Posted by roofcoadmin April 7, 2016

Do you have an ice dam problem in or around the Winnipeg and surrounding area home or business?

Roofco’s new steam service makes ice dam removal a safer and easier process.

If you do, and we see them all over town all winter long, there is now a better, safer, more practical way to deal with this age old problem. Roofco is the first Winnipeg roofing company to provide a low pressure, steam solution to your ice dam problem.

Here is how it works…

The steam is pushed out of a nozzle at 300° with a very low pressure. The hot steam then does all the work by cutting through the ice.

Roofco’s snow and ice dam removal experts use this special, low-pressure washer method because high-pressure washers typically run at too high a pressure to keep the integrity of your roof intact. If a steamer is used at a higher pressure, it can remove the paint off your metal roof, damage your asphalt shingles, and splinter your wood shakes. But by using this special, low-pressure washer, the Roofco snow and ice dam removal experts are able to safely remove the ice dams with no damage to your roof.

Obviously, there are a number of benefits to this type of ice dam removal, including…

  • It is much, much better for your roof. By using steam to remove your ice dams, the chances of damage to your roof from the traditional pounding and chiseling away of ice are greatly reduced.
  • Using steam is a much more quiet option for snow dam removal. Seriously. Whether it’s people or pets in your home, workers in your business, or your neighbors…it’s a much more peaceful experience to have your ice dams steamed away.
    • The Roofco Steamer in Action…
    • Have we mentioned the safety factor? Safety is the #1 priority at Roofco for all parties involved…residents, occupants, customers, and our staff. We follow a very strict safety program in order to protect everybody and all the assets and by using the steam to remove ice dams, it becomes a much safer process for everyone.
  • Steaming is also great for eliminating damage to other parts of your property, like windows, decks…anyplace that large pieces of ice typically will fall. By using the steam method of ice dam removal we are able to control and limit the chunks of ice that fall to the ground much more easily than with the traditional method.
  • Your gutters are saved! The steaming method greatly reduces the impact on your gutters, which means your gutters will last longer and work better. Plus, there is a special nozzle that can steam ice out of your downspouts, so your gutter system gets back to working like it should.