What Size of Roofing Nails Should I Use?

Posted by roofcoadmin February 24, 2018

If you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of person, then this article might be of use to you. You were maybe trying to get advice on what size of roofing nails you need to use for your shingles, or perhaps you wanted some information on the type of nails which would be perfect for your needs. Then read on.

Let’s begin by asking what type of roofing do you have? Or are you merely trying to get suggestions to repair some shingles which are protruding? This is a possible sign of a wrong installation, especially on the size of nails that were used, too short most obviously.

information on the type of nails

Types of Nails

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. You need to know what nails are the right ones for specific roofing. For example, You wouldn’t use galvanized roofing nails (clout nails to some) for your shingles, right? You could, if that’s your thing, but you will only be wasting money and effort because it would be a disaster before long.

Now if you have metal sheets roofing installed then those clout nails would fit perfectly. They are even sufficient for connecting slate and tiles, or you can also use copper nails for those looking for durability above all else. Stainless nails are obviously rust-proof, which is another plus.

Nails Sizes

For roofing SOP, for fiberglass or even for asphalt shingles, you’re supposed to use one-inch nails; however, for wood shingles, roofing nails which are longer and thicker would be required. Word of advice: if you are securing asphalt shingles to one-half inch of sheathing, don’t use one-inch nails even though they look long enough. In the long term, extreme heat and cold contract and expand the roofing materials, so it doesn’t matter if they’re shingles or metal.

If you do this, eventually, the nails will find themselves extruding out in the open again. This is a massive problem because unless you have those substantial three-tab shingles that can be seen from the ground, this issue will remain hidden until the next time you check the roof, which then would almost be too late and you would need major repairs for that.

Other Factors

Make sure you provide allowances for the contractions and expansions but also not too much that the nails are over-exposed and super-extended. This is actually up to your expert calculation, and gut decision on what nail size to use for the house would be. Many factors should be considered; rain amount every year, snow, hail, extreme heat, and more.

One more thing, if you look under the roof, most notably in the attic, you will know if you used the proper size because it shows a very short tip. Of course, not too long or you might hurt yourself, but just enough.

galvanized roofing nails

Ask An Expert

The best way to be sure is to ask an expert what size roofing nails to use for your house. Find a local Winnipeg  roofing company, and they usually offer a free assessment and consultation visit even before you agree to any work they will perform.

Research the best roofing company in your area who has the experience and the client base for you to know they are good at what they do. So call now because in this case, size definitely matters.