Soffit Board Basics: What It Is, Its Uses and Its Materials

Posted by roofcoadmin June 7, 2017

A soffit board is basically a material which serves as the connection between the roofing overhang or extension and the actual side of a building or of your home.

The soffit fascia board is most commonly utilized around a main roofing structure. Although, a soffit board can also be used under building arches, columns, under staircases, under porches, and nearly everything with a visible ceiling.

the importance of kitchen soffit

What are the Uses of a Soffit Board

The Aesthetic Purpose of a Soffit Board

The aesthetic purpose of a soffit board is that it serves as the skin which covers the attic or the roof spaces of a building or of your house. So basically a soffit, the rafter or joist beams will be completely exposed and visible which may not be comfortably pleasant to the eyes.

Therefore, a soffit provides for an added style, fashion and character to any structure in that you can choose its features, for instances, its color to match the design of the entire structure.

This is basically the aesthetic purpose of a soffit board.

The Functional Purposes of a Soffit Board

On the other hand, one of the functional purposes of a soffit board is that is serves as a protection of your joist or rafter beams from the effects of extreme weather conditions.

In this light, if your joist or rafter beams are exposed and visible in any of their segments, you are putting the structure’s roof at risk with so much chances of mold buildup or accumulation in your beams. This is definitely not healthy for the roof and even the structure itself in that it can be dangerous particularly if neglected or left unnoticed. This will mean corrosion or eventual collapse of the beams.

You will need to control these damages with rather expensive repairs or even replacement if needed.

In addition, another one of the functional purposes of a soffit board is that it keeps the structure well-vented. There will be sufficient and regular flow or circulation of air to the attic and other roof spaces from the outside atmosphere.

This sufficient and regular airflow is very important for the entire building or residential home. This is because if your attic or roof spaces are sealed airtight, they will attract and hold heat which will in turn, cause the attic to overheat.

When this happens, heat starts to get trapped in your home and can bring you discomfort inside the structure. This can even result in higher utility bills. Typically this will be the case during the hot summer days without a soffit installed in your structure.

While during the colder rainy season or winter months, rain and snow will lead to moisture buildup or accumulation in your joist or rafter beams. With the effects of molds in the beams, moisture can also cause corrosion and rotting of the rafters and the sheathing.

Therefore, you need a soffit fascia board to keep your roof from drawing in and holding heat or moisture. A soffit hence protects the roof frame and helps with good air circulation to and from the roof spaces and the building or house itself.

These are essentially the functional purposes of soffit board installed in your roofing structure.

the importance of the soffit board in the roofing system of your house

The Material Composition of a Soffit

A soffit board can be made out of aluminum and vinyl which are the most common choices of its material composition although it can also be made out of fiber cement, steel, or wood.

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