Tools to Help Make Cleaning Eavestroughs Easier!

Do you have eavestroughs that are in serious need of cleaning? When it comes to your gutters, you need to keep up with keeping them clean. If you have a gutter that is becoming too full of debris, then you raise the risk of damaging your house from runoff and overflowing gutters.

Not everyone can afford to have serious repairs done for a simple mistake like that. You might not be able to afford to have services come out and clean them for you. Let us talk about what you can do when it comes to cleaning eavestroughs yourself.

Eavestrough Tools

Eavestrough Tools

There are different types of cleaning tools that you can use to quickly and easily clean your gutters. Nowadays there are so many different interesting tools to help make our lives easier, even for the most menial of tasks.

For more difficult tasks, such as cleaning eavestroughs, there are now some of the coolest and most innovative tools to help you get the job done more efficiently and in half the time. Power washers have become a very popular tool to use but they don’t work as well if the eavestrough is already jam-packed.

Professional cleaners will even use more simple tools such as scoopers to simply collect the majority of debris and then wash the rest down the downspout. However, another very interesting tool that we see a lot of homeowners using nowadays are the telescopic wands.

They are meant to help clean your gutter without the use of a ladder. This seems like a simple enough design but let us take a further look at these eavestrough tools to see which are going to be best for you.

Telescopic Gutter Cleaning Tools for Cleaning Eavestroughs

The term telescopic gutter cleaning tools sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? When it comes to general maintenance and cleaning your rain gutters, this tool can come in very handy. You simply adjust the handle so that the extending pole reaches the height that you desire.

Then you use the hooked end to grab whatever debris is blocking the eavestrough from doing its job. And presto, the clog is gone and your gutters are clean. Simple enough, right? The only downside is that you aren’t able to see what it is that you are doing in the gutter while you are standing on the ground.

There very well could be large chunks of debris that you are missing and simply are unaware of. Even though you aren’t using a ladder, which is safer for you, you still aren’t cleaning eavestroughs to the best of your ability this way.

Pressure Washers

One of the most popular tools for cleaning eavestroughs thoroughly would have to be the good old pressure washer. Even a lot of professional service and repair companies today use this method the carefully clean gutters and downspouts.

If you have gutters with a gutter guard on them, this tool can still efficiently clean out smaller debris and keep those eavestroughs sparkling. The tool is simple enough to understand. A small stream of pressurized water is used to clean away any unwanted dirt and debris.

Telescopic Gutter Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Eavestroughs

Cleaning eavestroughs doesn’t have to necessarily be a difficult task anymore. If you are not wanting to clean out your gutters yourself then contact RoofCo Online for more information about expert services.

Top 5 Ways of Ice Dam Removal in Winnipeg

 how to fix ice dammingContrary to Jim Brickman, winter snow is not always a fairy tale come true. During winter, ice dams may form that could bring damage to your roof. Ice dams prevent water from draining that leads to leaks into your house.

Ice dam problems are prevalent not only in other areas but also in Winnipeg. Ice Dam Removal in Winnipeg is such a critical job to accomplish. Clearing and removal is a tedious work to do.

In some ways or another, you can prevent ice dams from forming. There are some causes of dam formations. Poor insulation and ventilation and flat-pitched roofs are two of the culprits.

If ice dams are already formed, there are ways that you can remove them.

Chip and Hammer Your Ice Dam Away

Chipping your ice dams away is very useful but with precaution. Doing this can damage your roofing unintentionally. Thus, choose the right chipping and hammering tool.
Ice picks are used commonly than machetes. Rubber mallets would be a better choice than a claw hammer. These tools can lessen the possible damage to your roof.

Though this might use some of your energy, it would help.

Use Ice Melting Heat Cables Ice Dam Removal Winnipeg

Ice melting heat cables can also be used to get rid of ice dams. Cables are laid on top of ice dams until they soften. Heat cables are not supposedly put directly on ice; however, some folks are doing it efficiently.

Use this always with precaution for you and your family’s safety.

Spray the Ice Dams with Warm Water

Spraying ice dams with hot water produce quick results.

You may get hot water and spill it in your spraying device. Spay the water directly along the ice. The water will not stay warm on ice forever so be sure to drain it after.

Give an Ice Dam the Time to Melt

Even ice dams would need some time too. Waiting would not hurt you especially if the ice dams are not causing damages. Wait for it to melt down and don’t panic.

One terrific advantage of this is it won’t cost you effort and money.

Get for Help Form Professional

If none of the above solutions won’t address the problem, get help from a professional. Dambreakers offering ice dam removal in Winnipeg usually use a steamer.

The steam from the equipment is directly spayed in your rooftop. The apparatus produces a lot of steam and less water to prevent shingles from damage. Roof repairs are avoided.

Before hiring a professional ice dambreaker, make sure to review their company. Make them handle your roof with care. It’s always better to secure your roof now than to be sorry later.

winnipeg roofing issues

You’re Not Alone

Companies specializing in ice dam removal in Winnipeg is just within your reach. Roofco and its people can help with your ice dam problems. It is a company expert in residential and commercial roofing in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.
Roofco offers quick and great services that are environmentally friendly. They have rooftop steam service for your ice dams.

Call Roofco today!

Advantages of a Flat Roof

There are different types of roofing systems and each one can be just lovely. You can go for a traditional one which has the slope or you can go for a flat roof. Each type of roofing has pros and cons and it’s up to you to choose the one you think is best for your home.

For this article, you will know more about the advantages of a flat roof and how it can turn your home into something more than it is. You’ll learn just how exquisite a flat roof can be and how you can use the added space into anything you want it to be.

The Beauty of a Home with a Flat Roof -

The Beauty of a Home with a Flat Roof

A house with a flat roof may look very simple. But it’s simplicity actually adds to its elegance. With the many things you can do to the accessible space on top, you can turn your roof into a beautiful garden or just about anything. Your house will stand out if you have attractive decorations on your flat roof.

Even with just a plain flat roof, you already get to do more things because of its accessibility. You can star gaze on it or take a breather there. You can find a lot of ideas on what to do with a flat roof on the internet. The beauty of a home with a flat roof is just lovely.

The Many Advantages of a Flat Roof

With just visualizing a home with a flat roof, you can already have so many ideas on what to do with it. You can turn it into a recreational area or have solar panels planted on it. The possibilities are endless and you will love what you can create with the usable space.

Flat roofs are also more affordable than other roofing styles. The many advantages of a flat roof will have you hooked to it. Just imagine having a garden at your roof. Wouldn’t that be lovely and refreshing? Flat roofs are also easier to maintain and repair because of the ease of accessing it.

The Many Advantages of a Flat Roof

The Best Contractor for All Your Roofing Needs

Roofco is the best contractor for all your roofing needs. We offer services such as roofing installation, exterior services, rooftop snow and ice dam removal and installation of solar panels as well. Our team is well-experienced and well-trained in doing roofing services and they also work very diligently.

We are passionate about giving quality services and customer satisfaction. We have been doing our business for years and made all our clients happy. You can request a free quote today and contact us if you have further questions. Have Roofco work on your roof for the best quality finish.

The many advantages of a flat roof might have you want to install a flat roof on your home. Regardless of the type of roofing system, Roofco can help you out with roof installation, maintenance and repair.

Have the roof you always wanted to achieve your dream house. Call us today and let us know how we may be able to help you out.

The Many Flat Roof Advantages

Do Flat Roof Advantages Outweigh its Disadvantages?There are different types of roofs. Roofs come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. This gives buildings both residential or commercial their own uniqueness. They can be triangular or flat. Flat roofs are quite simple but they possess their own charm.

Each type of roof has their own pros and cons. However, you will love flat roof advantages. Having a flat roof can transform your home into that of the one in your dreams. Learn more about flat roofs in this article and the many benefits of having it.

Flat Roof Advantages That You Should Know

Flat Roof Advantages That You Should Know

There are so many flat roof advantages that you should know. With a flat roof, you get to have a more accessible space. This makes repair and maintenance very easy. Flat roofs are also more affordable than those of other roofing systems.

Of course, you also get a usable space which you can turn into pretty much anything. You can turn it into a garden, any space for other recreation, you can use it to place solar panels and so much more. The possibility is endless with a flat roof. You also get to maximize every bit of space of your home.

Do Flat Roof Advantages Outweigh its Disadvantages?

First, let’s look at the cons of having a flat roof. The biggest downfall of having a flat roof is the drainage. Because of having no slopes, puddles can remain on the roof and can cause damage. Also, there is not much of roofing material options with a flat roof.

A flat roof may also look less attractive than traditional roofing for some. But, that’s about it. Do flat roof advantages outweigh its disadvantages?

It depends on what you want or what you need. If you think that flat roof is the ideal roofing system for your home, then the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Just by having another usable space which is the roof, you already get so much.

Do Flat Roof Advantages Outweigh its Disadvantages?

Should You Consider a Flat Roof for Your Home?

Depending on your unique situation and need, you can have a flat roof for your home. It enables you to have a huge usable space which is perfect for so many things. You can be able to put on solar panels, have a garden or turn it into anything you want. Should you consider a flat roof for your home?

If your house can be a candidate for having a flat roof and you want to enjoy the benefits of having one, by all means, have a flat roof.

The amazing flat roof advantages might have you changing your roofing system. It looks simple but is elegant, easily accessible and lets you have a usable space that you can transform into anything. For all your roofing needs, Roofco is the best contractor to choose.

We have already been years in the business and know what it takes to deliver customer satisfaction. You can request a free estimate. Call us today and learn how we may help you.

Different Types of Winnipeg Roofing Materials

There are different types of roofing systems and each one requires different Winnipeg roofing materials for them to be constructed. Be it for a residential or commercial building, it is important that you know the ideal roof for your needs.

It is also important that the company you hire for the roof installment is competent and well-experienced with doing their business.

There are so many roofing contractors and it’s vital that you know how to find the best one. Only have a trusted contractor work for you so quality work is ensured. Learn all about those as you read this article.

The Different Types of Winnipeg Roofing Materials

The Different Types of Winnipeg Roofing Materials

Asphalt shingles are very common in Winnipeg. This is because the material is widely available and many styles are also available for this type of roofing. They can be combined with fiber mat or fiberglass then finished with minerals to make a composite roofing.

Composite roofing can last 10-20 years longer than traditional asphalt composition shingles. Metal roofing is the choice for individuals that prefer low maintenance roofing. It’s known to last for a very long time lasting up to three times longer than other roofing systems.

Homeowners now can also choose the innovative solar roofing that allows their home to generate electricity from solar energy. Know your best choice from the different types of Winnipeg roofing materials that you’ve just learned.

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor for the Job

You now know the different products and supplies that can be used for roofing. But as mentioned earlier, you also have to make sure that the contractor you choose for the job is competent. In choosing the right roofing contractor for the job, make sure you get to read their reviews.

Know how they go about their business and learn if their clients were happy with their work. See if they offer warranties and have all the necessary equipment needed to do the job well. Know their workmanship and see if the company has well-trained and well-experienced workers.

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor for the Job

Choose Roofco for All Your Roofing Needs

Regardless of the Winnipeg roofing materials that you would want to be used, we can do the installation of the roof excellently. We have already been years in the business and our workers are all well-trained, well-experienced and are all professionals.

We guarantee customer satisfaction and provide our services for both residential and commercial buildings. Be it flat, pitched shingle, metal roofing or others, we can do it for you.

We are experts when it comes to roof repairs and installation. Our projects made a lot of homes more beautiful and we are simply your best local contractor when it comes to roofing. Choose Roofco for all your roofing needs.

Have you already decided what Winnipeg roofing materials you would want to be used for your home? Let Roofco help you out with the project and in bringing your dream house into reality.

Whether you’re doing renovations or would simply want a new roof, we are your best choose in handling the project. We can work on any Winnipeg roofing materials. Call us today and let us know how we may be able to help you out.

2 Great Types of Roofing

The roof is a vital part of the house. It protects it from the environment and covers the residential or commercial building. Having a sturdy and good roof is important for your home not to have leaks and other roofing issues.

There are different types of roofing. Regardless, what’s important is the proper installation of the materials used. Maintenance and repair are also important to ensure your roof remains strong and effective in protecting your home.

More than protection,  roofs also give character to a home. Know the different types of roofing such as composite shingles and metal roofing for you to better choose the best option for your home.

The Importance of Having a Good Roofing System

The Importance of Having a Good Roofing System

You will soon learn that the roof isn’t just one whole part of covering. It has different parts such as the flashing and even has layers of protection underneath. This is to ensure that there will be no water that may sip into the home and cause material damage.

The importance of having a good roofing system doesn’t only allow your home to be well-protected. It also allows the roof to last a lot of years before needing repairs or replacement.

There are many options and the common type of style used is the shingle. Find a company that can offer you roofing services while also providing you with quality materials to be used for the work.

The Different Types of Roofing for Your Home

The different types of roofing for your home can tell so much about you. Two good examples are composite shingles and metal roofing. The two different styles are systems that work magnificently to both protect your home and beautify it.

In choosing the right type of material or roofing for your home, know the pros and cons of each. Composite shingles can last up to 10-20 years.

They are made of asphalt shingles and are combined with either fiber mat or fiberglass. The material is then covered with minerals. Metal roofing lasts up to three times longer than other types of roofing systems. It requires low maintenance and looks exquisite.

Find a Reputable Contractor to Work on Your Roofing

Now that you know how important and amazing the roof of a house is, don’t just count on any contractors to do any roofing services for you. Find a reputable contractor to work on your roofing. Roofco has been years in the business and guarantees satisfaction.

Investing in a good roof is a big decision and it’s important that you know you’re in good hands. We have a very professional team that works efficiently and diligently on the job. You can check our list of services and also read our clients’ testimonials on our website.

You now know 2 great types of roofing. See if one of the two is great for your home. Call us today and see how we may be able to help you out with your roof. Whether it be maintenance, repair, replacement or installation, you can count on Roofco to give you the best roofing services.

Types Of Home Siding That You Can Choose

Are you looking for different types of home siding materials for your new home or building?

The siding of our house protects from the different weather conditions. Moreover, they are also on the front line to the overall look of our home.

different types of home siding materials

Different Types Of Home Siding Materials

There are many popular house siding material options that you can choose. Aside from their features, you must also select them according to the design of your house.

If you have a modern house design, here is a guide to the different types of exterior sidings to choose from:

Popular Exterior House Siding Material Options

  1. Vinyl: For new homes, vinyl siding is by far among the most popular exterior house siding material options. About 30% of new homes that are built in the U.S. today have vinyl exterior siding. It is cheap and easy to clean and maintain. There are a variety of choices when it comes to colors and textures. You can choose insulated vinyl for efficient energy consumption. They are also durable, with warranties ranging from 30-40 years. You have to make sure they are correctly installed, or the water may seep underneath the siding which can cause early damage. The paint is also prone to fading after some years, but you can always repaint it.


  1. Metal: If you have a contemporary type of home or building, then you might want to consider having a metal exterior siding. Made from aluminum or steel, they provide a unique aesthetic to your structure. It is also commonly used by houses near the coastal area. This is because the metal siding is resilient to hail and protection from the salty air. It is eco-friendly and requires little maintenance. It is resistant to fire, and, unlike the vinyl types, you don’t need to repaint them as the color doesn’t fade.


  1. Wood: If you want to have a more natural look to your home’s exterior, then the wood types can be your exterior siding of choice. The natural color and the changing tones of the wood provides a cozy and comfortable ambiance. You can choose different varieties, with cedar, pine, spruce, and redwood being among the most popular choices. One of the benefits includes being able to replace damaged or worn out sections when repairs are warranted, as well as providing excellent insulation for better energy efficiency. It is better to leave the natural, timeless colors of the wood, but should you want to paint it with other colors, you are free to do so. Some of the negatives, however, include wood is not fire resistant. Maintenance can also cost a fortune as it can be prone to damage from water and insects especially when not appropriately coated.

popular exterior house siding material options

Buying The Types Of Exterior Siding

Choosing the siding you want requires you to compare the pros and cons of each according to the features and aesthetics. Choose from the different types of home siding materials for new homes today and protect your interior from the sometimes challenging weather conditions.

Easy To Use Gutter Cleaning Tools

Do You Have the Different Gutter Cleaning Tools to Use for Cleaning Your Gutters at Home?

A gutter is essential as it will carry off the water from the rain from our roofs so it will drain properly. This prevents the heavy volume of rainwater from falling directly to the ground which may damage it.

However, gutters may not be able to adequately do its job when debris of dry leaves and twigs accumulate in it. With this, you’ll be needing a toolkit to clean your gutters.

different gutter cleaning tools to use

A Toolkit To Clean Your Gutters

Traditional ways of removing the dirt from the gutters require you to climb on the roof to remove the dirt. This can be dangerous as ladders and working on roofs can be dangerous, even for professionals.

Fortunately, you can now shop for gutter cleaner systems and tools that won’t require climbing for safe cleaning.

Below are some gutter cleaning tools and products which you can use for removing dirt and performing essential routine maintenance:


Different Gutter Cleaning Tools To Use

  1.  Cleaning applicator: Over time, the dirt and grime accumulate on the outside part of the gutters. The dirt can block the water from entering through the gutter. At the same time, it also makes the gutter heavy. Remove the dirt from the exterior part of your gutters with the cleaning applicator that has lambswool to perfectly clean that part.


  1. Vacuum accessories: You don’t need to climb a ladder to remove the dry leaves and twigs in your gutters. Cleaning them could be easy by merely vacuuming them. Attach these gutter vacuum accessories to a leaf blower. There is also a curved attachment which can reach the debris at the corners and sides of the gutter.


  1. Cleaning tongs: During rainy days, the debris can become wet, making them heavier and more difficult to vacuum. You need to have a toolkit to clean your gutters by picking up this heavy debris. With the cleaning tongs, you can control it to grasp and lift the debris. It can reach even up to a two-story roof, so you don’t need to climb to clean them.


  1. Gutter flusher and cleaner: Wash away the clogs by blasting them with a strong water stream. It has an extendable metal pole which can reach high elevations, allowing you to clean effortlessly. Directly attach the attachment to a garden hose, and use one of the settings to wash the debris away. It also has a detachable mirror for you to see the inside of the gutters.


  1. Rotary gutter cleaning system: This gutter cleaning system is a great system that effectively cleans your gutters. When you shop for gutter cleaner system and tools, the rotary cleaning system provides the powerful features of the flusher and a rotating brush for a clean gutter. It is lightweight, and the extension pole lets you clean the insides without using the ladder.

tool kit to clean your gutters

Shop For Gutter Cleaner System And Tools

Get a great deal with one of these different gutter cleaning tools today and safely clean and perform maintenance on your gutters.

Best Roof Shingles To Choose

Are You Looking for the Best Roof Shingles?

Shingle types of roofs can be quite tricky to install.

However, to homeowners who want a sturdy architectural structure for the home, shingles are the most preferred. They are made with layers of sheets or tiles which provides a stronger roofing system that is resistant to wind and rain and snow.

best roof shingles to choose today

Choosing Great Shingle Roofing Materials

When choosing excellent shingle roofing materials, you may get confused as to the many options that you may find. Don’t worry about that. This article will give you a guide to a list of the best and most popular roof shingle material options that you can buy today. Check them out below:


Best Roof Shingles To Choose Today

  1. Asphalt shingles: For many American homes, asphalt shingles are a popular choice of different types of shingle roofs. Used since the early 1900s in the United States, years of consistent and satisfactory use have proved them to be durable. They are made from felt or paper that is mixed with asphalt to create a waterproof membrane. They are also affordable. One drawback of this material is that they are not resistant to fire.
  2. Luxury asphalt shingle roofs: One of the best roof shingles to choose today is the luxury asphalt roof shingles. They are made of layers of fiberglass and then coated with asphalt and aggregate granules. This makes the material durable and tolerant of extreme weather. The warranty of these shingle options can be up to 50 years and has low maintenance needs, as they do not require a lot of repairs. You can be assured that your house will be efficiently protected for many years.
  3. Wood shingle roofing: The natural colors and beauty of the wood shingles offer an excellent aesthetics to many homeowners who enjoy the natural splendor that wood provides. Most homeowners prefer wood shingles in choosing excellent shingle roofing materials because of aesthetics. It is usually made from cedar which is resistant to rotting. It can also be used as an exterior wall siding. It requires low maintenance and may need a repair or replacement after about 40 years.
  4. Wood shake: Wood shakes are also commonly made from cedar because of its natural rot-resistant properties. You can choose from the different color of cedar woods with white and red being the most common. Proper installation with a protective layer between the shakes must be observed by contractors to keep its quality. They are more durable than wood shingles and can last for up to 50 years or more.

Some other choices of different types of shingle roofs are the clay tile shingles, concrete tiles, and the lighter, more environmentally-friendly metal shingle roofing systems.

choosing great shingle roofing materials

Choice Of Different Types Of Shingle Roofs

Make sure to get a reliable roofing system for your home. Choose from this list of the best roof shingles today. Make your home exterior not only an excellent protective layer for your interior but at the same time provide pleasing aesthetics to the entire structure with these shingles.

Metal Types Of Roofs To Choose From

Do You Know the Different Types of Metal Roofs and Roofing Systems for Commercial and Residential Structures?

As a roof is a protective covering for the interior of a building structure and the people inside it, we need to make sure that they are durable and are efficient in providing shelter for us.

One property of choosing a roofing material, aside from durability is its weight. Many prefer lightweight materials because they don’t need heavier framings for support during installation.

metal types of roofs and roofing systems

A Lightweight Type Of Roof Material

One favorite and excellent choice of roofing system — when homeowners are concerned about them being lightweight — are metal roofs.

Aside from being lightweight, another property common to metal roofs is they reflect sunlight, which makes your interior less warm.

If you choose to have metal roofing for your building structure, then this article is for you. Below is a guide to the different types of metal roofing, so you get to have an overview when buying them:


Popular Roofs Made From Metal Shingles

  1. Steel: Among the most popular roofs made from metal shingles are the steel types. They are sturdy but are quite heavier when compared to the other types such as the aluminum. One drawback of the steel roofs is that they are prone to rust and corrosion. However, today, there are zinc coated steel roofs available which are resistant to rust. An added epoxy primer is also painted, for a more durable steel roof.
  2. Aluminum: The aluminum types are a lightweight type of roof material. They are incredibly lightweight and are mostly used for residential roofing. Though they are not prone to rust unlike the steel roof, They are not as aesthetically pleasing. However, you can paint the panels with your preferred colors for a better look. Another drawback of the aluminum type is that they are so soft that they are more likely to be prone to dents which may cause leakages.
  3. Copper metal roofs: Copper roofs are a lightweight type of roof material which can last for over a hundred years. They are lightweight, durable, resistant from fire and strong winds, and are resistant to rust. Moreover, they are highly tolerant of dents and scratches, and its natural design and colors don’t need any finishing coats. They are the best choice of metal types of roofs and roofing systems. However, the exchange of getting the pros of this material is that you’ll have to buy them at a prohibitive cost.
  4. Stainless steel: Another expensive metal roof material is the stainless steel panel. They are more advanced than the regular steel roof. They are lightweight, resistant to rust, and are more durable than steel and aluminum.

lightweight type of roof materials

Metal Types Of Roofs And Roofing Systems

These roofing systems also come in a variety of styles and patterns that are great for homes and commercial structures. Get one of the popular roofs made from metal shingles and panels today and have a lightweight and durable protection for your building structure.