Different Types of Fascia Board You Should Know

Posted by roofcoadmin November 18, 2017

One of the solid foundations of a house is the roofing system.  As the exterior part of the house that provides a first line of defense against heat, rain and dirt, it is important that we identify one of its relevant parts which is the fascia.

The fascia functions as an obstruction between the edge and outside of the roof. It is setup below the roof line and behind the gutters.  More so, the fascia provides a pleasing appearance to the roofing system thanks to its smoothness and protection.

types of fascia boards and their usages

Fascia Material Choice

Wood is by far the most common fascia material of choice. Wood is the cheapest option, but you will need to repaint the fascia often for aesthetic purposes. The major drawback of wood is its tendency to rot in no time.

Another fascia material choice is aluminum.  Unlike wood that is prone to rotting and decay, aluminum can  withstand the harsh conditions of weather and deterioration.  Some house builders recommend aluminum for its durability and its ability to wrap the entire fascia.

Composite lumber is usually composed of recycled plastic, sawdust and epoxy resin. Although the materials are eco-friendly, it is prone to rot and decay, too.  Although composite is expensive, its durability cannot be argued.

Types of Fascia Boards and Their Usages

Capping fascia boards are suitable on fascias made of timber.  Capping boards are ideal for this existing type of fascia that you don’t intend to remove.  They are inexpensive, easy to install and guarantee an improved appearance of the exterior of your house.  

One of the different types of fascia board is the ogee board.  Like capping boards, ogee boards can be used to conceal wooden fascias.  The unique aspect of these boards is its sculptured edge as compared to the usual square edge.  If you want the outside of your house to stand out, ogee boards make a great choice.

Square fascia boards join the list of the different types of fascia.  Square fascias the smallest type of fascia that you can get.  They are ideal for smaller properties and are easy to install.

Cost of Fascia Replacement

In replacing your fascia, note that the cost varies depending on the type of material that you opt.  Note that the most expensive to maintain are fascias made of wood as they easily get rot and are prone to decay.  To extend the shelf life of your fascia, make sure that they properly match your roofing system.

From construction to maintenance, regularly check the condition of your roof especially the fascia.  This way you will be able to detect any problems like rotting and leaks.  The bigger the damage gets, the more expensive the cost of your repairs will get.

fascia material choice

Fascia Installation and Maintenance

To experience the maximum benefits of your chosen fascia, proper installation and right maintenance are highly recommended.  By regularly checking its condition, you’ll be able to know if it serves you and your family well.  

The roofing system is one of the commonly neglected parts of the house.  Don’t ignore the minor signs of roofing problems.  If you suspect any, check them right away and make the necessary fix.