The Advantages of Residential Metal Roofing

Posted by roofcoadmin May 15, 2017

Residential metal roofing is one widely utilized segment of Winnipeg home restoration.

The advantages of this type of roofing allow for homeowners to make improvements in their houses with these materials of long-lasting serviceability and functionality.

advantages of using metal roofing on winnipeg homes

Why Choose Metal Roofing for Your Winnipeg Home?

Are you looking to put a roof on a new home or are you interested in giving your existing roof a completely new look and appeal?

Whichever your situation may be, residential metal roofing is a very practical and attractive choice owing to its durability, longevity and energy efficiency. Plus, residential metal roofing comes in a variety of types from copper to zinc to galvanized steel and so much more. You are given numerous options in designs and patterns as well.

Presented here are the advantages of residential metal roofing.

The Durability and Longevity of Metal Roofing for Your Winnipeg Home Is Guaranteed

Metal roof can last up to over 70 years which is a very lengthy lifespan for a roofing material. Particularly relative to other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles and wood.

It is very resistant to strong gusts of wind and other adverse effects brought about by storms or other destructive activities in nature. It is also practically impermeable that it basically never develops any leaks.

As well, molds, pests and other insects cannot eat on and thrive on metal.

This Type of Roofing Is an Investment of Long-Term Value

Owing to its durable and sturdy features, a metal roof may initially cost you more but its hard-wearing properties will make the investment worthwhile.

It Is a Roofing Material That Requires Very Minimal Maintenance

A metal roof barely requires rigorous upkeep. Periodic inspections will do to ensure that there are no necessary repairs.

Rust and corrosion will not be an issue either because it is impermeable to water and easily dries out.

It Is Incombustible

You will not have to worry about your roof sparking or igniting on fire should there be one.

A Metal Roof Has Great Insulating Properties

It is already cost-efficient enough because of its long lifespan and its very good insulating features. This actually contributes to you to save more money.

Residential metal roofing will keep the ambiance and atmosphere of your home interior comfortable and cozy regardless of the weather. The reason for this is because a metal deflects solar heat and thus it keeps your house cool on sunny days and warm during the colder days.

In this way, you can largely trim down on the use of electricity-powered cooling and heating appliances. This means savings on your power bills too.

Residential Metal Roofing Is Ecofriendly

A metal roof is environment-friendly in that it can contain up to 95 percent of recycled materials. It is completely recyclable again after its long service as a roof to your shelter.

Looking beyond its use to your residence, the actual manufacturing and production of metal is even ecofriendly too. There are much less emissions released in the process and even in the transport due to its being light weight.

metal roofing protects against snow and provides good insulation

Consult with Only the Leading Expert for the Metal Roofing for Your Winnipeg Home

If you are planning on installing residential metal roofing, get in touch with Roofco via (204) 487-7663. Our company can give you the best advice on your planned roofing installation and we also offer a wide range of metal roof types for you to choose from.