Posted by roofcoadmin March 15, 2017

Why It’s Important To Have A Professional Roofer Inspect Your Roof Regularly

A lot of homeowners don’t think it makes economical sense to have maintenance performed on their roofing system on a regular basis. Many roofers will tell you that it makes perfect sense, and will often compare it to something like performing regular maintenance on your car. You probably have your car inspected or maintained once or twice a year, including having your oil changed. After all, it’s a lot easier to fix a small problem now, than to replace the entire system later. There are a lot of great reasons to have a professional look at your roof, including the following.

1. Service Call Bills Add Up

Emergency calls are what keep professional roofers busy. And because emergency calls are billed on a time and material basis (which starts when they leave the office and ends when they return, including any driving time, setup, and inspection), you could end up spending more on the ‘emergency’ part of the visit than on the actual roof repair. Many local repair companies offer a discounted rate for their maintenance services in the off season. But because most homeowners don’t take advantage of these discounts to have their roof, HVAC system, or appliances checked, they end up calling at the first sign of trouble. And these emergency calls often include overtime billing for weekends and holidays; all money that could be going into your roofing system or back in your pocket.

2. Reduce Hidden Damages

Regular inspections are an easy way to locate problems that may be causing unseen damage to your home. For instance, water leaks don’t always reveal themselves from the inside of the building. In some cases, customers have found corroded roof decks and other structural damage without a visible roof leak. A number of homes contain mold from an unseen leak. Some of these leaks can occur when rain collects in pockets beneath your shingles. Water that enters your roofing system can damage decking, wood blocking, structural steel, and a number of other items. All of this can be caught early on and even prevented with regular inspections and maintenance.

3. Going Green

By keeping your insulation protected for the life of your roof, you can reuse it under your new roof. Not only do you save money on new insulation, but you’re also saving tons of wet insulation from ending up in a landfill. You’ll also avoid paying labor for removal of the old insulation, and dumpster and transport costs. So you get to be eco-friendly while saving money, which is a fairly rare combination.

4. Save Time When Re-Roofing

If you’ve ever had an extensive repair or renovation done on your home, you know that you can get tired of your construction team pretty quick. You want them to do a great job, but you also want them in and out. You’re probably going to be thinking less about what the finished project is going to look like and the hassle it’s going to save you, and more about what a pain in the neck your project currently is. If you maintain your existing roofing system, you can keep the insulation, decking, and wood carpentry in place when your new roof is installed. Needless to say, this means that your contractors will be able to complete your new roof a lot faster.

5. Peace of Mind

You may not like going to the doctor or the dentist for your regular checkup, but you’re probably pretty happy to leave with a clean bill of health. And if you do leave one time with a cold or a cavity, you might feel better knowing that you did everything you could to prevent the issue. And catching it early means less time, money, and headache on your part. It’s the same with your roofing system. It can give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve done everything you can to avoid a major leak. Sure, you might still get a leak at the worst possible time, but you’ll feel a lot better knowing that that you’ve done your part to prepare.

Dealing with a roofing issue on your home can be frustrating. But by investing in preventative maintenance and regular roof checks by a professional Winnipeg roofing contractor, you can catch many potential roofing issues early. Regular maintenance is an eco-friendly, time saving, and money saving investment. Don’t hesitate to call your roofing contractor at the first sign of a problem in order to get a quick professional fix that can save you from needing to replace your entire roofing system.