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Roof facts

When Choosing Your Roof Color

Posted by roofcoadmin April 5, 2019

Need some help picking the right color for your roof? There’s a whole wide range of shingles colors out there, enough to get you confused. When choosing a roof color, you want one that reflects your personality, appeals to the eye and is functional in equal measure. Just like your interior décor can create a…


How Cold Roofs Prevent Ice dams

Posted by roofcoadmin April 9, 2019

The glistening icicles dangling from the eaves may be among the beauties of winter, but they also spell trouble. Icicles are a sign of ice damming; a condition that occurs when snow melts on a warm area of the roof then flows downslope until it refreezes on a colder area, usually near the eaves. Subsequently,…