West St. Paul Roofing Company & Exterior Renovations

Roofco is a West St. Paul roofing company & exterior renovations contractor (siding, soffit, fascia, eavestroughing, window capping & sheet metal installer). West Saint Paul is a relatively small town with a laidback way of life and a focus on agricultural pursuits. They provide for the most basic needs of their citizens, but the focus tends to be on the natural things that this area can offer families. After all, the area is home to tons of scenic parks, playgrounds, and community centers that continue to foster new growth in this tight-knit community.
One of the premier attractions in West Saint Paul is the Rivercrest Municipal Park. This venue is the source of fun for children and adults all over town, boasting a playground and tennis court. Of course, the Sunova Centre is also a can’t-miss part of this rural municipality. This major 17,000 square foot facility is home to an incredible gymnasium, several skating rinks, baseball diamonds, and soccer fields.
If you want to enjoy the best that West Saint Paul has to offer, consider taking a long walk through their ten-kilometers of trails. The West Saint Paul Trail Committee continues to work on expanding the available options for residents who are desperate to connect with nature.
The most outstanding thing about the West Saint Paul community is their commitment to enjoying the beauty of everyday things. They don’t need fancy centers, major theme parks, or other boisterous attractions to enjoy the daily rhythms of the city. Instead, they can focus on the quality of the things that do surround them.
Perhaps this is why Roofco is so invested in the rural municipality of West Saint Paul. We, too, believe that there is value in simplicity and strive to perform high-quality work on each and every project we undertake.
We take extensive measures to make sure that our company provides a high-quality service that is of value to each of our clients. Our staff is comprised of the most highly-trained experts and skilled laborers in the area. We would never entrust the work on your home to a subcontractor because it’s impossible to hold them to the same standards we set for the rest of our staff.
This is one of the key aspects that sets Roofco’s service apart from that of our competitors.
On each and every project, we are willing to provide a five-year workmanship warranty to our clients. This gives you peace of mind by demonstrating that we are willing to stand behind the work we complete in the years ahead. This warranty is one of the longest in the industry, but Roofco believes it’s worth offering.
When it comes to the specific services we provide, most customers know that we tend to their roofs. Installing new ones and making repairs to your preexisting roof are both standard procedures for us. Our estimators can also guide you through the insurance claims process because they are all certified insurance inspectors as well. This allows us to provide a well-rounded service that makes each of our clients’ lives a little easier.
Wintertime comes each year to West Saint Paul, and it brings lots of snowfall and freezing temperatures with it. Be sure that you’re taking care of your home in this season by signing up for a seasonal maintenance plan. Roofco can help clear away snow and ice dams from your roof in a timely and safe manner that minimizes the risk of damage to your house. We also offer roof steaming in the colder months.
In addition to roofing, we improve the overall quality of your West Saint Paul home’s exterior. Boosting the curb appeal of your home is important to many people. We can help by installing some new siding or new shutters. However, we provide a lot more than aesthetic appeal.
We can also help to improve the overall functioning of your home by weatherproofing it. We can install cost-efficient colored aluminum window capping to protect your windows and doors and increase your home’s energy efficiency. With simple improvements like this, we will actually be able to help you lower your monthly heating and cooling costs.
Roofco, roofing contractors, adds additional elements that improve the health of your roof. We can repair and maintain your soffits and fascia, which are responsible for providing necessary ventilation. Eavestroughing is also an important feature to help redirect rain flow from the roof away from the foundation of your home.
You won’t have to take our word that we complete quality work though. All you have to do is ask for a list of references, and we’ll hand the phone numbers right over. You can drive all over West Saint Paul and the surrounding area to see projects that we’ve completed with your own eyes.
No matter what services you’re in need of, we can help to take care of your West St. Paul roof and/or exterior renovation projects. Our home renovation company is highly trained and ready to tackle any project you can think of. Contact us today to set up your free in-home consultation to see what Roofco can do for you.