How Attic Insulation Can Help You Keep Your House Cool

Posted by Roofco September 10, 2018

Winnipeg summer seasons can get hot! If you already have lived here for quite some time, you know that. If you have just moved here, you will soon figure out what we are talking about!

However, we have a few tips on how to keep your home cool in our hot, long summers:

Control attic space

It’s actually a year-round tip; however, it is especially vital in the summertime. You have to get control of the temperature in your attic! Why is it important? If you really think about it, as the attic is too warm, everything in the attic is warm. Your ductwork and air conditioner inside the attic are getting destroyed each summer with the high temperatures and lack of airflow inside the attic. Therefore, the most important thing to do includes protecting the space inside the attic that is exposed to the sunshine the most, ideally that has a radiant barrier.

Your residence’s sun exposure is mainly vertical; therefore, we always say to begin from the top down. As you address the space in the attic using a radiant barrier, copper or foil to reflect the heat, or you’ll add in lots of airflow to gain some great air exchange up there and keep the high temp down, you’ll control the majority of your property’s sun exposure from the top down.


As you gain control of the temperature in your attic, insulation will keep rooms at a steady temperature. It’ll keep the colder air down where you want it within the summertime and keep heat from getting out in the wintertime. It is vital that you make certain that the levels of insulation are suitable throughout the home. However, if you control your attic space well, you may not require as much insulation.

Do not forget about the walls. It is vital that the walls are also correctly insulated. Sometimes older homes do not have any wall insulation!

However, keep in mind: It’s possible to have 3’ of insulation in the attic to keep your home cool; however, that’ll do nothing for the systems which are inside your attic! The insulation isn’t protecting the ductwork and equipment in the attic.


After you gain control of your temperature in your attic and properly insulate, then it is time to go around the doors and windows and care for all cracks or spaces in which you can see sun shining in. That is approximately the last ten percent of keeping your home cool.

Therefore, get control of the attic space! It’ll cool your home down in the summertime and keep it hotter in the wintertime. Address levels of insulation in your attic and your walls, and weatherize by gaining control of all of the windows, doors, the attic hatch, and all spaces in which air may escape.

As always, we are glad to come over and take a look at the attic and check how it’s possible to be comfier and save cash on your utility bills!

For more information on how attic insulation can help you keep your house cool contact the Winnipeg roofers of Roofco today!