Impact Resistant? All Of The Above

Posted by roofcoadmin January 17, 2018

We’ll all watched an alien movie, even if it’s not our favorite genre. My personal favorite was Men In Black (the original one, the sequel wasn’t as good, and the third one was downright disappointing). Well, enough of my IMDB movie review for the day, as I was saying, we all have that extra-terrestrial flock that we love to just keep watching over and over and we never get tired.

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Well, I love watching almost all alien/extra-terrestrial movies and every time I watch, one of my scenes would always be a spaceship crashing into a house.

Whhhiiiiirrrr…..Sssssszzzzzztttt….. BLAM!

And 100% of the time, the roof crashes. And I always think to myself, “How awkward it would be if an alien spaceship crash-landed into my roof, but the roof didn’t cave in?” Now that would be a strong roof I would definitely pay for. Of course, this is a very childish way of describing how important a durable and sturdy roof is. But what about the ice dam every winter, or what about rooftop snow removal which requires people stepping on the roof doing heavy cleaning? Then you’ll wish your roof was impact resistant.


Safety First

Of course, I don’t think you will ever see a spaceship crash into your house (I hope not), but the question still remains—what if something hard and solid came trying to blast its way into your roof, will your last line of defense withstand it? Or will you just do what they do in the movies, watch what happens and hope someone saves the day?

Now you’re not going to tell me that you’re perfectly fine with how your roof is set up now. The more durable, the better, right? I’m not just talking to the men here, I’m also talking to the fathers who are making sure their children are safe even with hail falling on the roof. I’m also talking to the husbands who want their wives to feel secure during the winter as snow and sleet come crashing during that season.


Great Investment

Having durable and impact resistant roofing is not just for safety and security purposes, it is also a great investment, both short-term and long-term. And I know we all want to save some of the expenses for our summer vacation, I think you would agree that this is a much priority on the house list.

Making your roof as impact resistant as possible is a top-level need-to-do item for every roof, whether you are residential or commercial. Safety is always a first. And when safety comes first, you spend less on medical bills, guaranteed

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Anything Roof-y

There is a roofing repair company that provides satisfaction to anything and everything roof-y that you would ever need for residential or even commercial purposes. Plus they offer free estimates, beat that.

Roofco offers the best roof protection this part of the globe. With headquarters located in Winnipeg, and servicing more people through online contacts and word of mouth referrals, they are offering more and more houses the capability to resist, reduce, and repel any impact on their roofs—snow, hail or all of the above.