St. Norbert Roofing Company & Exterior Renovations

Roofco is a St. Norbert roofing company & exterior renovations contractor (siding, soffit, fascia, eavestroughing, window capping & sheet metal installer). Have you ever wondered why so many people and families choose to call St. Norbert home instead of other parts of Winnipeg? There are probably infinite reasons why you may be tempted to call this beautiful city home, ranging from its natural scenery to the long roots in French history. The culture of the town as a whole is the prime reason why so many are won over by the beauty of St. Norbert’s people and land.

St. Norbert is extremely tied to its historic roots around the city. It’s hard to go anywhere in or around the heart of town without finding reference to one of their historic sites. This section of Winnipeg is nestled right in the heart of where the Red and La Salle Rivers cross, which made it a prime location during the Red River Rebellion.

Today, you can visit many historic sites such as La Barrière, a historic site to mark the place where a barricade took place in the mid-1800s. You can enjoy a trip to the Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park to see the St. Norbert Arts Centre. Others may choose to explore the simple history of the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Help on a weekday afternoon. There’s almost no end to the possibilities for historic revelry in St. Norbert.

Of course, it isn’t just the lengthy history that makes St. Norbert significant to the Winnipeg area. It’s also home to a number of community staples such as a local farmer’s market, the St. Norbert Hotel, and extensive hiking trails that allow you to enjoy the finest that nature has to offer.

There are so many reasons to truly consider St. Norbert home, and Roofco is proud to be a part of the community that is growing here. Much like St. Norbert’s connection to its memorable past, we are also committed to maintaining the reputation we painstakingly built over the years.

You can trust the work that we will perform on your home because we are willing to stand behind it in the years to come. Each roof we install comes with a five-year workmanship warranty to demonstrate our confidence in our staff’s skill level. This warranty is one of the longest in the business, but we believe that it’s worth it for our customers to have this peace of mind.

We can confidently offer such a lengthy warranty because we know exactly who is going to complete each and every project. At Roofco, we don’t believe in hiring subcontractors who may be tempted to perform subpar work. There’s no way for us to hold them to the high standard we set for ourselves. We rely on our own staff of highly-trained and professional experts, but we can’t always say the same of our competitors.

Roofco, Winnipeg roofers, provides a number of services to improve the exterior of your home. The most obvious service we offer is making improvements to the roof of your home, whether that means installing a new one or making a minor repair. Our estimators are also certified insurance inspectors to help walk you through the process of filing an insurance claim, if necessary.

In the wintertime, we start to focus in on how we can minimize the damage that winter causes to the homes around St. Norbert. The weight of snow and ice dams can do serious damage if they aren’t handled promptly during these extreme winters. Unfortunately, homeowners often don’t consider what the snow can do to their roof until it’s too late.

You can rest easy this winter by signing up for an annual or seasonal maintenance plan. This gives your home priority when it comes to being taken care of safely and in a timely manner. With a maintenance plan, you won’t have to think twice about how your home is doing under the weight of winter.

Are you more interested in improving the curb appeal of your home? Roofco can help with that too. We are experts at installing new siding and shutters, eavestroughing, and making repairs to your soffits and fascia. No matter what is going on around the exterior of your home, Roofco is confident that we can help to improve it.

With just a few minor adjustments, Roofco can help you to boost the market value of your home, improve your energy efficiency, and lower your monthly heating and cooling costs. Your home will be weatherproof for the months ahead so you won’t have to worry.

Do you want to see our work for yourself? Be sure to ask for our long list of references and completed projects. You can drive around the St. Norbert area and look at our completed projects with your own two eyes. Rest assured that there’s no Photoshop magic in this method.

If you’re ready to take the leap and improve the quality of your St. Norbert roof or home’s exterior, don’t hesitate to give Roofco a call. We can set up a free in-home consultation to start making your dreams for the home a reality.