Why I Should Use Fiberglass Laminated Shingles

If you are somewhat familiar with houses, and to be more precise, roofing, then you must know about asphalt shingles and those kinds of stuff. So I will not waste your time explaining what a shingle is or what an asphalt is, but I will go straight to the bottom line and point you in a direction that you may not have thought of before–using fiberglass laminated shingles rather than regular shingles.

Fiberglass shingles are somewhat on an upward trend as one of the more popular roofing alternatives today. And as we’ll see in a bit, they have a lot of points going for them as opposed to using the traditional asphalt shingles. But first, some technical specs you might be interested to know.

using fiberglass laminated shingles

Getting Technical

If you must know, fiberglass simply is literally made from remarkably fine threads of glass. Too obvious? Try this–this synthetic pattern (glass fiber) may be a thermoset polymer form – usually based on the likes of polyester resin, epoxy, or a thermoplastic.

Fiberglass shingles are created from an interwoven foundational mesh of fiberglass, and then encased with a water-resistant layer of asphalt, and then covered with other compounds that protect the shingles from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Fiberglass shingles are generally produced in two different kinds: three-tab shingles and the architectural fiberglass shingles. More people prefer the architectural ones because it can be molded into anything that you want but still maintain that stability and all the other aspects of the fiberglass. To finish it off, asphalt sealant connects the separate panels, bolstering the shingles’ watertight characteristic.


Inexpensive–it usually costs less than $4 per square foot. This is the first thing we always look at when we’re trying to build something. Well, not only is fiberglass shingles cheap but it’s also high quality. See next point.

Durable–I don’t think we need to say anything more about this fiberglass characteristic. In addition to the toughness, it also does not hold liquid or moisture thereby reducing the risk of damage. Oh one last thing, fiberglass shingles have a greater fire grade than the regular asphalt shingles. That’s a big plus.

DIY–because fiberglass is so thin and therefore lightweight, you can actually learn to install these by yourself. Still, if you want it done expertly and without having to go back and redo some mistakes, you can let the professionals do it for a lesser fee than when they’re installing regular asphalt shingles.


There’s not a lot of disadvantage here really. I can only point out a couple of them. One would be that having fiberglass shingles would not perform as well in cold weather than when they are in warmer conditions. That being said, it is a negligible discrepancy and the difference in all the other points we just mentioned will more likely cancel out this issue.

The second “disadvantage” would presumably be environmental in nature. Due to the fiberglass endurance, these materials don’t necessarily just degrade and dissolve in a few years, they could go on for a thousand year easy. A solution to this is that they can easily be recycled and used for other purposes.

lightweight and practical roofing solution

Ask For Help

So, if you want a durable, lightweight and practical roofing solution, take a close look at fiberglass laminate shingles. But don’t take my word for it, research yourself and look at the several pros and cons of the different options and then determine the best one for you.

There should be a roofing company in your area that you can easily contact and ask for their help. Most companies offer a free assessment and even free quotation for the service you want them to do. Don’t delay, locate one now.

Top Advantages of Laminate Roofing for Homeowners

Are you considering a new roof for your house? There are different types of roofing materials such as laminate roofs on the market today.

Laminate roofing, at times referred to as asphalt shingles, are preferred by most homeowners thanks to their many advantages. The materials are designed to meet the needs of most homeowners ensuring they stay safe, warm, and they look good.

You can get the roof you fancy within your budget, but these aren’t the only important considerations. Before you invest in a new laminate roof or any other kind for your house, you need to be informed.

laminate roofs on the market


Installation Cost


Cost plays an important role in the choice of roofing material as most people do their home improvement on a budget. When you need to replace your roof, you will consider the cost of removing the old roof, buying the materials and the cost of installation.

With laminate roofing, the cost has been slashed down and this partly due to their popularity and partly due to their manufacturing.

This style of roofing is the most affordable compared to so many others. It comes with a 20-year lifespan making it a good deal and again, it is easy to install.

Though the installation cost will vary from one service technician, there is always a technician offering a good price deal.


Fast and Affordable Maintenance Costs


Laminated roof will require more maintenance compared to other types of roofs. However, they are easy to maintain, and their maintenance costs are low.

Unlike other roofs where a professional might be required to do the cleaning and other maintenance routines, you can easily do the maintenance yourself. This ensures that you keep up the roof, ensuring that it lasts for long.

Ease of maintenance and installation will not only save you time but also money and ensure that your roof lasts long.

There are hundreds of tutorials online showing you how to take care of your laminate roofing with ease. If you cannot take care of the roof yourself, you can hire a professional technician to do it for you at a small fee.

Great Aesthetics


If you need a visually appealing roof, laminated roofing will give you what you need. When the roof is installed with the overlapping method, the roof will wear layered looks which appears awesome.

There are also different colors to choose from, which ensures you get your preference.


Lighter colors are ideal when you need to reduce possible heat gains during the day to lower the cost of cooling.

Dull colors gain heat during the day and remain warm during the cold seasons. With good insulation, any color is great for your roof.

take care of your laminate roofing with ease

Get Laminate Roofing Today


If you need a roof that lasts for thirty years or more, laminate roofing is not for you. For these kinds of roofs, you might have to chip in more money.

You need to gather information on different types of roofing materials before making an investment.

Compare laminate roofing with other types of roofing materials today and get a good deal.

Repairing Roof Damage from Hail

Repairing a roof is one of the most common home improvement projects that aim to keep your home warm and dry as well as protecting it from the elements.

The frequency of doing this varies depending on various factors. However, there are things that lead to unforeseen problems.

Hailstorms tend to degrade roofs leaving them in a poor condition. Such a roof will need immediate action, even if the problem is small.

If you ignore it, it might become bigger and make repairs more costly or necessitate replacement. Different roof repairs might be required; each with a different cost.

Get a roof specialist


Common Roof Problems


Leaking is a common problem with roofs, and this can be caused by a number of factors. Shingles on your house might be blown off or missing irrespective of their material.

Shingles, due to their light weight are more prone to being blown off, exposing your house to the elements.

When the pipe flashing is bad and has started leaking, you will have a problem with the whole roof. While the vent pipes on your roof are well sealed, the pipe flashing might be corroded, and the sealant might allow water to seep through.

Valleys, the little gutters that run down your roof, and the ice dams are other causes of leaks on your roof. When your roof has an inadequate slope, it tends to be affected more by hails and other environmental elements. Get a roof specialist as soon as you see these signs.

The Leak In Relation to Cost

The roof specialist will first find the leak and its cause before giving you an estimate. Some leaks are not visible, and all you see is the damage on the wood or bad odor. On a flat roof, leaks are easy to find, but this is not the case on sloping roofs.

A leak doesn’t necessarily originate from the roof itself after a hailstorm. The vent pipes and the metal flashing on your chimney might be causing the problem.

The gutters are also possible causes of leaks. The position of the leak and the extent of the damage will determine the repair costs. These costs will vary based on the season, the contractor chosen, and the location of the damage.

You should work closely with the technician to ensure that you get the best repair services.

Common Costs

Different roofing materials will incur different repair costs. With DIY repairs, simple and straightforward leaks can cost as low as $20. However, a professional is recommended at all times.

Professional roof repairs will cost between $300 and $550 with shingles being the cheapest to repair and slate roofs being the most expensive.

The costs will vary from one contractor to the next, and as such, you need to ask around to ensure you get the best prices.

a professional should handle all the roof repairs

Cut Costs the Right Way

Repairing roof damage resulting from hailstorms might be cheap when you do it yourself, but this might lead to greater damage and its associated problems if you do not do it right.

It goes without saying that a professional should handle all the roof repairs as they know their way around the roofs.

Repair roof damages today before they become a bigger problem.

When Should You Get a New Roof?

When Should You Get a New Roof?

A solid roof above your head not only ups the value of your home, but also keeps the weather elements out and ensures that you feel safe in your home.

Repairing a roof is cheaper than replacing, but when repairs cannot be done anymore, your roof will need replacement.

If you note any of the signs below, you will need to get Advance Roofing Supplies and get your roof replaced by a professional. With a new roof, your home will be warm, it will feel cozy, and it will be leak free. The following signs will tell you when.

When Should You Get a New Roof?

A Roof is Older than 25 Years and Always need Repair

At times, the cost of repairs will outweigh the cost of replacing a roof in the long run and as such, if your roof is always in need of repair consider replacement. This likely the case with an old roof depending on the type.

A roof that has lasted more than 25 years might still look good from the ground. However, it might be having lots of problems such as leaking areas.

Depending on the condition of your roof, you might have up to 8 years to plan the replacement. However, if your old roof is always having problems, you might want to bring it down and replace it with a new roof.

Curling, Missing or Cracked Shingles

When the shingles begin to curl, either curling upwards or staying flat on the edges, then you need a new roof. Curls will lead to leaks and other problems with your roof.
If you start noticing this, you will need to replace your roof in a few years.

When entire shingles start missing, the first thought is to have the missing shingle replaced, but in most cases, it is not possible to have an exact color match. As such, you will always have a problem. Color shades change over time with weathering and other environmental conditions.

You can continue replacing your shingles each time there’s a problem. Eventually, you will likely have replaced a major part of your roof.

However, if the roof starts looking confused with so many colors that you are no longer comfortable with, you might consider replacing.

Granules in Gutter and Moss and Algae on Shingles

If, after your roof has stayed for more than ten years, you start noticing granules in the gutter, there is something to worry about. When the granules start falling off, your roof is not protected from the sun, and the shingles will start to bake.

This means that its quality will deteriorate increasing the chances of leaks.

Algae and moss on the shingles result in chipping off of granules which will lead to more problems. You need to first clean the shingles to remove the algae and the moss. If the damage has already been done, seek a replacement.

How Do You Know Its Time to Replace Your Roof

Replace your Roof

If your entire roof is sagging or you can see the sun from your attic, then you need Advance Roof Supplies to replace your roof.

It is easy when you have a good roof repair and replacement service, technician. Get a replacement today if necessary to avoid problems such as a leaking roof. Doing so will also help up the value of your home.

Why Asphalt Roofing Is A Great Choice

If you haven’t heard of asphalt roofing, you must be wondering if that’s the same material they use for roads and pavements. “Aren’t they ugly-looking and heavy and uneven, and did I mention they look ugly?” Let me confirm that yes, they are the same, but slightly not. If you think that asphalt roofing is going to tear down your cover instead of protecting you, how about this statistic-11% of roofs in first world countries actually use asphalt roofing (this includes residential and commercial). Confused some? Read on.

People and companies are starting to adopt this type of roofing system


Asphalt Roofing


Another interesting fact – 80% (four out of five) homes now use asphalt roofing for remodeling or new constructions. Why is that? First, let me give you a very short context lesson. Asphalt roofing, sometimes also called asphalt shingles or asphalt roll roofing, has actually been around for quite some time now although it hasn’t really been popular until the last couple of decades.

Aside from the shingles and roll roofing, other asphalt products include saturated felt for shingles, ply felt, and for upgraded roofing (or the BUR systems). People and companies are starting to adopt this type of roofing system because first of all this might be the most foolproof cover ever invented and developed. Don’t believe me? Let me explain.




Here are some advantages of asphalt roofing system. A fire has no chance of, well, burning it down because it has a Class A fire resistant rating (which is only like the highest rating available). Weather resistance is the highest in the industry. Wind resistance is the same. And how about if something heavy falls or drops on it, how does a Class A impact resistant rating sound? Again, the highest possible rating. I think you’re starting to get my gist here.

Asphalt roofing is the easiest type of installation for roofing systems, and this is actually not an exaggeration. It is customizable meaning it is very adaptable wherever and however you want to place it. It is both durable and lightweight at the same time, which is a unique characteristic in itself. And for the creative minds, they can come in multiple pallets of colors, multiple shapes, and designs that can work in even the most classical architecture. If you’re looking for aesthetics, you won’t be disappointed here.




Here’s something to note. Asphalt rolls or shingles are not the cheapest types of roofing but when you calculate the cost-to-value annually or even the whole lifecycle, it is much more practical and value-efficient worth.

When you consider all the advantages we just talked about, and how it will save you a lot in the near future, it’s a no-brainer. Plus if you consider the low to zero maintenance needed by this system especially if suitably determined and used during installation, then what’s not to like.


very adaptable wherever and however you want to place it


Free Consultation


So if you aren’t convinced yet, then find a roofing company near you and ask for their advice. Most of them offer free assessment and consultation. But don’t settle on one evaluation, get a second opinion and look for the best option for you.

Decide on a company with the long-term plan in mind, plus the experience in their resume. It would also be great if they had certified roofing specialists installing and maintaining your roof. Find one now.

How to Avoid Algae from Stone Roof Shingles

How to Avoid Algae from Stone Roof Shingles

Scientifically, the algae that grow on your stone roof shingles is what we call Gloeocapsa Magma which is caused by airborne spores. And, it is more prevalent in humid areas.

Although a few algae will not harm your roof, eventually it will grow and spread. It would lead to a roof that had eaten by algae. So, other than it’s not attractive it would also cause damage to the roof, in the long run.

On the other hand, the algae domination could be prevented, if given the proper actions.

Anti-algae Roof Shingles

How to Avoid Algae from Stone Roof ShinglesBecause of algae widespread domination, roof manufacturers created an algae resistant roof shingles. It started during the 60s. The exterior look of this roof is similar to regular shingles, but the interior composition is different.

One of the most sturdy anti-algae shingles has copper granules in it. The copper granules ensure the protection of the shingles.

Thus, installing anti-algae roof shingles is one of the best solutions for preventing them.

Clean Your Roof

If you already have installed shingles that are not algae resistant, you need to clean your roof whenever there is a black streak on it. Regular cleaning would prevent them spreading on the entire shingles. Fortunately, stone roof shingles last longer than the other types of shingles. Therefore, you only need to remove the black streaks to provide support for the good quality it has.

It’s recommended to clean when it’s cloudy because the chemical used for cleaning will evaporate if it’s too hot. And, before anything else, you have to prepare the cleaning material such as the following:

• Bleach solution
• Sprayer
• Gloves
• Ladder
• Water Hose (for rinsing)
• Materials you can use for your safety

To prevent damage to the shingles when cleaning, do not use sprayer or water hose that has too much water pressure.

Furthermore, you can start by spraying the bleach solution over the roof. Let the cleaning solution reside on the roof for 15 minutes. After that, rinse it off using the water hose.

When the roof is clean, you can add a copper where when it rains a tiny amount of it would fall to the entire shingles. This means that the number of copper falls will clean the shingles. Copper can help you prevent algae on your roof.

Moreover, always remember to be safe when cleaning the roof. You can use safety materials, such as roof and non-slippery shoes, to avoid an accident. You should not step on the wet parts and has bleach solution for it’s slippery. You may also want to wear gloves and safety glasses to avoid chemical contact that may cause a health problem.

Want To Be Safer?

How to Prevent Algae on Your Stone Roof ShinglesTo avoid unnecessary accidents, you can ask for cleaning service. Roofco provides quality services for those people in Winnipeg. Other than we install roof shingles and repair shingle damages, we also clean roofs that have any kinds of unwanted dirt or spores.

We have outstanding workers that can provide any roofing service for your home. So, don’t wait for the algae to dominate on your roof, give us a call now.

Roll Shingles: To A Better Roofing

Roll Shingles: To A Better Roofing

The roof is one of our home’s essential structures as it provides us protection from any bad weather. During winter, people get busy in taking off snow in front of their houses and it is, even more, a big burden especially if there is an accumulation of snow on your roof because they can reach its thickness up to ten inches.

What everybody should look out is when the roof gives out anytime due to heavy snow accumulation. Here’s what you need to know to a better roofing.

Roll Shingles To A Better Roofing

Roll Shingles For Your Perfect Home

Have you ever heard of roll shingles before? It is a metal sheet covered with asphalt. It is the best alternative, as it protects your home better than your regular roof. It is simple to install, and affordable too. You can even install it on your own, but please do it with precaution.

When you install this to your roofing, your problem with snow being stuck will be minimized. You will worry less and can sleep better at night. You can also trust this product to protect your whole family. Make sure that you have an eye on this at the stores, or if not you can just call a professional to install them for you, just like Roofco.

Roofco is a company that addresses your concerns in roofing installation needs, services or repair. You will hear all positive feedbacks from their customers’ testimonials via their website: https://www.roofcoonline.com

Worry Less For Your Roof Maintenance

Now that you have Roofco’s website and contact number, you will stop worrying about whom to call when you have problems with your roof such as leaking, for maintenance or replacement of roof itself. They also do the removal of thickened snow on your roof, especially if you have a wide space to maintain.

Imagine if one has a castle-like house with lots of roofs to maintain. Would you still do all the cleaning and maintenance? You have to worry less about climbing to the steep part of your house as this team will take care of everything.

Roofco does not only serve domestic concerns but also bigger companies’ buildings, etc in locals of Manitoba. They have been trusted in maintaining roofs from debris, cleaning of clogged eavestroughs, and so on.

Convenient, right? You can trust all their products because they are all made with high standard and quality raw materials. As I’ve said, you can sleep better at night.

How Roll Shingles Can Help Improve Your Roofing System

What Are You Waiting For?

Call Roofco, now for services like repair, installation of roll shingles and maintenance. They are always there to address your needs, while you just wait inside your home, spend time with your family and worry less about how to shed your family with safety. So, what are you waiting now?

Visit their website and make an appointment. You can tell your friends and relatives about it too. Spread the good news!

Roof System Components: Everything You Need To Know

Roof System Components: Everything You Need To Know

We are lucky to have a good roof system to follow. In other countries, especially in developing countries, they don’t have the luxury to install a well-designed roof system. For them, having a corrugated stainless steel shin is enough to protect them from the rain and harmful rays of the sun.

But, when heavy rains and strong wind passes through their country, they are the first to experience these harsh conditions; roofs are flown away easily, leaks are inevitable and costly.

We have to be thankful that our engineering department is advanced. We utilize the technology that will improve the design of our roof system, we keep on innovating roofing shingles because we want efficiency and durability.

Roof System Components Everything You Need To Know

Components of a Roofing System

Following the standard of having a good roof system, you would come up with a system that is well ventilated, insulated and well-covered with shingles. Here are the parts of a good roof: hip and ridge shingles, ridge vent, shingles (any type), underlayment, wood deck, ventilation for rooms or kitchen, water and ice barrier, starter shingles, eavestrough, air intake, attic rafter vent, and insulation.

Building a Well-Ventilated, Insulated Attic

It is important that you will give space to ventilation and insulation system in your roof. This will make your roof sturdier and will last longer. To know if you have balanced ventilation, your roof must have ridge vents and insulations.

The purpose of ridge vents is to take out all warm air from the attic so that your roof will have a better airflow. Insulation will also improve the temperature of air circulating in your attic.

The base of the attic also determines the quality of the roof. A wooden deck structure is ideal for the foundation of the roof and it also provides better ventilation. However, you need to constantly inspect your wood to ensure the sturdiness of the material.

Having a Durable and Strong Underlayment Is Essential for the Climate Condition in Canada

There are two types of underlayment which serve a different purpose – the felt underlayment and the ice and water underlayment. Felt underlayment is installed on all areas of the deck while the ice and water underlayment covers the most vulnerable areas, such as roof edges, underneath the flashings, vents, and skylight and around chimneys. All materials are waterproof.

Choosing the right roof shingles

The exterior and topmost part of the roof system component is the roof shingle. Homeowners have the freedom to choose which shingles are suited for their budget and location. They can choose from wood shakes and shingles to asphalt and metal shingles.

As long as these shingles are protecting the roof and the people inside the house, it’s alright to spend an extra amount for the installation. There are also designs which you can choose from, just ask your supplier about the product.

Everything You Need to Know About Roof System Components

Hire the Best Provider of Smart Roof System

Roofco can provide the best solution for your roof problems. We will turn your ordinary roof components into a sophisticated and industrialized roof system. With Roofco, you are ensured of high-quality products and services.

How Important Is A Shingle Sealer

How Important Is A Shingle Sealer

Before we go any further, let me just say that we wouldn’t have any problems with out roof if one thing didn’t happen. We wouldn’t need to put a single shingle sealer (try that, tongue-twister guys) or the more common elasto-seals if this wouldn’t have to happen regularly. What am I talking about? Well, it’s none other than this great mystery of “rain.” “What? All of that words-hype and all that you meant to say was that if there wasn’t rain or that rain probably occurred once a month, then we would be perfectly fine with whatever roof we have right now?”

The roof will not take care of itself

Rain is Good

Uhm, yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. But before you throw me off the roof (sorry, pun intended), please let me say my piece. Don’t get me wrong, rain is good thing. In fact, if you live in the tropical countries where the temperature seem to reach for the boiling point, it is a very good thing.

Here’s some interesting trivia (and something that might make you appreciate it more). The driest place on earth, meaning the location which receives the least amount of rainfall is a city in Chile, and it has an annual total rainfall of, get ready for this, 0.9mm(!). Or to put it another way, Whitehorse (Canada) gets 296 times that amount (and oh-by-the-way, Whitehorse is the driest place in Canada). How’s that for dry?


Rain not Good

Now, here’s the bad part. Even though rain is life-giving and earth-nurturing (to which I assume we can all agree), rain can also cause a lot of damage. What do I mean? Well, I’m not just talking about those areas that have suffered illegal logging and therefore have recurring flash floods during rainy seasons. I’m talking about western civilization in general and especially those who don’t take care of their buildings or home.

If you don’t take care of you homes, chances are the paint is going to come off faster, thereby reducing protection against mildew and bacteria; if you let the rood just get dilapidated and don’t really care about maintenance, it won’t matter what shingle sealer you use, it’s not about one thing, it’s a lifestyle and culture of your home.


Sealed and Approved

Pretty soon, you get those single droplets in the kitchen, and you think they’re just plumbing. And then another rainy season comes and more droplets. Pretty soon you’ll realise that it’s more than just the plumbing, it’s actually the whole roof starting to fall apart.

God forbid this happens to anyone but consider this a polite warning. The roof will not take care of itself. The roof will not seal itself from the rain. Your house will not maintain itself to your liking. It is your responsibility, and it is good to do it and be assured that it’s done properly, rather than wait for the droplets to become a waterfall before you start moving.

care about maintenance

Expert Tips

And by expert, I definitely am not referring to myself. If you just do a google search, you will find many companies that can suggest the best shingle sealer for your house. However, if you situated somewhere in the Winnipeg area, Roofco is the best option for you, visit them here at roofcoonline.com. They guarantee the best service for all of your roofing needs.

Whether it be residential or a commercial building, they will assure you of great satisfaction. If you need a quote to look at the expense and see if it can fit your budget, they have that covered, too; they offer free quotation, without any obligation whatsoever.

Impact Resistant? All Of The Above

We’ll all watched an alien movie, even if it’s not our favorite genre. My personal favorite was Men In Black (the original one, the sequel wasn’t as good, and the third one was downright disappointing). Well, enough of my IMDB movie review for the day, as I was saying, we all have that extra-terrestrial flock that we love to just keep watching over and over and we never get tired.

durable and sturdy roof

We Have Contact

Well, I love watching almost all alien/extra-terrestrial movies and every time I watch, one of my scenes would always be a spaceship crashing into a house.

Whhhiiiiirrrr…..Sssssszzzzzztttt….. BLAM!

And 100% of the time, the roof crashes. And I always think to myself, “How awkward it would be if an alien spaceship crash-landed into my roof, but the roof didn’t cave in?” Now that would be a strong roof I would definitely pay for. Of course, this is a very childish way of describing how important a durable and sturdy roof is. But what about the ice dam every winter, or what about rooftop snow removal which requires people stepping on the roof doing heavy cleaning? Then you’ll wish your roof was impact resistant.


Safety First

Of course, I don’t think you will ever see a spaceship crash into your house (I hope not), but the question still remains—what if something hard and solid came trying to blast its way into your roof, will your last line of defense withstand it? Or will you just do what they do in the movies, watch what happens and hope someone saves the day?

Now you’re not going to tell me that you’re perfectly fine with how your roof is set up now. The more durable, the better, right? I’m not just talking to the men here, I’m also talking to the fathers who are making sure their children are safe even with hail falling on the roof. I’m also talking to the husbands who want their wives to feel secure during the winter as snow and sleet come crashing during that season.


Great Investment

Having durable and impact resistant roofing is not just for safety and security purposes, it is also a great investment, both short-term and long-term. And I know we all want to save some of the expenses for our summer vacation, I think you would agree that this is a much priority on the house list.

Making your roof as impact resistant as possible is a top-level need-to-do item for every roof, whether you are residential or commercial. Safety is always a first. And when safety comes first, you spend less on medical bills, guaranteed

impact resistant roofing

Anything Roof-y

There is a company that provides satisfaction to anything and everything roof-y that you would ever need for residential or even commercial purposes. Plus they offer free estimates, beat that.

Roofco offers the best roof protection this part of the globe. With headquarters located in Winnipeg, and servicing more people through online contacts and word of mouth referrals, they are offering more and more houses the capability to resist, reduce, and repel any impact on their roofs—snow, hail or all of the above.