UPVC Fascias And Soffits: The Reason You Should Have Them On Your Roof

Posted by roofcoadmin September 11, 2017

Nothing is more important for your house than having a sturdy roof. Your roof not only protects you from falling debris, rain, and the harshness of the afternoon summer sun, but it also is very important in keeping the indoor temperature in your home regulated, making sure that your house keeps the hot or cold air in and the outside air out, lessening the amount your heater or air conditioner has to work.

Fascias And Soffits

Without a good, airtight roof, your house will not only be drafty and cold, but your electric and gas bills will be astronomical in order to combat the intruding air.

In order to keep your roof in perfect working order keeping air in and exterior air out, you need to make sure you know the parts of your roof and how best to keep them in good repair. Every single part of your roof has a purpose, and while it may seem like trivial knowledge, being informed about what goes into keeping your roof good and sturdy over your head can be very important to not only be able to know what needs repaired when it does break or leak, but also so you don’t get ripped off if someone tries to cheat you by talking about parts that don’t exist.

UPVC Fascias And Soffits

One of the most important part of your roof besides the shingles and roof itself is the fascia. The fascia is the straight edge of the roof that helps keep air in and not leak out, protect your attic from drafts, and it also keeps the gutter up and secured, allowing for proper drainage of your roof. Without a fascia your roof and attic would be exposed to drafts and winds, making it insanely hard to keep a regular temperature in your house.

The Reason You Should Have Them On Your Roof

The sofft is another very crucial part of your roof. The soffit is usually connected to the fascia, making the slight underside of the overhang of your roof. Unless your roof matches up perfectly with the side of your house, you will have a soffit. The soffit makes sure that pests and air do not get into your attic and home, protecting you and your home from those inconveniences.

UPVC is a type of PVC that is stronger and more resilient, making it a very popular choice for lining your soffit and fascia to make it more durable and sturdy against any type of weather or air pattern, making it a very useful type of PVC to use on your roof.

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