St. James Roofing Company & Exterior Renovations

Roofco is a St. James roofing company & exterior renovations contractor (siding, soffit, fascia, eavestroughing, window capping & sheet metal installer). The heart of downtown St. James was one of the original Winnipeg neighborhoods when the area was first developing. Many of its major attractions brought settlers and new residents into the area in droves. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of St. James is the Royal Canadian Air Force 17 Wing Base where some of the best airmen are trained. It may have started with this simple element but the town rapidly expanded as more people started to see its appeal.
You may be tempted to believe that St. James would be stuck in its ways after all this time. On the contrary, this area is growing to be a popular destination for families to begin creating a contemporary home for themselves. On any given weekend, you can take a tour of the Air Force Heritage Park or the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada. Take a short walk over the bridge to Assiniboine Park or tour the historic parishes.
No matter what you’re interested in seeing or doing, St. James is certain to offer some respite from the mundane tasks of daily life. With all of the rich history that abounds, it’s no surprise that so many people would choose this area to build a life and a home for themselves.
If you invest this much time into creating a home, don’t you owe it to yourself to protect your investment?
Roofco can help you to maximize the investment you made in your St. James home. Whether you want to protect it from the elements, increase its energy-efficiency, or simply boost its market value, Roofco has a solution to help.
Our company is involved in almost every aspect of exterior home maintenance. We can help with the obvious things that dramatically alter your house’s curb appeal, such as new siding, shutters, or a roof. However, we can also help with those oft-forgotten tasks that make a huge difference in the quality and longevity of your house.
Most people know Roofco as a roofing company. It’s true – we’re available to help you install a new roof or repair your pre-existing one. Our estimators can even help to walk you through the insurance claims process quickly and efficiently. Each of our estimators is also a certified insurance inspector to make the task less arduous for our clients. However, roofing isn’t the only thing we offer.
Have you ever considered how important your eavestroughing or soffits are to the integrity of your house? The eavestroughing on the exterior of your home is designed to capture rain flow and direct it away from the foundation of your home. This can prevent more serious issues in the future. Roofco can install new eavestroughing or improve your current system.
Similarly, your soffits are an important aspect of home maintenance that many homeowners forget about in the daily routine. If these areas are blocked, clogged, or painted over, they can’t serve their ultimate function. The airflow and ventilation surrounding your roof will be compromised, ultimately voiding many shingles warranties in the process. Roofco helps to make sure that your soffits are working the way they need to in order to better preserve your roof.
In the wintertime, your roof can tolerate some serious strain from the heavy snowfall and ice accumulation that St. James is known for. Minimizing the risk of damage to your roof is essential to avoiding repairs in the springtime or even in the middle of the snowy season. Roofco can clear away some of the ice dams and snow or offer roof steaming in a timely and safe manner.
Everything we do is designed to help improve the quality of your home. From window capping to snow removal, we have a staff of trained professionals who are ready and waiting to help you. Our staff is one of our greatest assets. This is why we never bother to hire subcontractors who may perform subpar work on your home. We’re confident in the technique and skill of our hardworking team, so why would we want to branch out into the unknown?
You can benefit from our confidence in our abilities. On each job, we offer one of the longest workmanship warranties in the industry. For five years, you will have peace of mind that nothing related to our work will go wrong with your roof. In addition to our extensive list of positive references and completed projects, our clients have the greatest satisfaction levels when it comes to ways we can help protect their St. James home.
Don’t risk taking a chance on one of our competitors who may not be able to promise a top-notch performance on your project. Instead, allow us to handle your home with care and expertise to protect your most treasured asset in St. James. You can contact us today to set up a free in-home consultation to discuss roofing services and/or exterior renovation pricing.