Choosing An Elastomeric Roof Coating

Posted by roofcoadmin October 13, 2017

Are You Looking for Tips on How to Choose an Acrylic Elastomeric Coating?

The elastomeric roof coating is applied to many types of roofing materials to protect the material itself from leaks and prevent early deterioration so it can last for a more extended period.

One property of the elastomeric coating is that is its elasticity which helps the coating adjust to different temperatures. Another feature of the coating is that it can provide excellent insulation to your home interior by reflecting the light and heat that come in contact with it.

That is why this type of paint has become fashionable to contractors and homeowners.

acrylic elastomeric roof coating

Shop For White Elastomeric Roofing Coatings

As stated above, the elastomeric liquid paint products can be applied to different types of roofing materials. These can be for residential or commercial structures and roofs such as concrete, metal, bitumen, and EPDM. It can also be used to seal PUF roofs.

The coatings are best applied during the first signs of aging of the roof. If you want to have an excellent quality repair, make sure that you paint or repair your roof with a premium EPDM coating. Here are some factors that you may want to consider when choosing these types of coatings:


How To Choose An Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating

  1. The elasticity

Elasticity is the ability of the coating to expand or contract in different temperatures without cracking. Its high ability to stretch indicates a more protective layer to your roof, preventing rust from occurring at an early stage.

  1. Tensile strength

The tensile strength is the ability for the liquid paint to hold together after tension is applied. A higher tensile concentration provides you with better quality acrylic elastomeric roof coating.

  1. Perm factor

Moisture is an enemy of any roof. The moisture that is absorbed by the roof over time deteriorates the roof of a building construction. The perm factor is the property of the coat to prevent moisture from coming in and seeping into the materials of your roof whether it is made from metal, rubber, or any other roofing materials.

  1. Adhesion to peeling

When you shop for white elastomeric roofing coating, you have to make sure that the coating solution can stick to the roof firmly and not peel off quickly for it to adequately protect it. Repair your roof with a premium EPDM coating that has excellent peel adhesion properties for more extended protection from leaks.

  1. Tear resistance

Its resistance to wearing and tearing, especially when the roof is moved or when people step on it, dramatically impacts the ability of the coating systems to protect the roof from damage.

  1. Reflective properties

How your coating membrane can reflect light helps provide better insulation to your home interior, saving you energy in the long run. Moreover, a cool and reflective roof also allows for a lesser need for maintenance.

shop for white elastomeric roofing coatings

Repair Your Roofs With A Premium EPDM Coating

Check on these factors when buying an acrylic elastomeric roof coating and get great repair solutions for your roofs today.