fiber Cement – A subtype of composite siding; durable, fiber resistant, and realistic to look at.

Metal – uses different types of metals in industrial building designs.

These are only some of the different types of siding that you can shop. Knowing home siding options and costs are next on your priority list to ensure that you are maximizing your repair and installation.

Home Siding Options And Costs

The different types of siding mentioned above can only add to your question on home siding options and costs. As I said earlier, the cost of each type varies, given that these materials may be costly, from the onset. You have two options for your installation, and these are:

Installing a house shingle on your own by getting ideas using DIY articles and reviews.

Hiring professional help for quality installation.siding repair and installation

If you compare the two options, your safest bet would be the second one. Hiring professional contractors can help minimize mistakes and in the long run, save money and resources. The price of such service may mean additional expenses, but as long as you hire a reputable contractor like us, your house will be in good hands.

Mixing Horizontal And Vertical Siding

Once you have chosen a contractor, mixing horizontal and vertical siding is a popular idea which people explore through photos to try and modernize the look of their house. Mixing horizontal and vertical siding may be tedious, and it requires precision and technique, which is why getting professional services to do this installation procedure is necessary.