The Perfect Way of Installing Roof Shingles

Posted by roofcoadmin January 9, 2018

Wood shake shingles especially, Weatherwood shingles are perfect for those who want to save the environment and want their house to look classic. Roof shingles are now popular in countries like the US and Canada because of its durability and cost-efficient elements.

Homeowners in Winnipeg are eager to invest in roof shingles because they believe in its capacity – a strong roof that shows concerns for the environment. Nowadays, climate change is affecting all of us. Bomb storm, strong winds, thick snows, mudslides and -50+ temperature all of these are just the effect of sudden change of our climate.

Roof shingles are now popular

Wood shake shingles are environment-friendly. The production is carefully executed. Companies of wood shake shingles only allow the production if the trees are well selected. It should come from hardwood trees. And, if cut it should be replaced. They also use recycled wood shakes to avoid constant cutting of trees.

Now, that you know that wood shingles are eco-friendly, let’s talk about installing it.

Can an ordinary homeowner install their own wood shingles? Anyone can install wood shingles, even you, if you know the proper way of installing the pieces. If you’re the homeowner, but you don’t have any experience in roofing, you can call a professional.

If you don’t want to hire professional roofers, you can watch do it yourself roofing videos. There are hundreds of instructional videos on the internet today. They’re very helpful and educational.

Do it yourself roofing. The basic installation of roof shingles may look easy but the proper way of installing needs planning and accuracy. Below is the basic process of roofing. You can call your professional roofer for guidance and supervision if you want a secure and strong roofing system.

Prepare your working area. Your working area should be organized and clean. You are working on the roof, therefore, the danger is always near your working place.

Get all old and rotten shingles out of your roof. They have served their purpose, so it’s time to change them. It is better to take out all torn shingles than fixing it all over again once a leak from the roof disturbs you.

Install the right roof deck. This will build the foundation of your roofing system. Invest in this one.

Carefully install the starter strip. Starter strips have an essential role in protecting the whole roofing system. Strong winds are sometimes the cause of flown shingles. And, the reason is negligence in securing the edges of the roof.

Your nail should hold the roof shingle. Proper nailing is also important when securing roof shingles. The easiest part of nailing is a provided guide on the shingles. All you have to do is follow that line and nail it.  Another important thing to remember is to use the right type of nails, know the location, angles, length and the force of nailing.

 protecting the whole roofing system

Start roofing from the bottom. Roof shingles should be installed at the bottom first and then upwards. But before that, it is important to know the proper placement of each piece of shingles.

Roofing for non-professionals like you would take you a lot of time assembling those shingles. Considering that you are experienced roofer, you have no assistant and you know little about installation.

Always keep in mind that a professional contractor with a couple of assistants will finish the job for you in no time. Just visit us at 27 Surfside Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R3X 1P2, Roofco.