Protecting Your Roof In An Elegant Way

Posted by roofcoadmin January 5, 2018

Roofs are one of the foundations that will keep your family safe. Without the roof, you will be vulnerable from storms, winds, dirt, and everything. A simple roof completes the safety and convenience of your abode. Moreover, would you like to make your roof stronger and beautiful to look outside?

A simple roof completes the safety and convenience of your abode

Popular types of roofing

There are different types of roof shingles sold on the market today. You can choose from plain and simple to the tough and well-designed shingles. Plain roof shingles are the ones that you can easily buy because it’s affordable and easy to install. However, there are downsides that you would cost you another expense after a few years.
Tough and well-designed roof shingles are a bit expensive, but it can withstand harsh elements of the environment. All designs have their strengths and weaknesses that you should consider before installing that roof in your house.
Composite shingles roofing, slate and tile roof shingles, metal roofing, shakewood shingles and flat roof are types of roofing styles that you can choose in Canada. However, there’s popular shingle roofing that is highly recommended by Canadians and that’s composite shingles roofing. It’s made from a mixture of asphalt and other elements such as fiberglass or fiber mat coated with minerals. It’s durable and lasts longer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of roof shingles?

Roof shingles are popular in Canada. It is recommended by roofing companies however, homeowners should also consider the advantages and disadvantages of shingle roofing. Shingles are inexpensive. It can last up to 20-100 years of shading depending on which type of shingles you are using. It adds appeal to your home. It is easy to match the color of your roof to the interior designs.
The disadvantages of roof shingles depend on the types of the shingle. There are roof shingles that can’t withstand fluctuating climate conditions such the likes of ceramic roof shingles. Tile roofs would cost you a lot. It’s not easy to install the roofs, so you would need to pay experts just to install the roof.

What is the most recommended roof shingles?

The most recommended roofing types are metal roofing and shakewood shingles. Metal roofing is best for homeowners who are concerned about high-cost maintenance. Metal roofing is known for its low maintenance material. And, it can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as thick snow and high temperatures.
Shakewood shingles are made from recycled wood, this means it’s eco-friendly. What’s great about shakewood shingles is that the water run-off has no environmental effect since the roof is made of wood. And, this material would last up to 30 years of protecting your house. Homeowners would have less cost of roof repair

You can choose from plain and simple to the tough and well-designed shingles

Where to buy roof shingles?

There are lots of options where you can buy your preferred shingles. However, at Roofco, they can provide and advice the best roof shingles for your house. They also have the best professionals who can install and repair the roof. Contact them now and they’ll deliver and install the best shingles so that you’ll have the most protected and appealing house in the neighborhood.