Roof System Components: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by roofcoadmin January 25, 2018

We are lucky to have a good roof system to follow. In other countries, especially in developing countries, they don’t have the luxury to install a well-designed roof system. For them, having a corrugated stainless steel shin is enough to protect them from the rain and harmful rays of the sun.

But, when heavy rains and strong wind passes through their country, they are the first to experience these harsh conditions; roofs are flown away easily, leaks are inevitable and costly.

We have to be thankful that our engineering department is advanced. We utilize the technology that will improve the design of our roof system, we keep on innovating roofing shingles because we want efficiency and durability.

Roof System Components Everything You Need To Know

Components of a Roofing System

Following the standard of having a good roof system, you would come up with a system that is well ventilated, insulated and well-covered with shingles. Here are the parts of a good roof: hip and ridge shingles, ridge vent, shingles (any type), underlayment, wood deck, ventilation for rooms or kitchen, water and ice barrier, starter shingles, eavestrough, air intake, attic rafter vent, and insulation.

Building a Well-Ventilated, Insulated Attic

It is important that you will give space to ventilation and insulation system in your roof. This will make your roof sturdier and will last longer. To know if you have balanced ventilation, your roof must have ridge vents and insulations.

The purpose of ridge vents is to take out all warm air from the attic so that your roof will have a better airflow. Insulation will also improve the temperature of air circulating in your attic.

The base of the attic also determines the quality of the roof. A wooden deck structure is ideal for the foundation of the roof and it also provides better ventilation. However, you need to constantly inspect your wood to ensure the sturdiness of the material.

Having a Durable and Strong Underlayment Is Essential for the Climate Condition in Canada

There are two types of underlayment which serve a different purpose – the felt underlayment and the ice and water underlayment. Felt underlayment is installed on all areas of the deck while the ice and water underlayment covers the most vulnerable areas, such as roof edges, underneath the flashings, vents, and skylight and around chimneys. All materials are waterproof.

Choosing the right roof shingles

The exterior and topmost part of the roof system component is the roof shingle. Homeowners have the freedom to choose which shingles are suited for their budget and location. They can choose from wood shakes and shingles to asphalt and metal shingles.

As long as these shingles are protecting the roof and the people inside the house, it’s alright to spend an extra amount for the installation. There are also designs which you can choose from, just ask your supplier about the product.

Everything You Need to Know About Roof System Components

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