Is it True that Metal Roofs Last Longer than Other Types of Roofing?

Proper Waterproof Underlayment Roofing Process

Installing a new roof on your home can be a costly investment that is intended to last you for years to come. You need to do the research to make sure that you are making a wise decision before you move forward with a new roof. Are you trying to figure out what type of roof should go on your next home? Most people have heard the rumor that metal roofs last longer than the other types of roofing available but they aren’t sure if it’s true.

Now, you can rest assured when you make a decision for your next home improvement project. A metal roof can definitely outlive other types of roofing when it is installed properly and sealed correctly. Many will last for fifty years or longer, essentially promising that you will never have to buy another roof. Here are just a few of the reasons why a metal roof is a superior option for your home’s exterior durability.

Fire Resistance

No homeowner wants to consider the possibility of their home going up in smoke after an accident. Unfortunately, the possibility of a house fire is always present and you need to be aware of how well your home will hold up under the heat. A metal roof is noncombustible and holds the most fire-resistant rating among various roofing substrates. Keep in mind that this might not hold true if you install it directly over your current roof. Wooden shingles that are just beneath the metal might still burst into flames in this situation.

Wind Resistance

Do you live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or strong winds? A metal roof should be your first choice because it isn’t prone to wind damage. They can endure wind gusts in excess of 140 miles per hour without cracking or causing damage to the structure of your home.

Energy Efficiency

One of the major reasons that people opt for metal roofs is because they can contribute to lower heating and cooling costs. Metal roofs tend to reflect the heat of the sun instead of absorbing it. This deflection of heat and energy causes your HVAC system to work less. This is a great way to justify the initial investment in a metal roof.


In addition to all of the other attributes of metal roofs, you should know that your metal roof is bound to be one of the most durable options. Many of these roofs are going to be very impact resistant, preventing them from denting in massive hailstorms or when heavy objects fall on them. Nothing should be able to puncture the surface of a sturdy metal roof if you purchase one with the proper specifications.

Are you convinced that a metal roof is the perfect choice for you? Contact Roofco for a free estimate and to enjoy the benefits of our outstanding roofing service! Let us help you to make a decision that can last your family for a lifetime.


When Do I Know That I Need a Roof Repair?

How to Avoid Algae from Stone Roof Shingles

Bad weather and age can both contribute to a failing roof. Homeowners understandably want to postpone repairs on their roof until they are absolutely sure they are necessary. That makes sense given that the average roof repair cost is around $774. Depending on the work that needs to be completed, that bill could even reach into the thousands.

You can avoid paying for unnecessary repairs by identifying the key warning signs that your roof needs attention. Evaluate your roof using these guidelines before you call a repair company.

Shingles Are in Disrepair

Your shingles are usually the easiest way to spot a pending roof repair. One of the early signs that homeowners can usually identify is cracked or curled shingles. They will often change shape as the roof ages, and this is one of the first signs that they won’t be able to effectively do their job. Alternatively, they might be extremely dark in color or wet from moisture that is getting trapped beneath them. This is another major sign that the shingles aren’t doing their job properly.

If you have large sections of the roof where the shingles are missing altogether, this is also a sign that your roof needs a repair. Bad weather and storms can tear the shingles right off your roof, so be certain to inspect it once the weather passes.

Stains Inside the Home

Can you see where water is entering the home? Brown spots on the ceiling or around the edges of the walls are indicators that you have too much moisture getting through the roof. It might be because of the shingles or the underlayment. A professional repair company can help you to identify the cause of the leak and offer a course of action for the repair. If you have an attic, this is most likely where you will spot major leaks first.

Outside Light in the Attic

Most attics are pitch black until you turn the light on. If you wander up during the daylight hours and find the sun shining brightly, you need to have some repair work done. Any areas where the light is coming in will also be areas where rain can find an entrance way. You need to get these areas addressed by a roofing professional.

Shingle Granules in the Gutters

Another major sign that your shingles are at the end of the lifespan is when their granules start to come loose. These granules will look similar to thick black sand that fills up your gutters. If you don’t have gutters, it might be more difficult to spot this problem. However, you can often see granules that have left by looking for inconsistent coloring on the roof. Lighter areas have probably lost some of these granules.

When your roof needs a repair, you need to contact a reliable roofing service company. Roofco has the experience that your home needs to repair your roof in no time at all. We can even help you install a beautiful new roof if your current one is beyond repair. Contact us today for a free estimate!

3 Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor to Install Shingles

How to Avoid Algae from Stone Roof Shingles

You need some repair work done on your roof, but you aren’t sure who to call. Most people have faced the dilemma of hiring a contractor for their home repair at some point in their tenure as homeowners. Selecting a roofing contractor requires a great deal of research and care to ensure you are hiring someone who is fully qualified to perform the work. Even a relatively simple roofing task like installing shingles needs to be done properly to prevent further damage to the roof.

Before you make phone calls to any local contractors, here are a few things you should know about hiring a roofing company.

Are they insured?

Insurance is a must-have item, particularly for roofing contractors. If they were to become injured on the job site without their own insurance, the liability may fall to your homeowner’s insurance. In turn, this can raise your monthly premiums significantly and add to the overall cost of your new shingles. The risk of injury is much greater with roofing than with other construction trades, so you definitely want them to carry their own insurance. You should be on the lookout for both general liability insurance and worker’s comp insurance.

Are they properly trained?

Ask a roofing company what kind of training or certification they received. This should tell you whether they have been properly trained on how to install new shingles on your roof. If they claim to be certified contractors, ask to see their license and paperwork. Check up on them if they claim to be a part of a professional organization of roofers. You can’t simply take them at their word that their training exists. You should be willing to do the homework to find out if it’s true.

Do they have any positive reviews?

Don’t hire a company that has no reviews, no legitimate website, and no positive referrals from friends. This doesn’t bode particularly well for the company’s commitment to your area or to your future job site. Some contractors take advantage of bad storms and go door-to-door searching for clients who may have incurred damage in the storm. These people are often not legitimate contractors who can actually repair your shingles.

You should find a roofing company that a friend or family member has used successfully. Finding more than one family member who has used this company is an even bigger bonus. However, you can also search online for their reviews on the Better Business Bureau. You might even ask for completed project addresses to see their work firsthand.

You can rest assured that Roofco is ready and willing to send qualified residential and commercial roofing contractors to your home. We are rated highly with the Better Business Bureau, carry full liability insurance, and are certified through COR for safety. Ask us for a long list of project addresses and references to put your mind at ease about just how qualified we are to help you install new shingles.

The Importance of Roof Snow Removal in a City Like Winnipeg

how to fix ice damming

In the middle of the harsh winter months in Winnipeg, the snow can really stack up. You might find that you have several inches lining the sidewalks and the driveway of your home. When this happens, you get to work with your snow blower and your shovel to start digging your way out of the winter mess. Many homeowners forget to look up when they assess the current state of affairs at their home. However, your roof needs snow removal just as desperately as the rest of your property.

Have you often been tempted to leave the powdery white substance all over the roof? You might want to think again. Calling in the professionals to remove the snow can help to prevent significant long-term damage to your roof and the rest of your property. It can also save you a significant amount of money with the average roof repair coming in around $750. Take a look at a few of these reasons why roof snow removal is absolutely essential for winter.

Snow causes structural damage

You might not be able to see the current problems lurking beneath the shingles of your roof. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t present though. Snow causes significant structural damage to roofs that have already been weakened at their core. When you add the massive weight of several inches worth of thick Winnipeg snow, it might be too much for your roof to withstand.

Frozen gutters might cause severe damage

Heat naturally escapes your Winnipeg home during the winter months when you turn the furnace on full blast. This warmth is usually enough to start melting the bottom layer of snow that is exposed directly to your shingles. The water droplets roll down your roof until they reach the gutters where they refreeze due to contact with the cold metal. Eventually, the gutters become full of ice or icicles. No more water can enter and it starts to build up on the roof shingles, looking for entry into the home. The weight of the icy gutters can also tear them away from the roof and cause significant damage.  

Water damage could harm the inside of your home

Snow is really nothing more than slightly frozen water, so what happens when it starts to melt? Many homeowners might have a small pinhole leak in their roof that they aren’t even aware of until winter comes their way. The water then has the chance to enter the hole and soak into the wood beneath the surface. As the moisture wicks through the wood, it can further damage related to mold growth and wood rot. A severe leak can even start to trickle into the interior of your home, causing damage to the drywall and household items below.

When winter rolls around again, you are going to need professional roof snow removal in Winnipeg from a qualified company. Roofco can help you to remove snow and ice dams quickly and efficiently. By making the choice to remove snow now, you can avoid the long-term damage associated with major roof repair.

When Should I Call Professionals to Remove Ice Dams

When the ice starts to build up on the edges of your roof, you might start to wonder when the time comes to remove those ice dams. Some homeowners will attempt this removal process on their own, but it really isn’t the wisest choice. Removing an ice dam should always be a task that is left to the professionals in order to prevent extensive damage to your roof. However, most people have a hard time identifying exactly when they need to call in those professionals.

You need to know the signs that your ice dam has become a major issue for your home. If not, it could result in the need for an entirely new roof that costs anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. Here are the three major signs that you should be on the lookout for with your ice dam.

Ice on Your Siding

This might not seem like a huge deal at first, but ice that is freezing on your siding is a sign that you are getting ready to see moisture inside the home as well. You could already have interior leaking that is being absorbed by your insulation. In this case, it might not have made its presence known to those on the inside of the home yet. Still, the ice that you will find on the outside of your home is an indicator that an interior leak isn’t far behind.

Ice Under the Soffits

The soffits are the part of your roof that allows for circulation and ventilation around the edges. These overhangs are a notorious spot for melting ice dam water to build up and refreeze. Once you notice the ice around your soffits, you definitely need to call in a professional removal company before the water makes its way into your home.

Water Inside Your Home

It is already an emergency if you find water working its way into the interior of your home. You will find this moisture in almost any part of the house. It could be a significant stream of water leaking from the ceiling or damp parts of your floor that have already been exposed. Around the windows, you might notice more moisture creeping inside.

Water coming from the ceiling should be your biggest concern. The drywall in this area can absorb a lot of water before it all comes tumbling down. With a small stream of water flowing down, it can be difficult to determine just how much water the ceiling is already holding onto. It’s best to get this looked at by a professional as quickly as possible to prevent the need for extensive interior and exterior repairs.

Removing an ice dam by yourself can lead to significant damage on the exterior of your home. You should hire a reliable roofing service company like Roofco that is equipped and trained to remove ice dams without causing damage to your shingles. We can help you to get rid of your ice dam before it causes extensive damage to the overall condition of your roof and home.

Roofing Insurance Claim After a Hail Damage

Hail storms can come on without warning and leave tremendous damage in their wake. One of the first areas of the home that is heavily impacted by these golf-ball-sized chunks of ice is the roof. It can stand up to the pounding of these ice chunks for a while, but the roof will eventually fall victim to their destruction.

When you see significant roof damage following a hail storm, it’s important to get things taken care of as quickly as possible. Filing an insurance claim is one way to cover the cost of a brand-new roof or the extensive repair that might be necessary. However, not all homeowners are educated about how to file a claim and what you might need to know in advance.

First, you need to make sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy will actually cover this type of damage. You should do this before you even contact them by flipping through the handbook or reading the insurance declaration pages. There’s no point in calling if hail damage is specifically excluded from your coverage.

An insurance company that does cover hail damage should be called as soon as possible after the storm. It’s possible that you may see a hike in your insurance premium as a result of the storm or the claim, but the work still needs to be completed.

You will need to schedule a time for the adjuster to come and survey the damage before they are willing to issue any funds to cover the cost of the damage. Depending on the situation, it may be helpful to have a contractor meet the insurance adjuster at the same time to discuss what work would need to be completed.

Know that it’s okay to stand up for yourself if you feel that the adjuster isn’t compensating you fairly to have the work completed. If your contractor is telling you what the cost should cover, you might need to bring additional details to the adjuster’s attention. It could convince him or her to modify the original offer to cover the scope of work necessary to complete the job properly.

Be certain to choose a local company with a reputation for completing honest work at a fair price. It isn’t uncommon to find contractors who only start to advertise in the wake of a terrible storm. However, they often have very little experience and no incentive to uphold quality work. Once the work dries up again, they will disappear without so much as an online review. Ask around for referrals from trusted friends and family members instead of relying on internet searches to yield quality results.

Roofco is one of the most experienced roofing companies in Winnipeg and is here to help you recover from the unexpected. We have a long reputation for performing quality work on the exterior of your home, and we know how to handle your repairs efficiently to get your home back in excellent shape. We would love to help you walk through the process of filing a claim with your insurance company to help cover the damage caused by hail.

How To Find The Right Contractors Roofing Supply

How To Find The Right Contractors Roofing Supply

Do you provide roofing system services to residential or commercial buildings? Get higher returns by finding the best contractors roofing supply in your area today.

Good quality roofs and roofing systems provide better protection in the interior of any types of buildings. Thus, home or building owners try to make sure they hire roofing contractors who provide the best quality roof installation services, assuring them their roof installations are durable and can withstand different weather conditions for many years.

How To Find The Right Contractors Roofing Supply

Roofs And Roofing System Materials

One way to ensure a proper roof installation is also to make sure the roof materials have standard quality. Thus, when getting supplies from the roofing supply companies, you have to see to it the variety of the materials they give you are not substandard.

To help you find the best roof material suppliers near you, check out the tips below:

Factors To Consider When Looking For Contractors Roofing Supply In Your Area

Available Materials: As much as possible, you want to get all the materials you need in just one supplier to make the buying and selecting become easier. Thus, when you look for a contractor roofing supply in your local area, check out what materials are currently available from them, and if they can be able to provide the other roofing supplies you need.

In this way, you can see if the number of products they offer is enough for you to consider them as your supplier.

Supply Quality: Assuring the roofs and roofing system materials you get from your suppliers is also relevant and should be checked thoroughly, as it can also affect the customer trust and satisfaction of your clients to you as their contractor. That is why try to check it yourself if the company that supplies you with roof materials provide standard quality supplies are sturdy and durable.

Delivery Services: How efficient the delivery of the products and supplies can also affect your business with your clients. Know how the delivery process works in the contractors roofing supply in your area and see if they are efficient enough in complying with the delivery needs for your business.

Pricing: Lastly, the pricing should also be considered. In business, we know the lower the cost of the supplies we get, the higher profit we gain. Aside from the price rates of the contractors roofing supply, also inquire how much you can save when you buy more quantity, as well as the pricing rates which includes the delivery.

Don’t forget, too, when comparing the prices, the quality of the supplies and services have to be considered. In this way, you can see which roof material suppliers near you can give you the higher returns.

Tips To Find The Right Contractors Roofing Supply Companies

Buy Materials From Trusted Roof Material Suppliers Near You

Be sure your roofing system supplies are in good condition, and of good quality. Check out these tips when looking for contractors roof supply companies near you and get the best quality roof materials for your clients.

Four Tips on How to Shingle A Roof

Planning for shingling a roof is not easy. Some matters need to be considered, especially if you want to have a quality result. However, it is hard to plan if you know little or do not know anything about it.

Though there are ideas you can find in magazines and on websites such as this, you still have to ask people who have more experience about shingling roofs to help you with some crucial decisions. What follows are some tips you may include in your plan for shingling a roof.

Winnipeg Roofing

Plan in Advance

Planning is essential to every decision we make, especially if it is a major one. And, shingling a roof is considered a major decision.

We should admit that having a shingled roof is an expensive decision. The overall process could be tiring and requires hard work. And, if it is not planned carefully, your money, effort and time will be wasted.

Therefore, you must plan, so you still have enough time to troubleshoot wrong decisions.

Use Shingles Suitable for the Climate

If you are in a tropical climate, it means the place is humid. Because of this, algae grows faster on your roof. Therefore, you need to consider using shingles which are anti-algae.

Also, it is not advisable to use asphalt shingles in desert-like-places though there are shingles which have lighter shades. Similar to areas that have a different climate choose shingles which correspond to the environment.

Choose Colors Wisely

Choosing the color of your shingles is also essential. It will affect the total appearance of your house. The right color depends upon factors such as the architectural design of your home, the color of your exterior walls or bricks and your neighborhood.

Additionally, the color of your roof will also affect the temperature of your house, especially the attic part. So, you have to consider the climate in your area in deciding which color to choose.

Ensure Shingles Durability

As mentioned earlier, shingling a roof will cost you money, time and effort. Thus, ensuring shingles’ durability is necessary. The consequence of not doing this would be re-roofing sooner than anticipated.

Moreover, most people would choose to buy cheaper shingles which are not durable enough to last. So, buying cheaper shingles is not cost efficient since you would need to redo it sooner. Then, you would spend not just money for the shingles but as well as the labor for the workers who will install it.

Therefore, better look for the quality roof even though it is expensive. Imagine that it is financially practical than buying cheaper ones that do not last long.

ideas on how to shingle a roof

Who Can Help You?

You can find a lot of tips and ideas on how to shingle a roof. However, the best advice you can get is from the experts. ROOFCO offers different kinds of roofing services. We are also known for quality works.

So, if you have roofing needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Always be reminded that nothing beats the advice of an expert.

What Size of Roofing Nails Should I Use?

If you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of person, then this article might be of use to you. You were maybe trying to get advice on what size of roofing nails you need to use for your shingles, or perhaps you wanted some information on the type of nails which would be perfect for your needs. Then read on.

Let’s begin by asking what type of roofing do you have? Or are you merely trying to get suggestions to repair some shingles which are protruding? This is a possible sign of a wrong installation, especially on the size of nails that were used, too short most obviously.

information on the type of nails

Types of Nails

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. You need to know what nails are the right ones for specific roofing. For example, You wouldn’t use galvanized roofing nails (clout nails to some) for your shingles, right? You could, if that’s your thing, but you will only be wasting money and effort because it would be a disaster before long.

Now if you have metal sheets roofing installed then those clout nails would fit perfectly. They are even sufficient for connecting slate and tiles, or you can also use copper nails for those looking for durability above all else. Stainless nails are obviously rust-proof, which is another plus.

Nails Sizes

For roofing SOP, for fiberglass or even for asphalt shingles, you’re supposed to use one-inch nails; however, for wood shingles, roofing nails which are longer and thicker would be required. Word of advice: if you are securing asphalt shingles to one-half inch of sheathing, don’t use one-inch nails even though they look long enough. In the long term, extreme heat and cold contract and expand the roofing materials, so it doesn’t matter if they’re shingles or metal.

If you do this, eventually, the nails will find themselves extruding out in the open again. This is a massive problem because unless you have those substantial three-tab shingles that can be seen from the ground, this issue will remain hidden until the next time you check the roof, which then would almost be too late and you would need major repairs for that.

Other Factors

Make sure you provide allowances for the contractions and expansions but also not too much that the nails are over-exposed and super-extended. This is actually up to your expert calculation, and gut decision on what nail size to use for the house would be. Many factors should be considered; rain amount every year, snow, hail, extreme heat, and more.

One more thing, if you look under the roof, most notably in the attic, you will know if you used the proper size because it shows a very short tip. Of course, not too long or you might hurt yourself, but just enough.

galvanized roofing nails

Ask An Expert

The best way to be sure is to ask an expert what size roofing nails to use for your house. Find a local Winnipeg  roofing company, and they usually offer a free assessment and consultation visit even before you agree to any work they will perform.

Research the best roofing company in your area who has the experience and the client base for you to know they are good at what they do. So call now because in this case, size definitely matters.

Hip and Ridge Shingles For Your Roofing Needs

The functionalities and aesthetics that the hip and ridge shingles bring to roofing are valuable. Its primary function is protecting the roofing materials from elements which slowly destroy it. By installing hip and ridge shingles on your roof, you are ensuring the people living under the roof are protected from the elements.

Ridge caps provide accentuation to the rooftop while protecting it by adding more layers. During severe weather, the hips and ridges suffer the most, but the caps provide added protection to make them last longer.

hip and ridge shingles

Hip and Ridges Features

The caps are designed to provide thickness with protective layers which offer more security than strip shingles. Furthermore, the caps are designed in such a way their colors blend to that of your laminated shingles or whatever type of shingle you have currently installed on your roof.

Every hip and ridge is fastened with an adhesive ensuring its tightness and security from being blown off by strong wind or is permeated by water. There are also designs which are incorporated with stain guard warranty so no algae can grow anywhere you have hip and ridge shingles. Most importantly, it is necessary to select high-quality caps to avoid water leaks during heavy rain and to maintain the temperature of the house.

Hip and Ridge Installation

Like installation of any type of shingles, it is highly significant to look for professionals to entrust your hip and ridge shingles installation. While there is a lifetime warranty for some shingles, there are also existing warranties for your hip and ridge depending on the roofing company of your choosing.

Hip and ridge installation companies often partner with shingles installation companies. This allows for a more reliable materials and services installation. There are always roofing companies which provide excellent roofing installation services in your area; you just have to align their services with what you need.

Protective Ridge Cap Shingles

Protective ridge cap shingles provide the maximum protection to the areas of your roofing which suffers the greatest stress. Instead of using the waste shingles, these are not only better but also aesthetically pleasing alternatives. Additionally, it blends with the color of your roof.

It is also machine cut which provides uniformity and neatness. While protecting your roof from algae, they also offer strength to protect the inside of your house. And with the correct warranty, you are taking advantage; you can get the best deal for your perfect roofing needs.

shingles installation companies


Premium Ridge Cap Shingles

While accentuating the beauty of your roof, it also provides an illusion of depth to your strip shingles. Their multi-layered property adds more protection to the roof as well as the hip and ridge shingles. They are also the best alternative for your do-it-yourself cutout of the waste shingles.

Working best with the laminated shingles, they work well by providing a concrete seal while also complement the colors of the shingles. They also come with various warranties including the lifetime warranty only selected roofing companies offer.