How to Install 3 Tab Shingles

Posted by roofcoadmin December 29, 2017

There are many types of roof shingles that include asphalt, fiberglass, three-tab and architectural shingles. The 3-tab shingle is also commonly known as composition or fiberglass shingle. This shingle is the most common type.
A 3 tab shingles life expectancy is 15 to 18 years with warranties up to 50 years. This shingle serves as a roof covering for protection and improves your house’s aesthetic value at a lower cost compared to architectural shingles. However, how to install 3 tab shingles by yourself?
The following paragraphs will guide you by following the instructions on how to install 3 tab shingles.

Preliminary Preparation of Installing Shingles

Preliminary Preparation of Installing Shingles

Before we start with the 3 tab shingles installation instructions, you will first need to prepare the materials. You will need shingles, nails, tape measure, roofing cement, roofing hatchet, flashings and a nail gun. Additionally, roofing hatchet, utility knife, framing square, caulking gun, chalkline, pry bar, straightedge and tin snips are also needed.
You may choose 3 tab shingles from GAF, Malarkey or IKO Royal Estate roofing shingles. Make sure that all the needed materials are already available before your will start how to shingle a house.

Shingle Installation

The following are the steps in the installation of your 3-tab shingle for you to learn. Always take extra precautions and keep safe work environment.
Step 1: Prepare your workspace. Clear your roof and put all your needed materials within reach. Scatter that shingles that you have bought on the roof so that it will be readily accessible.
Step 2: Draw lines. Draw horizontal chalklines to keep your work straight. Draw a line above the starter course. Lines should be drawn for every course.
Step 3: Put a starter strip. These are turned downside up. A starter course is commonly made of cut shingles.
Step 4: Set up starter shingles. Put tarter shingles beginning at the end in an upside down position. The upper portion must be aligned with chalkline, and the lower portion must be flush together with the bottom of the underlayment.

Step 5: Attach the starter shingles. Drive three nails to each starter shingle to attach it.
Step 6: Make adjustments. You may adjust the position of the shingles as needed.

Step 7: Secure and align. Align the shingle on the outline before securing it on the roof. Drive the nails on both ends of the shingle.
Step 8: Set up the first courses. Set up five courses of shingles along the lines using an alternating pattern. Shingles must be consistently aligned. Do not nail the outermost ends yet since you will still lift it up to slip in a shingle.
Step 9: Fill in each course. Fill the courses, align the shingles and nail it. Regularly check your work and always keep it straight.
Step 10: Adjust and install shingles. If you encounter pipes, cut out rubber flange so that it would be over the tubes. Apply a roofing cement later on.
Do not forget to slip the flashing over the pipe and nail it to protect your pipes. Then, install the shingles around the vents.
Step 11: Apply flashing where a wall is perpendicular to your roofing. Put step flashing below the siding.
Step 12: Shingle all the way up of peaks and hips. Cut your shingles below the ridge.
Step 13: Cut ridge caps. Position the shingle upside down and cut off a tab to cut ridge caps. Cuts should be made at the back portions then bend and break it. Prepare the ridge by snapping chalklines.
Step 14: Installation of ridge caps. Ridge caps should be installed along lines. Put shingle on the middle portion of the ridge then start at the end. Install a wide strip in a place where ridge caps meet.
Step 15: Cover with underlayment. Underlayment should be waterproof. Leave a shingle that is not nailed to slip the ridge cap later easily.

Importance of Proper Shingle Installation

Proper installation of shingle is essential. Shingles are not only for home beautification but also to protect your roof, home, and family from the elements. Improper installation of shingles could just defeat its purpose.
Additionally, poor shingle installation may only result to rework. This means additional costs and time. Thus, it must be correctly installed.

Shingle Installation

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