Why You Should Always Hire a Roofing Contractor

Posted by roofcoadmin January 9, 2019

We live in the age of DIY. There are a ton of resources online, step by step tutorials, and video walkthroughs. You may have installed or repaired a few things around the house before and enjoyed the experience or learned useful skills that you want to put to use. But when it comes to your roof, you might want to seriously consider leaving this one to a qualified roofing contractors.

You might think you’re saving a lot of money by repairing or even installing your own roof. Even more-so than most home projects, roofing can be a massive investment. Even if you find a bargain on materials, you’re likely not getting the best deal possible. Many manufacturers will skip the middleman and instead offer extremely low prices to contractors directly, as they will buy in bulk and are a safe bet to properly use the materials, avoiding warranty claims. So no matter what sale you may find, you’re likely paying a premium on supplies because you’re not certified to do the job.

Almost all roofing material manufacturers only provide warranties if installing is done by a professional roofing contract. The reasoning is solid, if the installation misuses the materials, or damages them, the costs going forward will only multiply for you and them. Not only will your materials likely not get covered by warranty should an issue arrive, but the labor itself isn’t guaranteed at all when you DIY roofing jobs. Warranties can provide you with huge peace of mind, especially if you live in an area with harsh climate. They can also save you a ton of money down the road.

When you do a repair on your roof, you may think that it’s a superficial patch job, and you may be right. However, most visible damage that occurs has an underlying cause, or has done even more damage under the surface. If you’re just replacing a few shingles and think that’s that, you might be missing a root problem that will spread or ruin the repair work you’ve done. A professional can inspect and diagnose any underlying issues that come with visible damage, to assess whether deeper repairs are required. This can also save you time and money down the road, not to mention a lot of frustration. Not only will the job be more reliably done, the pros will likely make it look better than you would anyways. Aesthetics may not be your main concern, but a patch of crooked and discoloured shingles can really stand out.

Finally, because of the height and weight of materials involved in roofing, it can be very dangerous if you’re not properly trained. You should never attempt the job alone, and be sure you have the proper safety equipment to protect yourself. This equipment could be an unnecessary cost, and you may never even use it again. Save yourself the hassle, expenses, and potential serious injuries by letting a professional oversee the project for you. You’ll thank yourself later!