Winnipeg Roofing Company Roofco Receives Positive Testimonial From Delighted Customer

Posted by roofcoadmin April 16, 2019

Winnipeg Canada – Roofco, a locally owned and operated roofing company based in Winnipeg Canada, is today delighted to announce that they recently received a positive testimonial from a customer delighted with the work they had completed. Charles and Bebi wrote “Attention Roofco, our names are Charles and Bebi James of Brigatine Bay in Winnipeg….


The Roof and the Temperatures in Your Home: Where’s the Link?

Posted by Roofco May 28, 2019

According to Global news reports, in the summer months of 2018, Manitoba experienced record-breaking temperatures of as high as 102.38°F. Now that is what we call really hot!  With temperatures predicted to reach well over 86.0 °F in the coming summer seasons, it’s important to understand how the roof affects a home’s indoor temperatures. While…