5 Common Spring Roofing Problems

Posted by roofcoadmin June 20, 2018

Spring is still with us. The rain still pours and that could spell trouble for your roof. Below are 5 roofing problems you might experience.

Broken or loose eaves trough

Cause: Fall leaves which were left unnoticed might pile up inside the eaves, and slow deterioration might lead to overflow and clogging.

Solution: Clear eaves trough of debris. Look at the brackets and screws to make sure that they’re properly fastened.

Animal Lodging

Cause: Corroded facia boards, loose siding or flashings, and dormant chimneys all are enticing places in which birds, chipmunks, and squirrels like to nest.

Solution: Can you hear unusual noise in the ceiling? Can you see an abnormal quantity of wildlife congregating? If you can hear recurrent noises on the roof, odds are high that there are unwanted pests living in the roof. If you’re sure there’s an animal nesting inside your roof, there are some available humane wildlife control and removal services.

Chimney Deterioration

Cause: Older houses have to have the chimney inspected. One common wintertime issue is that snow and ice rests on the top of the chimney. If your chimney is old, it’s likely to have a few cracks in its crown. As the snow melts within the daytime, the water will run into these cracks. Temperature dips in the evening may cause expansion and will push the bricks and mortar apart. If it keeps on happening, it may cause the roof to leak and/or cause the chimney to fall off your property.

Solution: Regularly have the chimney inspected. If signs of deterioration exist, it is strongly recommended to hire a chimney or roofing specialist who’s qualified in this process.

Active Leaks

Cause: Something that you are going to want to be on the lookout for is if there is water damage or leaks inside your building. Within the wintertime, snow and ice often stay put and might not melt or be an issue. As spring arrives, all the ice and snow start melting, and it may cause a leak in the roof system of your building.

Solution: If you see that the walls or ceiling have stains, it’s an indication that the roof system potentially has to be fixed as soon as it can be.

Membrane Separation

Cause: One sign to be on the lookout for as it’ll come to flat rubber roof systems on commercial structures is if you see that the roof membrane is gradually peeling away or tearing. It may cause severe problems underneath because there now isn’t anything protecting the below building.

Solution: It’s why a professional roof inspection is your best bet to check if there’s any damage done to your roof which might warrant instant repairs, or additional non-critical problems with the membrane of your roof.

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