Roofing Buying Guide: The Best Residential Roofing Shingles

Posted by roofcoadmin September 20, 2017

Roof shingles are an important part of the house, both during construction and during a renovation. A missing, curled or cracked roof shingles may lead to a leaky roof which will require immediate attention.

There are different brands and types of roofing shingle all with varying degrees of longevity and performance.  It’s best to contact a roofing contractor if you suspect that your residential house is in need or a new roof. If you must examine the shingles due to an existing leak, use binoculars and a flashlight instead of risking your life climbing a ladder to the roof.

Roofing Buying Guide

Types of Roofing Materials

The wisest way of choosing the best residential roofing shingles is to weigh the cost versus the aesthetics. Review the entire product range based on grades and prices Vis-à-vis your personal requirements and budget.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

These are the most popular residential shingles. They feature a fiberglass fitted between ceramic and asphalt granules. Some people consider them the best roofing shingles due to their ease of installation and their lightweight. If you’re looking for stylish but affordable shingles, then asphalt shingle is a good option.

They basically come in two types; laminated (dimensional or architectural) and three-tab asphalt shingles. The laminated shingles are double layered while the latter is single layered. These shingles are vulnerable in areas with a high wind but will generally last for 30 years or more.

Metal Roofing

This type of roofing material comes in alloy strips, copper, aluminum, and steel. They are also found in a variety of textures and shapes. Copper is the most expensive of the metal roofing and the greenish patina that it acquires over a period is alluring to some homeowners.

Metal is the best roofing shingles if you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight and easy-to-install material. Steel strips have been found to dent easily although minor damages on it will camouflage due to its textured surface. Metal as a roofing material is good in summer as it will reflect the sun’s rays and keep your house warm, but it’s very noisy when it’s raining.

Fake Slate

This is a composite material that looks and has the same weight as asphalt. It is composed of various materials including asphalt, rubber, clay and polymer or plastic. Fake slate is slippery and its advice that you install snow guards during the snowy season. Some brands of fake slate have been found to fade or crack in the event of an impact. Fake slate is almost as expensive as a real slate.

Types of Roofing Materials

Tips for Buying Roofing Shingles

Although you may be tempted to save on cost by purchasing a cheaper brand, this will be costly in the long run since you may need replacement due to roof leaks or weather damage after a short lifespan.  Whether you want timberline shingles or real slate, go for a reputable designer whose products are quality certified.

Also, invest in the professional installation of the shingle as this may also affect the durability of the material. Most importantly, make sure you are given warranty for the products you are purchasing.