Fiber Cement Siding Pros and Cons

Posted by roofcoadmin September 9, 2017

Are you looking to make some changes to the outside of your home? Finding the right type of siding to use can be a challenge. Do you choose vinyl, wood or cement? What is the best option and how to do you go about getting a quote?

You will usually see vinyl used for most modern homes. However, fiber cement has been around for over 20 years but is less popular. There are many options on the market and your choice should depend on knowing the facts. I really like cement siding over vinyl for several reasons. What you decide to install really depends on what you like and what is best for your home.

fiber cement panels

Fiber Cement Siding Pros:

  • Several color options
  • Fire resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Does not crack or warp easily
  • Low maintenance


  • May need painted every 15 years
  • Not highly absorbent
  • More expensive than other materials

Fiber Cement Vs. Vinyl

I used to have vinyl siding and had a lot of issues with pests getting into my home. One of the best parts about fiber cement is that it’s termite proof and doesn’t rot much like other types of siding. The performance grade of fiber cement is also a lot stronger than vinyl. Furthermore, fiber cement siding carries  warranties that typically last from 25 years to lifetime.

One of the worst parts about vinyl is that it can go up in flames. Fiber cement on the other hand  is fire resistant and highly durable. When it comes to efficiency both are not the best for insulation. You will still need to properly insulate your home. Even though fiber cement siding is durable, vinyl and cement are both thin materials and may require additional insulation.

Pricing Options For Fiber Cement

Fiber cement pricing depends on the brand or color you choose to install. You can get planks ranging from $.50 – $6 each and shingles from under a dollar to around $10 each. This will be dependent on the store you choose to purchase from as well.

Installation from a professional contractor can range from $2,000 – $3,000 (rough estimate) if placing on a new addition or new home. If you are replacing existing siding with fiber cement siding, the cost is usually at bare minimum of $5,00 and ranging into the tens of thousands. This depends highly on the type of home, the size, the angle and will also require an actual contractor to view the home to quote a proper estimate.

fiber cement siding cost vs vinyl

Final Thoughts

When considering to install an addition on your home or replace existing siding, you have several options for your materials. Vinyl, wood, brick, stone and fiber cement are a few of those options. Your best option is to speak to a contractor about your project before you go to the store and buy materials.

If you are interested in getting an estimate on your project, our expert team is more than qualified and would love to help you. Give us a call or fill out our contact form today.