The Different Types Of Roof Shingles

Posted by roofcoadmin August 7, 2017

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the rain, snow, sun, hail, wind, and any other kind of weather. Your roof also protects you from falling leaves and debris, and is a crucial part of making your house a home.

Without a good, sturdy roof you not only could experience a draft, but you could be left susceptible to the elements, and your electricity bill may skyrocket to astronomical prices. Most roofs provide the insulation your house needs to regulate the temperature inside.

The roof is also one of the first things that people see when walking past your house. Having an unattractive roof can greatly decrease your home’s curb appeal, and a dirty or improperly maintained roof can be easily noticeable from the street, indicating laziness or lack of care for your household.

Many neighborhood associations may complain as well if your roof is not up to par with neighborhood regulations, so keeping a good roof on your home is crucial for aesthetics as well.

The Types Of Roof Shingles

The Types Of Roof Shingles

What types of shingles make the best roofs? There are many types of roof shingles you can choose for your house, and many of them have different pros and cons when choosing them to cover your roof. Among the many things you need to consider are: your area’s typical weather patterns, the color and style you’re looking for, and the cost you can afford.

We have compiled this guide to help you figure out what types of roof shingles will be best for your roof, based on those three criteria.

Clay-based shingles are usually reddish in color, and are the typical shingles you imagine when looking at a house in certain regions of the U.S. They are reliable, and easily accessible, which makes them great for someone who doesn’t want to go out of their way to get shingles. They are also fairly inexpensive, since they are so common, making them a great choice for those who are starting out.

Concrete shingles are good, if you expect a lot of falling debris or hail on your house, as they are very sturdy and hard to break. They will protect your house easily, and are easy to get, as well as not as expensive as some. However, you might need to add more support to your attic and roof bearings, as they are incredibly heavy.

Metal shingles can be very aesthetically pleasing and strong, as well as fairly easy to get a hold of. They are easy to put on and can last for long periods of time without corroding. However, when it rains or hails they do make a unique sound that might take some getting used to.

Copper shingles are the most expensive because of their unique oxidizing factor, that provides a beautiful green color over time to your roof. They are very popular for this reason, however they do come at a heavy price.

Choosing the Best Roof Single for Your Home

Choosing the Best Roof Shingle for Your Home

There are many other types of roof shingles available, but these are the four most common you should consider when planning your next roofing project. As always, if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.