Different Types of Fascia Board to Choose From

Posted by roofcoadmin November 20, 2017

Your fascia running around the lower outer ends and edge of your roof is not just for aesthetic purposes. The fascia boards help secure the gutter of your roof. In the absence of fascia board, parts of your roof will be more vulnerable.

Your roof will be more exposed to changing weather conditions. Fascia boards help your roof protected from the different elements. Thus, these boards are vital to your home.

You might be considering to replace or repair your fascia now. There are four different types of fascia board that you could choose. It may depend on the design you want as well as the size of your property.

You may choose from capping, ogee, square and round boards.

what is a fascia board

Capping fascia boards

If your fascia is well-maintained, capping types of fascia board are right for your roof. Capping fascia boards are just attached to current wood fascias.

You would not remove your current fascia to install your new fascias. You won’t go anymore through the entire process of fascia installation. You can save time as well as expenses.

This type of board can instantly improve the outside appearance of your home. This fascia is also one of the cheapest options that you can have.

Ogee fascia boards

Ogee types of fascia board are used to envelop your existing good condition timber fascia. Fitting and installation of ogee fascia are also the same with capping fascia. This type is the excellent substitute for the latter.

This type of fascia offers the same protection with other fascias. However, it has sculptured edge that makes your property good to see.

Square fascia boards

The square types of fascia are usually the smallest type and are easy to fit. If you have relatively smaller property, this is the right choice for you. The small boards can be easily mounted and are hassle-free.

This type has a square edge as its name implies. This fascia does not require a backing board for installation.

Round fascia boards

These types of fascia board also don’t require a backing board. This board can fit directly with the other fascias. They can be installed straight onto the foot of the rafters.

Round board is usually used in a newly-built house. This board is also helpful to improve the appearance of your property. This type will give your home a modern look that you want.

fascia boards used in home construction

Choose Yours Now!

Looking at the options that you have for fascia boards is vital for your decisions. You must consider the size of your property as well as the designs you want. Majority of the homeowners choose round and capping boards since installation is fast and easy.

You may also consider the type of material that fascia boards are made. Materials used for fascias may be wood, vinyl, aluminum, plastic or composite fascia boards.

You may do the installation yourself and gather ideas and tips from the net. You can shop for the materials online for your project. You may also contact a contractor that offers quality services for fascia, soffit and barge boards installation.