Transcona Roofing Company & Exterior Renovations

Roofco is a Transcona roofing company & exterior renovations contractor (siding, soffit, fascia, eavestroughing, window capping & sheet metal installer). Around the city of Winnipeg, Transcona is sometimes referred to as the “park city.” This town is filled with a tremendous number of open areas, grassy fields, and parks. Its residents can enjoy their days bouncing from park to park to take advantage of the different recreational fields or simply to wander aimlessly through the miles of trails that commemorate the area.
Transcona is perhaps best recognized for its ties to the Grand Trunk Railway, making it the logical place to document all artifacts related to the early days of the railroad. While you’re spending an afternoon in their Kiwanis Park, you can stop to look at the steam locomotive on display year-round. Revel in the history that encompasses the area by taking a walk through downtown Transcona to look at the murals while stopping for a bite to eat.
Of course, spending time in nature isn’t everyone’s idea of a great weekend. You could also stop to visit the only historic building in town, the Transcona Historical Museum. Uncover more of the rich history of the town by spending a day looking at the artifacts and treasures from an earlier time.
Most people who live in Transcona are well aware of the town’s long history. It is a source of pride for them to remember where they came from and where they may go in the future. This connection to the past is a part of the reason why we believe that the residents of Transcona will also appreciate our approach to business.
Roofco knows how important it is to stay true to your roots and maintain the feel of a simpler time. We never allow our growing popularity to affect the level of customer service we provide to our clients. On any given day, customers can deal directly with our owners and CEOs to gain their advice, opinions, and expertise on an issue. How many other companies can say that their owners interact with the customers on a daily basis?
Our owners can offer their know-how on any of the services that Roofco, one of the top rated Winnipeg roofers,  is proud to offer. We can help you install a brand-new roof or repair a pre-existing one. Your roof can dramatically alter the outward appearance of your home and boost your overall curb appeal. This could be an excellent way to increase the market value of your home right before you decide to sell.
Alternatively, we can also help you to deal with a disaster and file a claim with your insurance company. Our estimators are all certified insurance inspectors to help the process move along smoothly for you. This is just another way that Roofco is constantly thinking about what our company can do to better the lives of our clients.
In addition to installation and repairs, one of our other primary areas is seasonal services through the long Transcona winters. Have you ever considered how hard your roof works during the winter months? It withstands the weight of all the snowfall and ice dams that accumulate over the course of the winter. You can minimize the damage this causes to your roof both immediately and long-term with our snow and ice dam removal or roof steaming services.
With an annual or seasonal maintenance plan, Roofco prepares to take care of your home quickly and safely whenever the need arises. This way, our clients can focus on sledding and spending time with their families instead of fretting over the weight on their roofs.
Roofco also offers a number of services to improve the exterior of your home. A layer of new siding or a set of fresh shutters can make a significant difference in the outward appeal of your home. Work with us to transform your Transcona home into an abode that you can be proud of when you arrive home from work in the evening.
Our experienced staff can also help you to install necessary features to support the roof’s function. Eavestroughing can help to direct rain flow from the roof down and away from the foundation of the home. We also check and repair your soffits and fascia, which are responsible for the proper ventilation around your roof.
No matter which services you are in desperate need of, you can rest assured that Roofco is ready and willing to complete your project with finesse. All of our staff members are highly trained and skilled at their jobs, which is why we are never willing to take the risk on a subcontractor. Why would we hire an unknown person to work on your home when we have such an excellent crew of staff members already?
We are happy to provide a list of references and addresses for completed projects so homeowners can see our handiwork firsthand. You won’t have to take our word for it when you can see the quality of the work with your very own eyes.
Allow Roofco to take care of your home in the coming seasons. We are committed to serving the Transcona area with excellence for home roofing and exterior renovations. Contact us today to set up your free in-home consultation to discuss what Roofco can do for you.