7 Steps How to Lay Roof Shingles

Posted by roofcoadmin December 12, 2017

Shingles protect not just your roof and house but also your family. These help keep your home properly insulated as well as it adds value to it.

Once in a while, you should inspect your shingles and fix or replace the damaged. For a newly-constructed building, proper shingles installation is vital.

There are different types of shingles that you could choose. There are asphalt, tiles, wood, metal and slate shingles. Out of the asphalt shingles, you can select over the fiberglass, organic, three-tab and architectural.

But how to lay roof shingles?

In installing new shingles or replacing the damaged existing shingles, you have two options. You may contact a roofing contractor or do it yourself (DIY). If you choose the latter, there are helpful videos on YouTube for you to learn.

The following are the steps on how to install and how to lay roof shingles. This may not be too detailed but has enough tips and instructions to guide you.

7 Steps How to Lay Roof Shingles

Step 1: Appropriately Cut Your Shingles

You may cut different sizes shingles of the basic three-tab variety. This, however, depends on how you will organize the rows and courses. Firstly, cut off 1/2 tab-width of the tab for you to start the first course.

Step 2: Start Laying Shingles at the Bottom Edge of the Roof

Place your nails in the three tab shingles approximately three-fourth inch above the cutouts. See to it that you will not drive your nails into the tar strip. Then place a nail on both ends of the shingles approximately 2 inches from the edge.

Step 3: Lay the First Row in a Way to Cover the Narrow Starter Row

Draw a horizontal line using a chalk over the starting row to guide you. Cut off a 6-inch length from the starter shingle. This will bridge the ends of the first regular row and starter shingles.

Never cut the rest of the shingles.

Step 4: Start Laying the Second Row of Shingles

Now start laying the first shingle of your second row approximately 6 inches from the edge of first shingle of the first row. The one-half tab must be cut away where it hangs off.

Step 5: Only If Needed, Lay Shingles on Stacks, Vents and Chimneys

Always remember that you will only to lay shingles on stacks, vents, and chimneys if needed. Put aluminum sheeting over holes to protect your roofing.

Step 6: Interweave Flashing over the Chimney

Put a metal flashing apron on the upper chimney border before you lay your shingles. Then put another flashing apron on the lower half. Envelop the lower apron with an asphalt roofing cement.

Step 7: Connect Together the Ridge Edges

Lastly, connect the ridge edges. You may use ridge shingle for this, or you may cut your regular shingles into three pieces. Bend each piece to fit and nail it.

7 Easy Steps on How to Lay Roof Shingles All by Yourself

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