The Advantages Of Tin Roof For Residential House

Posted by roofcoadmin September 23, 2017

Have you tried and experienced the advantages of tin roof materials for residential homes yourself?

When building a home, we have to prioritize having good quality materials to ensure not only the good aesthetics but more importantly, the efficient functioning of the every part of the structure.

This is applicable to every part of the building structure including the roofing. When choosing roofs for residential building and structures, a sturdy, durable, and efficient material has to be used for an effective protection of the structure’s interior.

Metal roofing shingles for your residential house have these properties that effectively protect your house.

If you want to learn more about the metal roofs, read further below what tin roofs are and the advantages of tin roof materials for your house.

Metal Roofing Shingles For Your Residential House

Metal Roofing Shingles For Your Residential House

The metal or tin roofs are one of the most popular American residential roofing material there is today. This is because of the many advantages that it can give you.

They are made from lightweight yet durable materials which can be easy to install. Aside from that, they also provide good insulation to your interior. Since the tin roof can reflect heat from the sunlight, only a few of it can pass through your interior, making your home less warm during the summer.

One drawback of the tin roof is its initial cost. It can cost from $150 per square and may range up to $600. However, the advantages of tin roof materials as roofs for residential building and structures do outweigh its major drawback and will help you save in the long run.

The Advantages Of Tin Roof Materials

1. Lightweight

Compared to other roofing materials that are sold in the market today, the tin roof material weight much lighter. The lightweight property of the metal roofs also helps in an easy installation and repairs.

2. Fire Resistant

The tin roof is made from noncombustible materials, which means being resistant to fir. Metal roofs are rated with a Class A fire rating, the highest rate on roof materials for fire resistance.

3. Efficient in Shedding Rain and Snow

The interlocking panels of the metal roofing shingles for your residential house and its slippery surface make the tin roof efficient in shedding rain and snow that fall onto your roof. The chemicals that are mixed with the water may affect the quality and durability of the metal roof. However, since it effectively sheds water, substances cannot stick onto them, protecting the roof quality.

4. Durable

Metal roofs can sustain strong winds of up to 225 kilometers per hour (140 miles). Its resistance to impact may depend on the type of metal. Consequently, it doesn’t corrode and only requires low maintenance.

5. Longevity

Tin roofs can last for a long period of time. With proper maintenance, it can even last for up to 50 years.

The Advantages Of Tin Roof Materials

Roofs For Residential Building And Structures

Your house is one of your biggest long-term investments. Don’t compromise on the materials just to cut the cost, especially for the part which protects your whole home interiors. Have a tin roof now for great protection that lasts long.