Posted by roofcoadmin September 22, 2016

Choosing an energy efficient roofing material can do a lot to reduce your energy costs for a home or office. If you’re thinking of building a new house, or you’re repairing or replacing your current roof, it could be the perfect time to consider going green. By installing the right roofing system on your home or commercial building, you can cut your energy consumption in several ways. And using less energy sure feels better on your wallet when it’s time to pay your utility bills.

So what exactly are energy efficient roofs?

One term that gets tossed around a lot is ‘Cool Roofs’. This is an umbrella term for various roofing systems which are designed to reflect sunlight and heat rather than absorbing them. About 15% of conventional roofing materials reflect heat and light, which means that the remaining 85% trap heat instead of diffusing it. Cool Roofs have the capacity to reflect more than 65% of heat and light, making them roughly 50% more energy efficient than conventional roofing materials.

So I know what a Cool Roof is; what about the benefits?

  1. Available Federal Tax Rebates

If you haven’t caught on yet, the government offers a ton of great federal tax rebates when you install energy efficient products in your home, including appliances, windows, and roofs. Energy efficient roofs, particularly those rated with an Energy Star seal, are eligible for tax credits. With the use of these great federal tax discounts, you can earn back as much as 10% of the cost of your roof installation. A consultation of with a roofing contractor can help you to understand the tax credits and benefits you can expect from various roofing materials.

  1. Cooler Temperatures In Your Home

Since energy efficient roofs are specifically designed to reflect heat and light from the sun, they have an overall lower temperature than conventional roofs. When your roof temperature is kept at a lower level, the structure beneath the roof will also remain cooler. And because you’re less likely to crank up the AC when your home is cooler, you can expect lower energy bills as well.

  1. Eco-Friendly

When your home is too hot, you’re going to crank up your AC to cool down. Air conditioning units release chlorofluorocarbon or CFC, which is damaging to the environment. The idea behind energy efficient roofs is that you’re home or office will be kept at a lower temperature, which means less use of AC units and fans, and less risk of damage to the environment. Not only are you going to lower your annual utility bills, you’ll do some good for the world around you as well.

What type of roofs are energy efficient?

There are a lot of variations of energy efficient roofing systems. You can choose to increase the energy efficient capabilities of your current roofing system with cool coating applications or the use of single-ply membranes. But other roofing systems, like green roofs, are specifically engineered from start to finish to be more energy efficient. Green roofs reduce heat transfer in summer, act as insulators in winter, and provide other benefits. If you want to learn more about the energy efficient roofing option that is right for your home and needs, the best thing to do is contact your trusted local roofing contractor.